Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 23rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 23rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan searching for Rajni in the market and enquires with the people. Surili comes to the market. Sharmila informs her that Ruby have brought a fish. Bubbles asks Surili to decide fast and says she can’t bear fish smell. A goon look at his wanted posted. He then steals Surili’s necklace and runs away. Shaan sees Surili and gets tensed. Rajni tells Surili that she will stop the goons and throws vegetable on his head. The goon gets injured and falls down. Surili says oh my God, please someone call the police. Police comes. Bubbles tells that he have stolen my bhabhi’s necklace. Police thanks them for helping him catch the thief and says you will be rewarded. Surili says a girl caught him and not us. Surili says we shall see where is that girl? Shaan takes Rajni

from there, but a constable hears Rajni saying she threw kharbuza on his head to stop him. Constable asks Rajni to come to Police station and get her reward of 5000 Rs. Shaan refuses to take money.

Rajni says if I can buy vegetables with the money. Constable says yes. He asks Shaan why he is stopping the lady. Shaan says she is his wife and hugs her closely claiming her to be his wife. Inspector goes. Surili and family hears it. Ruby and Debu get angry and leave. Shaan gest tesned. Rajni smiles, don’t know what she thought. Dev tells Rajni that Surili saw you with Shaan and went without saying anything. Rajni says it means she is upset. Dev says Surili will take out her anger on him now. He says she will not give 25 lakhs now. Shaan says he will tell the truth about Rajni. Dev says she will get a heart attack and asks Rajni to pinch him. Rajni pinches him. Shaan asks her to stop it and says he will handle his mum.

Sharmila and Maggie discuss about Surili’s shocked reaction. Sharmila asks Maggie to show her face to help her get back to normal. Maggie says it is a good idea and realizes that Sharmila is fooling her. Surili is still in shock and doesn’t look even at her sarees. Shaan says lets hear some music and plays music. Shaan’s phone rings and he steps down the car to attend Mathew’s call. Shaan tells Mathew that he has fixed the bugs and everything is fine with Rajni. Mathew gives him a chance and asks him to keep the project secret. Rajni hears DJ’s instructions and gets down the car. He gets back to car and sees Rajni missing.

Amrish is in the park when a crow does potty on his umbrella. Amrish talks to crow and says I can’t step out of home because of you. You have given me your daughter and it was a big punishment for me. He thinks to teach it a lesson and says even Surili is not here to save you. He is about to throw stone on the crow, but Rajni tells him that his target is wrong and asks him to change the direction. Shaan comes there. Amrish asks Rajni to target the crow. Rajni targets the crow and it flees. Amrish gets happy and asks about her name. Rajni says I am Rajni. Amrish blesses her and says he will leave. Rajni tells him namaste. Shaan sees them from far and thinks he is gone now. Amrish thinks he should get a bahu like her, who values elders’ sayings. He thinks about Shaan’s words and asks Rajni to tell if she is married. Shaan gets tensed. He says I want to meet your dad and asks where is he? Rajni says he is in almari. Amrish gets impressed with her sense of humour. Rajni says I don’t have this feature. Amrish gets a call and he goes to attend it.

Shaan comes and takes Rajni from there. He says he has to hide her from everyone. Maggie tells Dhyan and Gyan that Shaan have shocked them, and tells about the market incident. Even Amrish hears it and is shocked. Shaan comes back home. Amrish, Gyan and Dhyan ask her about his wife. Surili says nobody will ask him anything, as only I will ask him. She asks what was it? She says police men said that you are husband and wife. He cooks up a story and says it was a misunderstanding. Maggie says you hugged her, and asks him to take Surili’s promise. Surili says she don’t want filmy drama, but then asks Shaan to promise that he have no relation with her. Shaan gets thinking.

Maggie tells Dhyan that they will get some clue on Shaan’s laboratory. Shaan tells Rajni that he doesn’t want his family to see her. All the family members get inside his laboratory.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hehehehe 😀 Saw this show for the 1st time. Loved it. Simply AMAZING! FINALLY SOMETHING WORTH WATCHING. 🙂 btw if i miss it at 8pm. When is the repeat telecast? 🙂

    1. Yep!! Totally in luv wid dis show ritika!! Btw d repeat telecast timings r @ 3am,5:30am,9am,11am,12:30pm and 4pm!!☺

  2. Shraddha Sharma

    Rajni was looking so preety… ??

  3. Haha rajni robot is too cute and funny shaan is also funny too haha , loved the crow part and the police part the most hahah enjoyed te episode a lot today

  4. 12:00 pm

  5. Repeat telecast at 9:00 am ,11:30am& 5:00pm

  6. Rajni iz sho cute n her way of talking is so awsom

  7. Rajni iz sho cute n her way of talking is so awsom

  8. Mannat and Sakura- thanks alot 🙂 Simply loving it! 😀

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