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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 23rd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhyan showing video in which Sharmila is hugging a person in car. He asks what is this? Amrish asks her to answer. Sharmila says I don’t want to say anything infront of everyone. Amrish asks if you have taken this pic. Rajni says yes. Shaguta says this can be morphed. Surili says Rajni is trying to separate us, and tells that Dhyan and Sharmila will sort out their difference. Dhyan asks Sharmila to tell that she is having an affair. Sharmila says it was a normal hug and that man is her friend. Dhyan asks who is he and asks her to tell. Sharmila says she will not tell. Dhyan asks if she will tell him about the guy at the time of marriage. Sharmila is shocked. Dhyan asks if you will tell us when you have illegitimate baby. Sharmila says what you are saying? Dhyan

reminds her that he did so much for her and became poor. Sharmila says you are cup and that too empty. Dhyan says you are used cup. Amrish hears their fight and cries, feeling really bad. Rajni asks why you are crying? Amrish says all relations are breaking and asks who will unite my family. He asks Rajni to save them from breaking up. Rajni says sure and asks him what to do. Amrish tells her something. Rajni says command accepted and says she will unite her family in the morning.

Maggie brings paper and says I brought hot….Shaguta says she brought samosas. Surili praises her and asks her to give samosas. Maggie says I have eaten samosas, but brought hot news. She reads the news published in the newspaper, which reads that a father brought up a girl thinking her to be his daughter, but later he got her DNA test and came to know that she is not his daughter. Surili gets an idea and tells that they will get Shaan and RAM’s DNA test. Shaguta says Shaan said that RAM is not his son. Surili says he is not innocent like Shaan, even though he wears specs. Rajni brings milk for RAM and mixes chocolate in it with her hand. RAM says wow….and thanks her. Rajni says I have much work, excuse me. RAM says who made you. Rajni apologizes and says this info is classified and password protected. RAM says you always says this. Rajni goes. RAM hears Santa giving gifts to kids on laptop and asks Rajni. Rajni tells him that Santa gives gifts to kids, but nobody saw him until now. She says humans live in hope. She goes to do Amrish’s command.

Shaan hears RAM saying that he will ask Santa who created his mum. Shaan thinks to divert his mind. RAM calls Santa and tells everyone that he wants Santa to fulfill his wish. Surili says he makes so much noise and have all the qualities of Rajni. She says she will prove that he is not of Shaan’s baby. Gyan says we need a sample. Sharmila asks how we will get it. Surili says she will cut his hairs with scissor and get sample. She asks Maggie to cut his hairs and says she will divert his attention. Surili asks RAM if he took her pillow cotton. Maggie is about to cut his hair strand, but just then Rajni comes there and asks them to hold the cloth first. She ties everyone of them with a cloth. RAM asks what have you done? Rajni says I am completed Bau ji’s command. She calls Amrish and says I have done your task…mission accomplished.

Amrish and Shaan comes out. Amrish asks who are they? Shaan says mummy…Amrish asks what Egyptian mummy is doing here. Shaan says my mum with family. He asks why did you tie them? Rajni says Bau ji told me. A fb is shown, Amrish asks Rajni to tie everyone of them with silk cloth. Shaan asks Amrish to talk wisely with her, as she takes literal meaning of every word. RAM asks them to free them. Shaan frees them. Amrish takes back his words and asks her to forget it. RAM waits for Santa to come. Shaan thinks to end his curiosity and gets an idea.

Surili says we will hit the jackpot if RAM is not Shaan’s son. Sharmila says we shall faint him and get his sample. Maggie says I will fight with him and pluck his hair. Surili says then his MOBO will pluck your hairs. Gyan says we will do his mundane and get all his hairs. Surili says we can’t spend money, and thinks of an idea. Amrish asks RAM what does he wants from Santa. He says I will bring whatever you wants. RAM says I don’t need chocolates or toys, I wants happiness for my MOBO. Amrish says jingle bell have to come for you. He says Santa will come. RAM asks Rajni when will Santa come. Rajni says he comes at 12 and asks him to put his wish list in a big. She gets an idea thinking she shall do something for him.

All Kant family dresses up as Santa. Suddenly they see the ice falling on them. Rajni comes and says happy Christmas.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. The show was much better and funny to watch when Karan was playing the role of Shaan. I don’t know whether his replacement can ever act funny.

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