Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 22nd March 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 22nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajni enlarging her iron hand and rescuing Surili. Shaan is relieved. Rajni turns towards Shaan in a robotic style. Bubbles comes to terrace and sees Rajni with her legs turned like a ghost. Bubbles faints. Rajni’s battery gets drained again. Shaan takes Surili to room. Dhyan wakes up Gyan. Gyan cries and says Maa. Dhyan says she is on terrace? Shaan brings her downstairs. Surili says I am okay. Sharmila and Maggie ask if she is fine? Shaan says yes. Amrish asks who have saved her life? Shaan says Rajni. He asks them to make Maa drink black coffee. Shaan takes Rajni to his lab and alligns Rajni’s feet. He reset her and restart her. He asks her to activate and turn to Shaan. She asks her to climb towards him, step down, turn to left, walk….Shaan thinks

functions are normal and asks Rajni. Rajni says I am fully functional. Shaan says you are back, I missed you so much. Rajni says I didn’t miss you as you are same. Shaan says I have to handle so much because of you.

Rajni apologizes to him. Shaan says you can’t give me pain, but gives shock. He says you have saved Maa’s life for the second time and thanks her. Rajni says thank you for making me, and says your family is mine now. I will save them from all troubles. Amrish shows the recording to Surili. Surili asks him to stop it. Gyan says it actually happened and we have seen live and it is just highlights. Maggie tells Surili that you have scolded Rajni yesterday. Sharmila says I would have gone away from home. Amrish asks Surili to remember that Rajni have saved her life twice. Surili blames Rajni for spiking her drink. Maggie says yes. Amrish says on word is coming to my mouth. Surili asks what? Amrish says you are forgetting her favor and calls her selfish. Surili asks if they agree with Amrish. Maggie says I am with you.

Sharmila tells Surili that she has a surprise for her and says today we will do bengali rasam. Surili gets happy and thank her. Amrish and Maggie hold their respective noses. Surili says if we do a bengali ritual, then you will not become bengali. Amrish and Surili argue over their different customs. Surili asks Maggie to bring Rajni. Bubbles comes and says Jago Grahak Jago. Amrish tells Surili that her sister have got better. Surili tells that she has seen a handsome hunk there. Bubbles says she should go and woo him. Surili says your sister can’t get better. Rajni is brought there. Surili asks Sharmila to give thaali to Rajni. Rajni looks at the decorated fish. Surili says it is a shagun. Rajni says what to do with this? Maggie says there is a question mark on her intelligence. Surili says look who is talking and laughs. Sharmila asks how will we bear her? Surili says just as we are bearing you. Sharmila says it is difficult to impress her.

Gyan feels smell. They see Rajni burning the fish on the tava. Surili asks why did you ruin my shagun. Amrish says it is smelling good. Surili says Rajni don’t respect me, and says she would have asked me. Rajni says I asked you and you said that Paka ke dikhawo. Surili says it is bengali word. Aishwarya tells that guest have come. Surili says my Shaguta have come. Everyone get tensed. Rajni tells Shaan that she has fried shagun fish. Shaan says very bad. Rajni gets sad. Aishwarya tells him that Shaguta have come with her boyfriend. Shaan asks Rajni to come. Aishwarya looks at Mathew. Surili says yes. Mathew greets them and says Shaguta couldn’t come as there was some complications in her passport. He says I am her boyfriend mathew. Surili says but she told me about you. Amrish says you didn’t told me. Mathew says she will come after passport problem is resolved. Surili asks Aishwarya to bring something for the guest. Shaan and Rajni come there. Shaan sees Mathew and recalls this meeting with Mathew. He wonders what is he doing here? Surili says mathew is handsome. Surili asks Shaan to come and introduces them. Shaan says nice to meet you.

Amrish asks where is Rajni? Rajni comes infront of Mathew and says I am here Bua ji. Mathew is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Ha ha ha…. such a cute robo…..

  2. in this serial i like surili’s acting alot although she is a negative character bt her role is funny

    1. Shraddha Sharma

      Surili is not negative…..
      She is just confused….
      Yeh show baki shows ki tarha negative ya positive nhi hai… this is differnt comdey show….

      1. ohh i didnt know it..i watch it sometimes bt its awesome watching it

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