Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 22nd June 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 22nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajni looking at Shaan in morning, as he is still sleeping. She tells him good morning. Shaan says good morning. Rajni says you did one crazy thing last night. Shaan asks what and with whom? Rajni says you have done one crazy and enjoyable thing. Shaan asks her to tell what he did. Dhyan and Sharmila come there and see Shaan in Rajni’s embrace. Shaan asks Dhyan to go and scolds him for not knocking on the door. Dhyan says door was opened. Rajni says they should know and says Shaan did something crazy. Shaan says I just have two beers. Rajni says I have recording and will bring it. Shaan asks Dhyan to go and says he will meet him in café after half an hour. He is shocked to see his hand tattoo with Shajini (Shaan and Rajni). Rajni says Shaan has done this crazy thing.

Shaguta is pressing Dev’s clothes angrily. Surili asks why? Shaguta tells her that he is blackmailing her with pics and asks what do I do? Surili asks her to tolerate for 6 months. Shaguta says I am missing Mathew very much. Surili says even if you think that he is right man for you. Shaguta says he can fulfill all my demands. Surili says it is not necessary that he loves you, and you can’t be happy. Shaguta says it is okay. Surili says we have to do something to Dev. Dev calls Shaan and informs him how he is controlling Shaguta. Shaguta brings ironed clothes and gives to Dev. Dev asks her to talk with respect and asks her to make food for him. Shaguta says I will make food. Rajni shows the recording to Shaan. Shaan says I don’t know why I am doing crazy things. He asks how to remove this tattoo. Rajni says you can remove with laser technique. Shaan asks her to remove it. Rajni says she doesn’t have this feature. Shaan says I am so proud of me. Just then their door is knocked. Shaan gets angry and opens the door. He sees Mathew standing at the door. Mathew asks did you recognize me. Shaan says I can’t let you inside as my wife is in the room. Mathew says I know you are on your honeymoon and asks him to bring his robot in 2 hours. Rajni hears them and thinks she has just 2 hours left to search perfect bride for Shaan.

Samaira is shown swimming in the pool. She comes out and wipes her hairs with towel and wears gown. A guy comes to her and asks if she is Asha. She says sorry, my name is Samaira. I am not your Asha. Guy asks her to become his friend and then they can go on a date. Samaira asks if he is single? Guy says yes and ready to mingle. Samaira says you are charming too. Guy says he has booked a suite in this resort, says we will party and have fun. Samaira says really and says I want to do something for you, want to give you something. Guy says wonderful and asks her to give. Samaira makes him turn and see his wife. His wife slaps him. Samaira says I have divorce notice for you from your wife’s side. Guy goes. His wife says all men are same. Samaira says all men are not same, few are honest too. She asks the woman not to lose hope. She remembers Shaan, and says genuis, mad and wonders what is he doing?

Rajni thinks to analyze the info and thinks Samaira is the perfect match for Shaan. She thinks she needs Samaira’s pic for reference. She checks Shaan’s phone as it is sync with her memory, but couldn’t find her pic. She thinks to check his wallet. Dhyan comes and asks Rajni if she is ready for shopping. Dhyan says we will buy gifts for everyone. Shaan says Rajni is tired. Shaan asks Rajni that he has to deliver her to Mathew in 2 hours. Rajni says I will be back in 2 hours. She asks Shaan, can I take your wallet as I will not like to take money from Dhyan. Shaan says okay, take it. Rajni says bye. He thinks this is last bye, and then I will give you to Mathew. I wish I would have spend these last few mins with you, and hopes she understands his feelings. He says time has come to dismantle you.

Dev asks Aishwarya to bring breakfast and says he is hungry. Maggie laughs seeing Dev’s jeans torn and shows to Surili. Aishwarya brings breakfast and says AC is on. All the ladies laugh on him. Dev tries to go. Amrish asks about his pant and clicks his pic. Dev keeps hand on his back. Amrish asks him to check with laundry man, how did he iron his jeans. Maggie teases him. Dev says I will get answer from that laundry woman. Shaguta says this is just starting. Dev wishes Shaan should come back soon.

Samaira comes to the temple and thinks it gives her peace. Rajni asks Dhyan to stop car and says she is confused and want to pray. Dhyan asks her to tell. Sharmila asks if you are God. Rajni asks them to go, and gets down the car. She thinks this is Shaan and Samaira’s favorite temple. Samaira keeps 4 diyas and does 4 prayers. Rajni comes, rings temple bell and sits beside Samaira to pray.

Samaira lights the lamps and prays for Shaan. Rajni also prays for Shaan.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. lv shanjini….cute couple…???????????????

  2. Wow tattoo of shajini.but what about mathew

  3. Shaguta ne to dev ki band baja di


    Show always make us happy with crazy things of everyone but this sequence is making me in not liking the episodes at all and infact it all looks like film robot who fall in love and get dismental…

  5. Kathy

    Shajani…. ??? …amazing tattoo…luv today’s episode… Am sure Mathew won’t get rajini for now.. Something will happen.. Fingers cross…

  6. Kathy

    Poor Dev… So finally samaira’s entry.,. Gonna have a luv triangle …

  7. Shai

    The dialouges were hilarious!!!!!

  8. nice epi

  9. manabendradas

    Keys shan and rajni separet ho jayange

  10. Manabendra Das

    Agar shaan or rajni juda hogay to him is serial dekhna band kar dunga


    Wherr is yesterday update??. Abhi tk nhi kiya

  12. Shaan aur rajni ko juda mt kro .. Nice episode yr

  13. Ya right shraddha yesterdays update is missing

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