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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 22nd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surili telling that she is so unhappy and apologizes to Amrish. She says I am no pregnant. Amrish asks about the test and reports. Surili says it is of someone else. Surili says your jalwas are flop. She thanks her bahus and also apologizes. She asks Rajni and Sharmila to come to room. Dhyan says don’t know what she will do now. Surili presses Sharmila’s neck and asks Rajni to wait in queue. Rajni says okay command accepted.. Surili says my respect is ruined. Rajni asks her to press her neck at her own risk. Surili asks her not to challenge her and says I will drink your blood. Rajni says I have current inside me. Surili says I want to hit you with hunter. Rajni says I will get hunter. Surili cries and asks why did you think that I am pregnant. Sharmila says mummy

ji, we didn’t do any mistake, it was written in your report that you are pregnant. Surili asks her to bring it. Sharmila bring the report.

Surili checks it and asks if her name is written on it. Rajni says it is not written that you are not pregnant. Amrish comes and says we shall confirm, and says chotu kant might be hidden in your womb. Surili says I am not pregnant and says everyone is mad in this house except me. Rajni says mood swings happens in pregnancy. Surili asks her to bring poisonous milk and says it is for you both. Amrish asks her not to get hyper as it is unwell for baby. Amrish asks whose report is this. They see Aishwarya coming eating tamarind. She says I don’t want to be mum. Rajni says it is God’s gift and asks her not to refuse God’s gift. Aishwarya says she don’t want baby. Rajni says we shall take godh bharayi Rasam for you. Aishwarya gets emotional and says I am scared. Aishwarya’s husband come there drunk. Aishwarya asks him not to do drama. Rajni tells that he has drank cheap wine. Aishwarya’s husband asks her to give money. Aishwarya falls on his feet and gives money. Aishwarya asks him to come. Rajni slaps him hard and he gets shaken. Rajni says it is injurious to health. Amrish says that’s why Aishwarya don’t want baby. Surili says husbands don’t value wives.

Rajni thinks I have to make monkey have ginger taste. Shaan comes to the kitchen to get coffee. He sees Samaira and says hi. Samaira says you have scared me. She says she came to make coffee as she has to read a case. Shaan says we shall go on a long drive. Samaira says you are married now. Shaan says can’t we be friends. He asks her to come on.

Rajni asks Aishwarya not to worry. Aishwarya comes home. Her husband tells his brother that he will beat her. He sees Aishwarya coming and asks her to give money. Aishwarya tells him that she has decided not to give him money. He asks his friend/brother to give chappal and says Aishwarya will be beaten today. Rajni enters breaking the door. Aishwarya’s husband gets shocked. Rajni comes indisguise of a man and tells that Aishwarya said yes to him. Her husband asks who are you? Rajni says I am Pappu auto wala, and got a heroine Aishwarya. Aishwarya smiles. Pappu asks him to leave and says I will handle your wife and baby. Aishwarya says my pappu will take care of my tappu. Pappu says what you will teach your baby, gambling, drinking etc. She asks Aishwarya to come with her. Aishwarya’s husband asks her to sit, and promises that he will never drink wine or touch it. He asks her to take rest and says I will earn money. Aishwarya asks really and asks him to promise. Her husband promises. Aishwarya tells Pappu that she wants to give a last chance to Tokaram. Pappu says you have broken my heart and says okay. Aishwarya tells her husband that she wants to eat aloo parathe. Rajni thinks love can change even fools. She thinks why Shaan haven’t added this feature in me and says bewakhoof/foolish scientist.

Shaan asks Rajni to give him freedom from patnigiri for 3 days. Rajni accepts his command. Shaan is happy and says he is taking a break from wife. Surili hears him and thinks I have to do something about Samaira.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    haha lol what a twist turned out to be aishwarya 😛 completely unexpected hahah too good

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    Ya joyee totally unexpected ?????

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