Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 22nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 22nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan trying to activate Rajni. He gets no response for her, and calls her my maa. Rajni says I am not your maa, but your creation. Shaan gets happy and hugs her, he asks her not to leave him again. Surili takes girl’s interview and disapproves her. Shaan tells Rajni that he will take recording of her activities and will send to Mathew. He asks Rajni to wear saree so that nobody understands that she is a Robot. Shaan explains to her how to wear saree, and wears saree himself. He says it is like adarsh bahu. Rajni says understood and feeds in her data. Aishwarya knocks on the door and tells Shaan that she brought his clothes. Dev wakes up. Shaan comes out wearing saree. Aishwarya is surprised to see him wearing saree and asks if he is alright. Dev comes out wearing

under wear. Aishwarya scolds him and asks him to leave. Surili takes girl’s interview again. Girl says she likes to watch TV and will work after marriage, and make her own identity. Surili says you are selected. Amrish asks her to take interview of his candidate Ruby. Surili says I give entry to her for the final test. She asks Ruby and Debo to give final test, and says this will not happen here. Shaan waits outside waiting for Rajni. Rajni comes out wearing saree. Shaan looks at her and his heart strings starts beating. Tune Maari Entriyan plays………….. Rajni comes and holds Shaan and says your bp have increased etc. Shaan says he saw her for the first time in saree and that’s why it was increased. He says you are just robot for me.

Surili asks Debo and Ruby to buy fish in the market. Shaan also takes Rajni to market to record the live demo. Debo comes to the fish stall and tries buying fish. She tries to bargain.Rajni scans the fish to know its names, and asks seller to give those fishes. Seller asks her to talk slow. Rajni says slowly. Seller thinks she is making fun of her and refuse to sell her fish. Debo asks how can she insult a buyer. Sharmila comes and asks Debo to buy fish first and says it is stinking. Shaan happens to see Sharmila and hides. Sharmila thinks Surili showed this saree in morning itself and thinks to find out how the saree land up with the girl. Shaan asks Rajni to forget about buying fish and go to buy veggies. Rajni says bye to Sharmila and goes. Shaan gets Dev’s call and he tells him that he brought Rajni for the field test.

Shaan’s phone gets switched off and he gets tensed. Rajni looks around. A vegetable seller asks her to buy vegetables. Rajni scans the veggies and asks her to give all the vegetables. The seller packs 1 kgs each and asks her to give 930 Rs. Rajni says what is money and asks her to show. The seller says are you joking and shows the money. She asks her not to come without money. Rajni sees a beggar getting money. She asks if he gets money like this. He says yes. Rajni starts begging and gets money. Beggar gets tensed and as his business goes from his hand. He gives her money. Rajni comes to the vegetable seller and asks for veggies. Seller says she sold it to that lady. Rajni scans the place and sees Surili taking the veggies.

A man steals Surili’s purse and runs. Rajni throws a vegetable on him to stop him. Later Police comes at the spot, and Shaan tells them that Rajni is his wife. Surili and others hear it and are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh wow now rajni becomes rajni Kant 😛 will be more interesting to sew what rajni does in shaan’s house

  2. This show is really good.

  3. Omg i cnt stop laughing. Wonderful serial this is. Its very different.

  4. Superb serial

  5. Shraddha Sharma

    Nice comdey show….??

  6. The most comedy saas-bahu serial I have ever seen.Lol Ragni.

  7. Loving it! 😀

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