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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 22nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Doctor Tyagi telling Rajni that he will ask her professional and personal questions. He says 5 questions, 5 answers and 1 certificate will decide your future. He says your time starts now. Rajni says wrong, time is always present and will always be. Doctor says if you have 1000 Rs. note, how you will double it up. Rajni says your question is wrong, 1000 Rs. note is banned and new notes haven’t come till now. Doctor says okay, then how can you double 2000 Rs. notes. Rajni says it is simple, stand holding 2000 Rs. infront of mirror. Doctor says your answer is wrong and you get zero for this. Surili acts to have heart pain when RAM tells that his mum said right. Doctor asks what is important in a family. Rajni says money. She says when there is money, there is love,

people will respect you, and if we don’t have money then we have to hide Potatoes only. Even Rab Ne Banadi Jodi breaks for money. She says because of money, a good guy tries to marry rich. She says this I am saying because of my experience.

Doctor says you get zero for this, as you values money more than relationship. He asks third question and asks what you will do if you want to unite the family, how you will save from fights. Rajni scans and acts to have heart pain. Amrish says call doctor fast. Doctor says I am here. Amrish says we need heart doctor. Rajni asks him to relax and says you can act this way and convince others. She says this is tried and tested. Surili understands that Rajni is talking about her and asks Doctor to ask some other question. Doctor asks what is the difference between hearty man and heartless man. Rajni says there is no human with heart, and asks if you are asking difference between humans and Robot. Doctor says yes. Shaan gets tensed and thinks she might reveal that she is a robot. Rajni tells Doctor that there is a big difference. Robots are better than human. They don’t have feature to lie or to harm others. They don’t have any feeling of jealousy and pain can’t touch them. They don’t feel bad of anyone sayings. Amrish says now we came to know why you don’t feel bad of anyone’s talk, and says you have all the good qualities of Robots, and have acquired all its qualities. Rajni says humans are superior than robots, as they dream and fulfill it, which Robots can’t do. She says but few humans leave their passion mid way, and that’s bad. Doctor says stop it.

Surili asks him to ask 5th question. Doctor says answer is here. Gyan says she will be proved mad. He says I declare that you are not mentally sick. Everyone who was feeling happy till now, gets shocked. RAM and Amrish get happy. Surili says this is cheating Doctor….She says how can you declare it as no ball…Doctor says this is truth, answers were strange, but it is deep thoughts and experienced. He says I mean money can’t be doubled without hardwork, and there is nothing beyond money in family, and tells that she said right that humans can dream etc. He says Rajni Kant is a mature woman and you should be thankful to her to get such a good wife. Shaan looks on. Amrish says it is enough of agni pariksha. Surili asks what you have done? Doctor asks about fees. Surili asks him to take Sharmila and take her kidney. Sharmila is shocked. Surili excuses herself.

Sharmila gets someone call at night. She silently gets up to pick it while Dhyan is sleeping. Dhyan wakes up and thinks where did muffin go? Rajni tries to make RAM sleep and sings lori…..Chal Soja…RAM asks her to sing some other lori. Rajni says she will download new lori soon. RAM asks when did you meet CPU for the first time. Rajni says in lab. RAM asks why did he marry you even after knowing that you are a robot….Rajni asks him to sleep and says it is a big story. RAM sleep. Rajni gets alert and says she needs to check where Sharmila is going at this time, says safety concern. RAM also gets up. Dhyan comes out and calls Sharmila. Rajni says she was going somewhere hiding. Dhyan says she must have gone to washroom. Rajni says no. She says there might be two reasons, one she is upset, other she wants to deal with some trouble and don’t want to involve her husband, and option three is extra marital affair. Dhyan says my muffin left me. Rajni asks him to talk to Sharmila once she comes back. She says good night and goes.

RAM comes to Shaan’s lab thinking Rajni met Shaan there for first time. He is attacked by a robotic hand, and faints. Shaan comes there and asks him to get up. RAM holds his hand on his heart. Shaan asks what you are doing here and asks him not to touch anything. RAM says I will go, but give answers to my 5 questions. Shaan asks if you are a psychiatrist. RAM says no arguments. He asks what this robotic hand doing in your hand. Shaan says I got it in scrap. RAM asks why did you marry her? He says you was a scientist and left MOBO and science both, asks what is the matter? Shaan doesn’t answer him. RAM asks him to smile and thanked him. He thinks to know his answers.

Sharmila meets a man and thanks him for coming in her life when her husband didn’t support her. She kisses him. Dhyan sees Sharmila getting down someone’s car and thinks Rajni was right about extramarital affair. She comes to room and sees Dhyan awake. She says you didn’t sleep. He asks where did you go? Sharmila says I went for a walk. Dhyan asks her to answer him. Sharmila says I said that I went for a walk. Dhyan says in car. Sharmila is shocked. Surili and Amrish comes there and asks what happened? Sharmila asks who was the man who came to drop you. Sharmila says he was a taxi driver and left me. Surili says Sharmila is a good wife and praises her. Rajni comes and says she gave cheek to cheek kiss to driver. Sharmila says she is naradmuni…and asks for the proof. Rajni says okay command accepted. She sends mail to Dhyan’s phone. Sharmila says she don’t have a proof. Dhyan gets a video message and opens it. He is shocked to see Sharmila kissing the driver. Surili asks how can this be possible? Dhyan is shocked and angry. Sharmila is shocked and tensed.

RAM thinks to ask Santa, who made his MOBO. Shaan hears him. RAM sees many Santas and thinks his head is shaking. All the men of the house becomes Santa.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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