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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 22nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan telling Rajni, why didn’t she wake him up. He says I put Intruder alert with a purpose, and asks if I was sleeping after selling horses. Rajni says I don’t understand this proverb and says you don’t have horses. Shaan says literal translation will kill me. He says you wake me up with your hairs, but not today. Rajni says I have glitches in my current update. Shaan gets upset and asks her not to disturb him. He asks her to freeze mode activate. Rajni says Shaan….now can sell all the animal houses, but I can’t accept your command. Shaan says I am your creator, you will not accept my command.

Rajni says first I will fulfill Bua ji’s command and take care of Guruji. Shaan asks her to do as she wants, but don’t show her powers infront of him.

Rajni accepts command. She comes to Baba ji. He asks why did you come here. Rajni says I came to take care of you. Shishya asks her to massage baba ji’s feet. Rajni massages hard, he asks her to be slow. Rajni thinks humans are confused. Baba ji feels good and sleep. Next morning, Baba ji wakes up and sees Rajni still pressing his feet. He asks what you are doing here. Rajni says him good morning and says you gave me command to start and not to stop.

Baba ji wakes up his shishya, and says he has seen many chaila and chaili, but never seen any Chaili like this. He asks her to call everything in hall. Rajni says okay and goes. Baba ji says they have set some alarm near locker and says if we can’t reach locker then it can reach us. Rajni tries to wake up Shaan, but he is still sleeping. Rajni comes to Amrish and Surili’s room and see them sleeping. She scans for Bengali songs and sings….Surili wakes up hearing the music, and is quite surprised seeing Rajni. She thinks I have seen her face in the morning, my day will be bad now.

Everyone gather in the hall. Surili greets Baba ji and asks why did you send trouble to my room. Baba ji says yes I sent her to wake you up. He tells that he has done prayer in night and divya light is lighted. He opens his hand and shows the burning flame on his hand. Everyone is surprised. Gyan says baba ji jai. Baba ji says that the troubles is because of previous births. Surili says I don’t know anything about last birth. Baba ji asks her to come near him. Amrish asks her to go and see what she had done in previous birth. Baba ji asks her to look at the prism and see. Surili gets hypnotized by him, followed by Amrish, Gyan, Dhyan, Maggie, Shaguta and Sharmila. Baba ji says your sins will be washed when you get relieved of gold, diamonds, money etc. He says all those things are poison and asks them to give it to him. He says Dugdugi baba will drink that poison. Shishya says you have done wonder and asks what did you make them. Baba ji says don’t know what they have become. He says they will bring money in sometime. Surili become horse. Amrish roars like a tiger and is about to attack her. Shaan sees them closer and thinks it is children age to romance.

Baba ji and Shishya wait for them to return. Baba ji says I have to call them. Rajni comes back and says Shaan couldn’t be found. Baba ji asks her to look closely at the prism, and says you have done many sins in your last birth. Rajni says I don’t have this feature and I can’t do anything wrong even if I want. Baba ji says everyone says this and says I will make you remember everything. Rajni says your cornea is affected…..and you will get cataract soon. Shishya laughs. Baba ji says you was dasi in last birth. He asks her to obey her order. Rajni says okay. Baba ji says you was traffic constable. Rajni scans and says okay, I was traffic constable. Baba ji asks her to bring precious stuff from her room.

Maggie becomes princess Rukshar begum and says I am surrendering myself to him. She prays to God. Sharmila becomes Preetam Garh Rani…and says I couldn’t get farmer’s love. She throws all her jewellery. Maggie calls her sad woman. Shaguta becomes beggar and begs for money, jewellery etc. She sees money and jewellery on bed. Maggie says he has right on it. Sharmila says money and wealth is useless. Gyan becomes money and takes bananas. Shaan thinks he couldn’t romance, but his parents are romancing. Rajni comes to Shaan and says she has become pandu halwaldar. Shaan tells her that there is no entry there, as her system will get corrupt. Rajni says bade baba asked me to give her precious thing to him. She lifts him in her arms. Shaan says I am not a thing. He asks her to leave him now and gives him command. Rajni brings Shaan to baba ji and says I have brought my precious thing. She says my creator Shaan, and asks where to keep him. Baba ji says I mean by other things. He says I will check him. He hypnotizes Shaan. Shaan moves his head and says alak niranjan….Baba ji says what he has become. He says sab moh maaya hai. Baba ji asks him to give his everything to him, and asks him to bring. Shaan says okay and goes. Baba ji thinks Kant family will be looted by him today and that too happily. He is happy.

Surili, Amrish, Maggie, Sharmila and other give their money and jewellery to Baba ji. He places everything in cotton cloth and is about to leave with his shishya. Rajni whistles as she has become traffic constable.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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