Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 21st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 21st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kant family coming home. They get trapped in the trap/cage and the men get stuck in gum. Surili asks what is happening in our house. She shouts for help. Boss asks what is all this? Anthony says this is the safety trap which I planned. He says I have sent you out so that I can laid this trip. Gyan says Anthony is with goons. Boss calls him smart and says it seems we have to kill them. Surili asks Anthony about the goons. Amrish asks who is sitting on the chair. Goon tells that he is Shaan. Everyone shouts Shaan…..Boss says he is unconscious and tells that he has sent Anthony to trap Shaan. He asks his goon to put the family on gun point and tells that he will get crystal power from Shaan. Shaguta says you have backstabbed us. Surili says I thought you as our son.

Amrish asks Anthony to help them. Surili asks Shaan to get up. Boss says I will wake him up and asks Rajni to lift the cloth from his head. Gyan says this is mannequin. Everyone is shocked to see the statue. Boss is shocked and asks Anthony what is the joke. Surili asks where is our Shaan? Anthony…?

Boss asks his goons to kill everyone. Amrish says we haven’t done anything. Goons shoot at them, but water comes out instead of bullets. Everyone is surprised. Boss shouts at them, and water comes out. He asks what is this? Rajni says don’t feel bad, this is holi. She hits boss and he falls near his goons. Everyone is surprised and shocked to see Rajni’s strength. Anthony ties all the goons together along with their boss. Boss says you have betrayed us Anthony. Anthony comes to Rajni and says well done Rajni. Rajni says thank you….Boss says you both are together. Anthony takes out crystal power from his pocket and shows. Surili says this is the mani for which Rajni had pushed Shaan. She says this means Anthony is Kutpurush. Anthony holds his face.

Amrish asks where is our Shaan. Surili asks him to tell. Gyan and Dhyan ask him to say. Boss asks Anthony to give crystal power. Surili asks where is our Shaan? Anthony asks them to keep quiet. Dev manages to come out of net and holds Anthony’s neck asking him to tell where is Shaan. Rajni looks on. Anthony looks at Dev. Dev looks on and gets emotional. Surili asks Dev to ask him. Shaguta asks him to make her proud. Dev hugs Anthony and asks I have done a big mistake so tell who am I? Anthony says you are a big panauti. Dev gets emotional recalling Shaan saying the same lines, and hugs Anthony addressing him as Shaan. Everyone is shocked. Amrish says how can he be Shaan? Dhyan says someone make him smell chappal. Dev comes to Rajni and asks her to tell where is Shaan? Everyone looks on. Rajni points finger towards Anthony and says he is Shaan……Shantanu Kant. Everyone is shocked. Anthony looks on sadly confirming his identity.

Everyone come out of the trap. Amrish asks where is Shaan? Surili asks him to tell truth. Maggie tells mummy ji will give you money. Boss asks them not to come in his trap, and asks to give crystal power. Rajni says okay and hits on his face. Boss’s tooth falls out of his mouth. Everyone is surprised. Anthony calls mom to Surili. Surili asks him not to call her mom. Shaan/Anthony asks her to hear him and give him a chance. He tells that Rajni brought Pandit for Bua’s marriage, but he was actually a scientist. Everyone is shocked. A fb is shown. Anthony tells that he met Rajni mistakenly and these goons had fired poisonous dart on his neck and he died at our house. Rajni tells that scientist had hidden crystal power in our house, and that’s why goons blackmailed Shaan and used poisonous gas in the havan to kill everyone. Shaan says that’s why I asked Rajni to keep you all wake up so that you don’t sleep and die. He says you are alive today because of Rajni. He says when I got that crystal, I changed it and gave fake crystal to Don. He followed me and shot poisonous dart on my neck. He says Rajni was trying to take out poison from my neck when mom saw us, and she thought Rajni is biting me.

He says I asked Rajni to push me off from cliff. A fb is shown. Shaan asks Rajni to push him and come and save him. Rajni pushes him. Shaan shouts Rajni. Shaguta asks what nonsense, it seems to be 80’s movies. She asks what happened? Shaan says I was stuck on to the tree and then Rajni took me out. Shaguta asks what is happening. Rajni asks her to just listen. Anthony says Rajni…then took me to safe house. Shaan tells Rajni that he is having pain as the poisonous might be still there. Rajni asks him not to panic and says I will give you injection to make you fine. Shaan says goons know me, now I can’t walk on the road, and have to change my face. He falls asleep because of poison in his body. Rajni says command accepted. Fb ends. Anthony tells that it was my mistake to tell Rajni that I need to change my face. Rajni used her mind and decides to operates on Shaan. She says it is my ultimate command to listen to you. She starts the plastic surgery and says it is first surgery of both of us. She then says surgery successful. Fb ends.

Boss says she had done surgery by herself, if she is a girl or a miracle. Shaan says I was unconscious that’s why I didn’t know what she had done with my face. A fb is shown, He wakes up and removes the bandage from his face. He sees his face in the mirror and thinks it is a dream. He then looks in the mirror shockingly and thinks this can’t be true. Rajni comes and says hello Shaan….I assume you didn’t like your new face. Shaan asks are you mad? Rajni says you was unhappy with our old face and was worried, and that’s why I have changed your face, now even don and family can’t identify you. You can do your muh dikhayi also if you want. Shaan says I will kill you. Rajni says I don’t have that feature. Shaan cries. Fb ends.

Amrish asks Shaan to pass test to prove his identity that he is Shaan. He keeps some stuff asking him to pick the ones which Shaan used to like. Shaan picks the keys. Everyone looks on surprised.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Ha ha ha… rajini the super girl… today’s episode was better; what was going till now.. as its all uncessary drama added, change of shaan would have been done in simple way… show is getting bore and this crstyal powder drama is straching toooooooo much… not enjoying at all..

    But Dev is true friend and brother-in- law; who recognised shaan in his new face even but family is such stupid that they are not able to recognise his own son or brother..
    I mean mother can identify their child voice and action easily but surili is behaving more immature than kuhu…

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      I Completely agree with u today epi was nice but i never expected they will bring in new shaan like his ???

    2. Mona146

      thats what im feeling from so many days. they could have brought him simply just like new angoori was introduced in BGPH. Plastic surgery my foot worst twist.. BY the way the original shaan was under confident, his mannerisms body language was different. This new shaan is unacceptable. I respect the cast and their hardwork but this is bakwass.


        As new angori took tym to establish herself, let him take his own tym as new people take little tym becoz old people already occupied our minds..
        Even in starting when they chnged kuhu; she was not liked by me but now i like her too.

      2. Mona146

        angoori gave same mannerisms so she dwelled easily even when shilpa was missed. But raquesh body language was so different. Where is the shaan who rarely fights and says im so proud of me all the time. I miss him. I like raquesh in maryada but not here. Having said this i dont hate any one of them. Also I hate this plastic surgery twist.


        Lets wait for some days.. may be we start liking him too..

  2. I want Karan back. He was such a darling. None can make such a cute combination.

  3. Monmoni Tokbipi

    I am soo upset . .. Karan ‘s acting was spot on. But this new guy .. is not at all good. Y they changed him

    1. karan’s body style, acting, talking style was fully different but he left the show so I think we should give space this new shaan and this episode shaan and rajni’s eye look was different than previous shaan and I liked it….

  4. I am feeling happy ?.

    1. I loved Karan aka shaan so much bcz he was very freaky and cute… But the doubt is when new shaan came in … He had a different attitude… And voice.. Which is not possible for karan as shaan to do that.. He was never so serious and never had such a smart attitude towards any goons… Its not possible to change smone’s character along with plastic surgery…. But still since these things happen in serials…. So.. Maybe e be everyone is going to get used to this new shaan as well and he is not that bad looking or uncute kinda… So maybe people will love him and BHRK is going to be a success…. I love them all.

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