Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 21st November 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 21st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surili sleeping and dreaming about the incident which happened 5 years back. She wakes up scared. Amrish says since you got heart attack, you are getting this dream. He is about to take Rajni’s hand. Surili stops him and says she had done something while I had done something. Amrish says you didn’t remember the reason of your heart attack, and asks her to sleep as someone is coming. Surili says yes, she is coming…They sleep.

Next morning, everyone gather marking kabhi khushi kabhi gham moment. Surili does aarti while the song is played. Maggie also does aarti. Surili says it is good that everyone is here together. Sharmila and Maggie act to be like sisters and show affection towards each other. Surili says why they haven’t come till now. Amrish reminds

everyone that they have to pretend to be rich Kants. Door bell rings. Laundry man and furniture guy comes. They lock them inside the room. Door bell rings again. Amrish opens the door and sees Shaan standing. Surili asks who has come? Amrish says he is Dilwala…our son. Shaan asks why you people are smiling.

Surili asks did you come alone? Where is she? Shaan’s girl friend Ria enters. Surili, Maggie, Sharmila and others get happy. Surili does her aarti. Ria asks how are you? She says her hindi is punctured. Surili says it is okay as you are going to be Shaan’s wife. Surili tells her that she might be thinking why there is nothing on the expensive table, and tells that they are keeping ekadashi fast today. Girl says she is thinking to fast with them. Surili says this relation is happening because of Sharmila and gifts her expensive bangles. Sharmila says I can’t take it, as you didn’t give anything to Maggie. Surili says you made me emotional and asks gifts other bangle to Maggie. She tells Maggie and Sharmila that they are her anmol’s ratans, and tells Ria that Kant family will be complete after her marriage with Shaan.

Surili says ouch…Gyan says you forgot to take the tablet. Dhyan gives her tablet. Surili drinks it. Ria asks what happened to you. Amrish tells it is an old shock. Surili asks Amrish not to make her remember anything. Sharmila takes Ria to show the room. Surili asks Shaan if he is happy with Ria. Shaan says yes, she is perfect. Sharmila shows the room to Ria. Ria likes it. Shaguta comes and asks her to come and buy engagement ring. She says I will pay it. Ria says Shaan should pay it. Shaguta insists and sees laundry man and furniture guy tied up in her room. They leave.

Surili tells that Ria is a nice girl and tells that they will do marriage shopping from Paris. Laundry guy and furniture guy comes there and insult them for taking loan, furniture and clothes on rent. Laundry guy ask them to return clothes rightaway. They give away their rented clothes. Laundry man says now I will leave. Furniture guy asks them to give rent and starts the countdown. Surili takes out money from her nighty and kisses on it. Amrish says you have hidden treasure there. Sharmila says from where did she get the money. Gyan says money looks like this, and snatches money from her hand. While everyone look at the money, furniture guy takes it furniture.

Shaguta admires the ring and asks Ria to keep it inside, else she will steal it. Thieves come and steal the ring from Ria’s hand and run away. Shaguta runs after the thief and asks someone please catch them. She says Oh…Ram. Little boy Ram hears her and says command accepted. He goes after the thieves and gets the ring. He says command successfully completed. Thieves asks him to return the ring. Ram says my momo says it is wrong to steal others’ stuff. He says I will return this ring to the person whom it belongs to. He runs, and reaches a building terrace. Goon says way is closed, give ring else you will be beaten. Ram asks them to catch him, and says his mummy will come there. He jumps and is about to fall down, while goons try to save him. He falls and shouts Momo….Rajni comes and holds him. Ram smiles.

Ram returns ring to Shaguta. Shaguta thanks him. Ria invites him and his mum for her engagement. Ram says command accepted. Shaan is shocked and looks at him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Loved shaans reaction towards raam when he said command accepted I hope shaan misses rajni


    Uffffff!!! Kya episode tha…. kant family is poor now but how????
    Amrish ka business and surili ke business ko kya hua???
    And entrybof RAM and Rajini nailed the show… waiting for all truths to reveal….

  3. Avishi

    Awwww RAM is so cute and her momo both rockedd


    Where is 22 nov update?? Plz update it soon

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