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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 21st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surili coming back to party hall. Her friend asks why you are tensed. Surili thinks she is becoming mum with pregnancy. Rajni says now we have to make her ready. She makes her wear flower jewellery. Surili asks can I go now. Sharmila says media will come now. Surili is shocked. Rajni asks her to walk slowly. Reporter comes and asks how she is feeling to be pregnant at this age. Surili thinks she is feeling like bursting with air pressure. Rajni says she is having acidity. Reporter says we want to meet your husband? Surili says he went outside. Amrish comes. Reporter asks what is the reason of your health? Amrish says I can’t tell infront of camera. Reporter asks Shaguta? Shaguta says she is very happy and asks on which channel this will air. Reporter says on local

channel at 1 am. Surili says lets go. Rajni says celebrations have just started. They see Rajni dancing on the song Solah shringar karke godh bharayi…….Everyone is happy. Surili is embarrassed. Rajni takes her on stage and dances with her happily. Everyone is happy and enjoy the performance. Shaan and Samaira look on. Everyone claps for her.

Bubbles tells Amrish that she is very angry with him. Amrish asks what did I do? Bubbles says you have done a big thing? She says I didn’t get married, and your honeymoon is not ending. Amrish says he has talent in him. He promises her that he will get her married soon. Bubbles drinks wine. Surili asks can I go now. Rajni says no and tells about diaper round. Sharmila asks them to make toy wear diaper, and blind folds them. Surili makes toy wear diaper on face. Everyone laugh. Sharmila says we will take your other test, will see how you handle a baby. Surili asks whose baby. Rajni coms dressed as a baby with bottle and lolly pop. Rajni tells Surili that she wants something. Surili asks what do you want? Rajni asks her to let her think and says I want kalaka horse. Surili says from where to bring it. Rajni cries. Surili asks Amrish to become horse. Rajni sits on him. Amrish shouts and says she is heavy. Surili asks her to stop it. Amrish gets up. Rajni says you have failed in this test too.

Later Rajni asks Surili if she is troubled with her. Surili says you have done so much and asking me, sees Samaira and says why I will get angry on you. She says you are my best bahu and hugs her. Surili says I can get angry on myself, but not on you. She says I am ready to play. Gyan and Dhyan looks on surprised. Rajni says okay, next test is handi phoodo test. Shaan asks what? Surili asks Shaan to stop her. Shaan asks her not to stress herself and think about baby. Surili slaps him. Surili says someone please save me. Samaira hears her. Surili thinks only bubbles can save her now and goes to her. She asks where were you? She says I really missed you. Surili snatches her wine bottle and drinks it. Shaguta says OMG mom, what you are doing. Bubbles asks Surili to stop it. Shaguta brings a glass and asks her to spit, says this is not good for baby.

Rajni comes and says next test is ready. Rajni asks Surili to break the handi without seeing and blind folds her. Sharmila gives the rod and says all the best. Surili says everyone will be beaten today and hits in air. Everyone try to save themselves. Surili hits on Amrish’s head, and says I have broken the pot. Amrish asks Gyan to stop bengal thunderstorm. Surili moves her blind fold and sees Rajni, thinks to hit her. She breaks the handi/pot and is happy. Everyone claps for her. Shaan gets rod from her hand and Amrish opens her blind fold. Rajni says task completed. She says mummy ji …you have done it. Surili thanks her. Amrish holds his head. Surili asks did you get hurt much? Amrish says this happens daily, but today infront of everyone. He laughs and says I am Punjabi and can joke.

Surili says even bengali people can joke. Gyan says even bengalis have fun. Surili says Bengalis is best. Rajni promotes the show mazak mazak me on life ok. She says next test. Surili says I am tired. She says my phone is ringing. Dhyan says no. Surili asks Amrish if he has her phone. Amrish says phone is not ringing or vibrating. Surili pretends to get doctor’s call and thanks her for giving good news. She tells that her bahu have kept godh bharayi function for her and they are enjoying. She then says no and looks on shocked. Amrish asks what happened? Surili says what you are saying doctor…and acts to get sad. She says everyone is enjoying here, how to tell them that I am not pregnant. He says oh god….Sharmila thinks who is pregnant then.

Surili tells Amrish that this report is not mine. Amrish asks then whose report is this. They look at someone standing (may be Samaira).

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Wow hasan mam thks a lot. I am sure while writing this u must be laughing.?????

    1. H Hasan

      Ya, it is the best stress buster show. I couldn’t stop laughing. Rajni is the best.

  2. Renuverma

    Thks a lot mam. U r the best ?

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