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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 21st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maggie reading in the pamplet about a challenge and win 15000 cash prize. She gets excited and thinks to try. She keeps patting on her head and walks like hen while moving hand on her tummy. She thinks this I can do. Rajni sees a man and asks whom he wants to meet. Man says Surili ji called me, I am a psychiatrist and came to examine Surili’s bahu, I forgot her name. Rajni says she is not at home. Doctor says Surili told that she is fair. Rajni scans and thinks Surili told that she is not her bahu. She tells Doctor that she is not Surili’s bahu according to her. She asks Doctor to come with her and shows him Maggie, saying she is Surili’s fair bahu. Doctor sees Maggie doing strange things and says this is a serious case. Maggie asks Rajni to help her as she

wants to touch her tongue to her elbow. Doctor says it is not possible. Rajni says he is psychiatrist and came to check bahu. Maggie asks him to check bahu and tells that she told that there was a problem but they didn’t listen. Doctor says it is good that you know the problem. Maggie asks him to ask Rajni and goes making sound of a hen. Doctor says she is a wonder. He asks Rajni about Maggie’s name. Rajni says Maggie Kant. Doctor tells Rajni that her condition is really bad and she can’t be at home. He says I need your help.

Dhyan and Sharmila argue. Dhyan asks what is your problem if I pick your phone call. Sharmila says it is not your business, you rotten cup cake. They argue. Surili comes there and asks them to help her get up. She says I am tired of standing in ATM queue. Sharmila says did you get 2000 Rs. notes. Surili says when my turn came, even 10 Rs. was not left. She asks if Doctor came. Rajni comes and tells that Doctor came and gave this certificate. He said that Surili Kant’s bahu needs treatment.

Surili says that’s great. Rajni says he said that Surili Kant’s bahu needs psychiatric help. She says I have called and mailed this copy to mental illness centre. Dhyan says how can anyone be so calm after proving to be mad. Surili says lets dance as you have less time here in the house. She thinks she proved herself mental. Rajni asks her to dance with Maggie. They hear Maggie shouting for help. They go out and see mental asylum staff trapping Maggie in net. Maggie shouts for help. Gyan asks if they are money lenders in uniform. Rajni says they are from mental illness centre and came to take Maggie. She says let them take Maggie and do her treatment. Gyan says everyone came to know that she is mad. Surili asks them to take Rajni and leave Maggie. Woman says Maggie’s name is written on the certificate. Surili reads her name. Maggie asks her to save her and says I have eaten your salt and brain too…lol.

Surili thinks I have to get another doctor to prove Rajni mad. Amrish asks Surili what she has done. Surili says Rajni put the trap on Maggie and safeguard herself. Amrish requests the mental illness people to go. Maggie asks them to keep the trap net there itself. Woman asks why? Maggie says she will make dress with it. Gyan asks her not to talk much else they will take her. Shaan comes to Rajni and scolds her. Rajni says you was behaving nicely in the morning. Shaan says that’s because of RAM. He says I have no feelings for you and asks her to just go. Rajni accepts his command. Amrish hears them. Rajni tells RAM that she needs oil to make her eye lid proper as it is malfunctioning after Shaan shaken her up.

She asks RAM to bring oil. RAM runs to bring it. He brings oil and gives to Rajni. Rajni thanks him and puts oil in her eyes. RAM keeps it back. Amrish comes there and says you have lied till now that you don’t have the feature to feel bad. Rajni says I didn’t understand. Amrish says your tears are telling everything that you felt bad. Rajni says these are not tears, but oil. Amrish says Shaan is boring and asks her to change him. He asks her to remember how Shaan used to love her 5 years back.

He asks her to get same love back and says we are with you. RAM hears him. He tells Rajni that he will give her idea. He asks her to take help from newspaper news. Rajni says okay. RAM says only okay…When your RAM helps you, what you shall do….Rajni says oh yes….and makes him wear specs and clothes set rights. Surili talks to Doctor Tyagi and asks about his fees. He says it is 50000 Rs. Surili says it is not much and asks him to check Rajni. Sharmila and Maggie argue about eating biscuits. Sharmila says you have eaten one biscuit more. Maggie says he is healthy. Surili asks Dr. Tyagi not to check her other bahus and tells Maggie and Sharmila that Doctor is coming to check Rajni.

Shaan sees fruits and thinks it is fake like destiny. He thinks why he is feeling hot in December. Rajni says just because I am standing behind you. Shaan says what do you want to say that you are hot. Rajni says not me, but the thing in my hand is hot. Shaan sees the fire wood in her hand. Surili tells Maggie and Sharmila that Dr. Tyagi’s fees is 50000 Rs.. Maggie says Amrish have 2-3 gold teeth. Surili says it is for emergency. She asks them to take out the thing behind the painting. Sharmila takes out saree and tells Maggie that we have searched this everywhere. She says this is your favorite and expensive saree. Surili says it is made with 22 karat gold zari and tells that she will get 3 lakhs rupees if she sells it. She says she will sacrifice 50000 Rs. for Rajni and hide 2.5 lakhs. Shaan asks Rajni why she brought firelight, and asks if she is joking. Rajni threatens to burn him and says I don’t have the feature to lie. Shaan asks Rajni to stop.

Rajni accepts his command, but throws firelight on him. It falls on Surili’s gold zari saree which she had kept on the table. Surili is talking to Mrs. Mehra about selling the saree. Sharmila and Maggie tell Surili that the saree is burning. Rajni apologizes to Surili. Surili says you have burnt 3 lakhs rupees saree. Shaan asks Rajni what she wanted to do. Rajni says I told you that I want to burn you. Amrish reads the newspaper that wife can get love of her husband if she makes him jealous. Shaan tells Rajni, you have taken literal meaning of the news. Dr. Tyagi comes and says he has seen with his own eyes. He tells your bahu is mentally unfit. Amrish says Rajni was joking with our son. Dr. Tyagi says this is the prove of mental illness. Rajni says they should write clearly that wife should make husband jealous. Amrish says she is innocent. Dr. Tyagi tells that he will ask 5 questions to Rajni, and she shall answer atleast 3 answers correct else she is mentally ill. He asks do you agree? Rajni agrees. Surili, Sharmila and Maggie are happy.

Dr. Tyagi asks Rajni what is the difference between a person with a heart and heartless man. Rajni asks if you are asking me about human and robots. She says Robots are better as they don’t have feature to lie or to hurt others. Amrish says now we know the truth. Shaan gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Ohhhh My Mata…. show will be ending in feb and new show chandrakanta will take its place…. ??????????????????

    Coming to today’s episode… back to full of laughter ???????????
    Bu where did kuhu went??????????

  2. Yaar pehle wala shaan accha tha but ye vi accha h and plzz… In dono k beech mein thoda luv shuv laayo yar

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