Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 21st April 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 21st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan asking Rajni, why she is behaving differently and asks why she is dressed up well. Rajni sits down. Shaan says I tried to made a perfect robot, but made a perfect wife. He asks whose idea is this? Rajni says Amrish. Shaan says I know. Rajni asks him why husbands don’t wear mangalsutra. She asks if husbands hesitate to tell world that they are married. Shaan says good point. Rajni says Surili told that even husbands should wear mangalsutra. Shaan says it has logic. Rajni asks if he will wear mangalsutra from tomorrow. Shaan refuses and explains to her that it is a human race problem. She asks him if you will wear mangalsutra. Shaan says if I say yes, will you let me sleep. Rajni says okay. Shaan asks her to go and charge herself. Next morning, Rajni wakes up

Shaan and shows the mangalsutra. Shaan asks what is this? Rajni says you have confirmed yesterday that you will wear mangalsutra. Shaan says logic of mangalsutra, and says I will wear it after bath. He asks her to stop. Rajni makes him wear mangalsutra. Shaan asks have you gone mad? Rajni says do you want me to get mad. Shaan asks are you threatening me. Rajni says I am giving you warning. He tries to remove mangalsutra, but she don’t let him take out mangalsutra from his neck. She says task complete. Shaan feels helpless infront of her and says mummy……

Mathew is talking to someone on phone. Shaan comes hiding mangalsutra inside his tshirt. Mathew tells him about Pariera…..He sees Shaan’s mangalsutra and asks about it. Shaan says it is husband and wife thing.Mathew says I hate cheaters and asks Shaan not to cheat him. Shaan says no sir. Mathew says you are going to be my brother in law soon and says I will go on a shopping with Shaguta and cheer up myself. He says sorry. Shaan thinks I told lied to you that my wife is not a robot. Sharmila likes Surili’s design. Shaguta says it is suggested by her. Sharmila asks what is in the bag? Shaguta says it is for Rajni. Sharmila thinks why Shaguta have brought gifts for Rajni. Rajni and Shaan come in the hall. Shaguta asks why is he wearing scarf now in summer. Rajni says he can’t show his neck and ruin his respect. Everyone is shocked. Amrish asks what happened? Rajni says Shaan is ashamed to show his neck. Sharmila asks if it is because of love bites. Rajni asks what is it? Shaan says it is nothing and asks her not to remember. Shaguta tells Rajni that she want to give her some gifts.

Rajni says gifts for me, my god. Shaguta says I brought it in sales and Mathew suggested me to give to poor, I thought to give it to you. Rajni thanks her for gifts. Shaguta tells them that she is going with Mathew and will buy gifts. Sharmila also goes. Amrish tells Rajni not to feel bad about Shaguta’s words. Rajni says I don’t feel bad as I don’t have that feature. She says it is good to take and give gifts. Shaan asks Amrish if he thinks Rajni’s behavior is weird. Amrish says if this girl is abnormal then I will want every girl to be abnormal. He asks why are you asking? Shaan says I am researching on human behavior. Amrish scolds him. Rajni says even Amrish takes everything positively and asks if he is also strange. Shaan says no. Rajni says stupid scientist. Amrish asks what is he hiding behind the scarf? Shaan runs. Rajni whispers in Amrish’s ears. Amrish laughs heavily. He asks Rajn I not to tell anyone about this. Rajni nods.

Sharmila tells Bubbles that something is wrong with Rajni. Bubbles says we shall make her lots of wine and make her sit in punjab train. Sharmila says she will return after gaining consciousness. Aishwarya says I will tell something. She asks her to make her eat chilli laddoo to make run from the house. Sharmila says it is a bad idea and says we shall burn her clothes. Bubbles says it is a worst idea. Surili thinks everyone is stupid. She asks Aishwarya to close door. She says I don’t want show off and asks why you are showing off which you don’t have. Bubbles says we have everything. Surili says you don’t have brain and mind. She asks Aishwarya to open door now and leave. Surili thinks someone said right, if you can’t win from enemy then you have to make friendship with him. She smiles and says time has come to make friendship with Rajni.

Shaguta tells that Surili will never accept Rajni. Surili makes food for Rajni with a plan.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. omg…… i love rajni behavior for shaan as like a ideal wife but what will she do if amrish asked to rajni for kids(pota)……ha…ha…ha….shan ki to band baj jayegi….

  2. If surili doesn’t want to were mangalsutra then its okhay… Because she is a Bengali lady… Bengali shadi me mangalsutra use nehi hoti hai… Instead of mangalsutra Bengali wives were shakha and pola… Surili also were this

    1. *wear sakha and pola

  3. I hate this Shaguta

  4. Hahhahahahaa rajni robot rocks

  5. Rajni rocks…manglsutra for

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