Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 20th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 20th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amrish asking Surili to go and check, and says he is fed up of Rajni’s doings. Surili says lets see girls and asks Maggie, Sharmila and Shaguta to come. They go out. Anthony thinks if that goon shot Rajni. Amrish asks Anthony to call Shaan. Rajni runs after goon and suddenly her battery is discharged. She thinks I have to catch him as soon as possible, thinks since Shaan’s left, all my batteries are damaged. Surili, and others come there. They think Rajni is freezed. Surili says we shall take her to lab and thinks her powers are finished. Anthony is planning against them. They tie Rajni in the lab. Anthony calls Boss and says he came to know about Shaan. Boss says deal is still on and says lets do it.

Anthony says I am not interested. Boss says he will

give him 2 crores. He tells that he has sent message to Shaan that his family is kidnapped by him. He says Shaan will come here, and asks Boss to bring his best goons there. He asks him to slap the goon. Boss agrees. Anthony smirks and tells that Shaan told that it is not safe to meet in the house. Dhyan asks about his number. Anthony says he called from private number and asks them to go until Shaan comes there. He says I will be here, and keep eye on Rajni. He thinks until they know that Shaan is not coming here. In the lab, Rajni thinks she has to replace the batteries, power is low, needs to recharge. Anthony comes and asks what did you say? He is confused.

Dhyan tells that ladies went to parlour now. They wait for Shaan in the park. Dhyan says where is Bau ji. Amrish comes with band baja guy. Surili, Maggie, Sharmila and Shaguta come back. Dev also dances and asks where is Shaan? Amrish says he can come at any time. Dev says I got late as I am coming directly from airport. Surili asks who gave him this address. Shaguta says sorry mom, I gave him. Surili asks if you are using Bubbles bottle. Shaguta says no. Dev tells that he went to temple to do mannat and now his mannat is going to be fulfilled. Amrish tells that Anthony asked us to be here until Shaan comes back.

Dev asks who is Anthony? Amrish says there is no friend of Shaan with the name Anthony. He says Shaan is having only one friend Anthony. Everyone is shocked. Anthony is alone at home. Boss and his goons come there. He appreciates Anthony. He recalls Shaan in the same clothes. Anthony says he has caught Shaan. Boss asks his goons to make him conscious and get crystal power. Amrish asks who is this Anthony? Dhyan says we have left him with Rajni. Amrish gets tensed. Dev is also shocked. Boss asks his goons to make him conscious. Rajni comes and says nobody can touch Shaan. Goon asks Anthony, how did she come here? Anthony says I am thinking the same. Rajni looks on.

Boss says we will kill her first. Anthony stops him and says bullets don’t affect her, and she catches it in her hand. He says he is female Rajni kant. Rajni says my name is Rajni Kant. Anthony says I will handle her with my style. He looks at Rajni. Rajni holds Anthony up in the air. Anthony is shocked. Boss and the goons are shocked. Goon tells Boss that she is very powerful. Anthony takes out knife from his pocket and throws on Rajni. Rajni moves and the knife hits on tree. Rajni then throws the wine bottle on Anthony. Anthony bends down and it hits on Boss’s head. She sees Shaan unconscious with his face covered. Anthony and Rajni fight with each other.
Surili, Amrish and others reach home. Surili asks who is inside the house. They hear noise and gets inside. Rajni beats the goons. Boss asks his goons to shoot at Rajni. They shoot at her. Rajni throws flour bag on them, and the bullet hits them. Kant family enter inside, but couldn’t see anything. Anthony gets shocked.

Boss informs Kant family that the man sitting on chair is Shaan. They are happy and asks Shaan to save them. Shaan is still unconscious.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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