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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 20th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maha Episode:

The Episode starts with Rajni giving the lottery ticket to Dhyan. Dhyan says Shaguta has fooled you by giving this ticket. Rajni asks him to keep it. Shaguta gets Mathew’s call. She gets angry on him for taking Rajni’s side. Surili gets a call from Mrs. Deewan and says that great, you want to write article on me. She says I have done good work today, and tells that she has stopped her stupid daughter from doing rain dance party and sent all water tankers to basti. She says I don’t want to talk about it, but because you are my friend, I am telling you. Shaguta asks Surili, why she made her rain dance party as charity event. Rajni cleans some paper waste taken from Shaan’s lab and burns it with her finger. Mathew comes there, gets burning smell and gets water

bucket without a thinking. He throws water on Rajni instead. Rajni’s circuits start bursting inside her. Shaan comes there and is shocked. He asks Rajni to stop. Mathew says I thought the place caught fire and threw water on her. Shaan says her water went inside Rajni’s circuits. Mathew asks what? Shaan says nothing and asks him to go. Mathew says I will call doctor. Shaan says no, and says he will treat Rajni. He takes Rajni inside his lab.

Surili asks Amrish to sit down and not to take tension as Rajni will be fine. Sharmila says don’t know why Rajni is having problem with water. Shaguta says she is acting. Shaan dries up Rajni’s circuits. Rajni asks Shaan not to marry again if she is dismantled. Shaan says your circuits are wet, but you didn’t forget adarsh bahu dialogues. He asks Rajni to stop and takes her hand out. Water comes out from it. Shaan says he will make Mathew drown in water. Rajni says I am Rajnikant, Shantanu Kant’s wife. Shaan says where is Dev? And scolds him. Rajni asks him not to scold her brother and replies him. He says I will tell everyone that Rajni has fever. Amrish tells Surili that he will go and see Rajni. Surili says if you break your rule and cross Amrish Rekha then everyone will break it. Shaan brings Rajni out covering her with blanket, and says Rajni has pneumonia. Shaguta and Surili don’t believe him. Rajni shaken up and says I will be fine till your marriage. Amrish tries to cross Amrish Rekha. Surili looks on.

Dhyan checks Rajni’s temperature and says he will bring wet cloth. Shaan gets a call and says he will make arrangement to make Rajni water proof. Dhyan asks what? Shaan says just to make her immune system stronger. Amrish comes and asks Rajni about her health. Rajni calls him Bua ji. Dhyan tries to talk to Amrish, asks him to cross line and meet his Bahu. Shaan talks on phone and asks someone to send full kit, says he will pay him 5 lakhs rupees. Once he disconnects the call, he thinks from where to get the money. Amrish crosses the line to check Rajni’s fever. He says Rajni is having much fever. Shaan comes and is surprised to see him. Amrish says I have taken time please for sometime. He says he couldn’t have enmity with them when Rajni is ill. He makes her drink something. Dhyan makes her drink and lie down on sofa. Dhyan and Amrish argue over blanket and make Rajni wear it. Amrish asks Rajni to have dhyan/take care. Rajni says dhyan is yours, I have Shaan. Amrish says this dhyan have become useless. Shaan gets happy hearing Rajni’s words. Rajni says Bau ji and Dhyan are mingling with each other. Shaan says yes, and says I will get this line erased. He thinks from where to get the money?

Shaan checks Rajni and says I never thought that water bucket could take 5 lakhs rupees. He says time for system upgrade. Rajni tells about her system info and gives her intro. She says someone said right, pati is parmeshwar. My pati is my devta and I should touch your feet. Shaan asks her tp touch his feet and enjoys it. Rajni touches his feet. Shaan says I like being pati parmeshwar. He says you are live entertainer, and whenever you will go to someone house, they will be happy. Rajni says this house is mine, I will not go anywhere. Shaan says someday you have to go. Dhyan comes dancing Dhinka chika…..and asks Shaan if Bhabhi is fine. Shaan says I gave chips to her, and says potato chips. Dhyan says I have done money arrangements and tells about lottery. Rajni says only 1 gets money in 15 crores people. Dhyan says we are the lucky one. Shaan couldn’t believe that they have won 50 Lakhs lottery. Dhyan says I have confirmed twice. Shaan dances with him. Dhyan asks Rajni, aren’t you happy? Rajni says we will give this good news to everyone. Dhyan says this money is yours, and asks her not to tell anyone. Rajni says she don’t need money, and asks them to keep the money. Dhyan says I will keep 5 lakhs, and Shaan will keep 5 lakhs, and will give 40 lakhs to Bau ji. They dance.

Surili says Shaguta will get married in Australia and asks her to make guest list. Shaguta says she don’t want to call many people. They see Rajni, Shaan and Dhyan are dancing and holding champagne, and pizza box. Dhyan asks about the pizza. Shaan shows it. Rajni says I am hungry, lets go and have pizza. Shaguta asks how did it happen? From where did you get money. Shaan says pizza is just a starting and asks her to see ICBI..I can’t believe it. Surili asks what you want to show? Dhyan picks the purse and steps inside crossing the line. Amrish looks on. Dhyan says I have money to pay you. He says I have lost your 50 Lakhs naa, this is 40 Lakhs, and I will return your 10 lakhs also. Shaguta says I can’t believe it. Amrish asks from where did you get it? Dhyan says there is something wrong in your thinking. Amrish says still you thinks the matter is about money. You would have repent and not show ego. He asks him to pick his money and go. Surili says this is not fair. Sharmila says this is too much.

Amrish says this is how he is repenting. Shaguta says from where did he get the money? Shaan asks her to come and says he will explain her. He says you are getting married, and I want to wish you. He says I want you to know that the lottery ticket which you have given to Rajni, we have won. Shaguta is shocked. Shaan says you would have get that money, have gone for shopping, trip to Australia etc. Shaguta is shocked and asks are you joking. Rajni says he is not in a mood to joke. Surili smiles. Shaan says you made fun of Rajni and threw ticket on her face, we have won. Rajni says this happens because of Shaguta. Shaguta says this money is mine. Surili asks her to leave bag, and says this money is of Rajni’s now. She takes Shaguta from there. Shaguta takes pizza from Shaan’s hand before going.

Aishwarya returns to Kant house, and sees Rajni flowering the plant. She is shocked. Rajni says I am servant of the house. Aishwarya asks if mad Shaan added this feature in you. Aishwarya says you are copying my style and asks her to go. Rajni asks her to go. Aishwarya runs inside and calls Surili. Surili is shocked to see them and says double trouble. She asks Aishwarya, why did you come so soon. Aishwarya asks why did you hire Rajni as servant? She says I will not leave this house, and lie down on the floor saying she will die. Surili asks her not to over react and says she is not firing her from the job. Aishwarya asks her to fire Rajni from the job. Rajni says she makes excuses, never works and asks for leave. Shaan says correct. Surili also agrees. Aishwarya says she works harder. Shaan says you give ones news to another, and gossip. Aishwarya says did I ever say that Maggie gives me money to keep eye on Sharmila. Maggie is shocked.

Sharmila asks Maggie, if you really do this, disgusting. She says that’s why I am against joint family. She says I will wear Rajni’s khichdi, and goes to Dhyan’s side. Aishwarya says Shaguta madam doesn’t know anything and provokes Surili that you are unlucky about your bahus. Rajni, Maggie and Sharmila act as shocked. Aishwarya says Shaan says I am a genuis, am so proud of me, did I tell anyone. Shaguta says we all know. Aishwarya says Gyan…did he ever ask Amrish to forgive Dhyan? She asks did I tell anyone this. Surili says you are crossing your line, it is enough now. Maggie asks her to keep quiet, and asks her not to talk badly about Gyan. She says Gyan is taking care of work all alone, and asks Amrish to give him rights. She says we will buy a house and live separately. Sharmila says you have fired Dhyan from job and also kicked him out of job. Sharmila says we will leave also from this job. Amrish asks them to stop it and asks them to go. He says Kant family partition will happen now. Everyone is shocked. Sharmila and Maggie get happy.

Amrish asks everyone to pick their share which is kept on the table and go. He says lets see who takes the first move.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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