Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 20th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 20th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maha Episode: Shaan overcoming his fears:

The Episode starts with Rajni coming to Shaan. Shaan asks where did you go? Rajni says to meet Bau ji. Shaan says to Mumbai. Rajni says no he came here. Shaan says you called all family here. Rajni says I didn’t call him here. Shaan asks why did you kiss me infront of Dhyan and Sharmila, as it was so embarrassing. Rajni says I want to show them that it is one of the way to express love. She says you can’t do anything, so I kissed you. Shaan says what do you mean and says I know how to kiss. Rajni says I don’t know, but I believe you. Shaan asks her not to taunt him and says you are a robot and not a woman. Rajni says data is not matching in my memory. Shaan kisses her and asks if you will tell that Shaan doesn’t know kissing.

Rajni says I can’t tell as I don’t have this data. Shaan asks her to go and kiss 4-5 men. Rajni says okay. Shaan asks her not to take literally, and says he can’t express love or feelings and he doesn’t have this feature. He don’t know how to take care of relationship and says Samaira told that I am not her type. He says I thought to marry a robot so that I can control you, but it is other way round. He says Mathew will reprogram you after 2 days and then you will forget me..He says you will go from here, then you will not identify me, I am meant to be alone. Rajni says it is good to know about one’s weakness and have to improve it. Shaan goes to sleep. Rajni thinks I have to make him perfect husband and human as promised to Amrish. She tells about his weakness, and says he don’t have anything except beard and mind. She opines to make him adarsh husband and human, She says mission is “make Shaan the perfect man”.

Next day, waiter asks Rajni if she like their hotel. Rajni says yes. Waiter asks if she have any work. Rajni says yes, and asks them to hire goons for her. He asks why? Rajni says those goons will tease me, and my husband will beat them up and his confidence will be back. Waiter asks about money? Rajni says first work and then money. Shaan comes and asks what you are doing filmy robot? Rajni asks him to come and says lets enjoy weather.

Aishwarya scolds Dev and calls him hungry. Shaguta comes and asks Aishwarya not to make anything for him. Dev says he is hungry and cries. Rajni and Shaan are walking outside. Rajni says weather is good. Goons come. Rajni winks her eyes and signs her to come. The goons surround them. Shaan thinks they are Mathew’s man. The goons beat up Shaan…Shaan asks Rajni to activate danger mode. Shaan takes lift from someone. Rajni asks the goons to catch Shaan and says his mum is very rich. Goons run after Shaan’s bike. Waiter comes and says rented goons couldn’t come. Rajni says who are they? Waiter says they are local goon. Rajni asks him to leave. Rajni kicks a goon for beating Shaan. Shaan hides behind a tree. Goon catches him. Shaan beats them one by one. Rajni kicks them one by one. Shaan fights with the goon. Rajni says one more to go. Shaan beats 4th goon also. Rajni says 4 down. Shaan asks why didn’t you help me? Rajni says you have fought with them all alone. Shaan says correct and faints. Rajni says I am so proud of you, task completed.

Dev comes to Shaguta’s room and sees her pics. He laughs seeing her pic. Shaguta asks what is he doing here? Dev says it fell on my feet, and says he will show pics to everyone. Shaguta says no. Dev asks her to go and make food for him. Shaguta says okay. Rajni tells Amrish, Dhyan and Sharmila that Shaan had beaten the goons like a hero. Amrish gets happy and feels so proud of him. Dhyan says I can’t believe that you can do this. Amrish says you have become a man now. Dhyan says we will met for lunch. Rajni tells Shaan…you have saved my respect and asks what I can do for you? Shaan says I asked for your help, but you didn’t come. Shaan says I got confidence in me, and says I can be a fighter. Shaan says you are an useless robot and might be doing it purposely. Rajni says if you are becoming hero if I am useless then I am good being useless.

Shaguta says this is not fair. Dev asks her to make rotis for her. Shaguta says she didn’t make any rotis or kneed flour till now. Dev asks her to learn quietly. Shaguta asks him to help her. Dev says I know how to cook food. He starts making it. Shaguta smiles.

Amrish asks Rajni to be happy and asks if Shaan is resting. Rajni says yes, and says she will call him. Amrish says no. Rajni asks are you taking your tablets on time. Amrish says when I opened your gift, I got worried about you thinking you will not return home. Rajni says nothing can happen as your love and blessings. Amrish tells her that Shaan is afraid of water and heights and asks her to take advantage and make Shaan get over his fear. Rajni says bye bye bye bye. Amrish goes. Rajni says mission no. 2 starts now. Dev makes food and shows to Shaguta. Shaguta says what an idiot? Shaguta says it is smelling good. He realizes that she made him cook it. Shaguta says she will serve food. Dev says he will have fun and will eat full stomach. Surili and Aishwarya comes. Shaguta says she is stopping him from eating food and then says she is serving food to him. Maggie says this is first rasoi for her. Surili asks why you want to legalize their marriage. Maggie says I am saying truth. Surili asks Shaguta if she is fine? Aishwarya says he might have forced her. Surili asks Shaguta to come. Dev says until my stomach is full, Shaguta will not go else I will show…Aishwarya asks him to show. Shaguta says she is earning goodness. Maggie says she seems to be unwell. Surili and Maggie take Shaguta from there forcibly. Dev’s face falls in curry.

Rajni blindfolds Shaan and takes him to face the challenge. She asks him to promise that he will do as he says. He says you will not ask me to jump from mountain and promises. She opens the blindfold. Shaan is shocked to see the mountain and height. He runs. Rajni asks him to do the stunt else she will destruct herself. Shaan agrees. He is made to wear all safety belts. Rajni says I am happy Shaan. Shaan says I miss everyone, and even Shaguta and you. Rajni says but I can’t miss you as I don’t have this feature, you should know this. Shaan says I know. Shaan does the stunt and flies in air through a rope. He is happy, and says I am so happy and so proud of me. He cals Rajni. Rajni also comes to him as she performs the same stunt. Shaan says I was like superman. Now I don’t get afraid of heights. Rajni says I am so proud of you. Shaan says I am also. He says why did you threaten me for self destruction. Rajni says you should know that it is not fed in me. Shaan says I forgot and asks how did you lie, it is not in your programme. Rajni says a lie is not wrong when it is told for someone’s betterment. Shaan says I am so proud, love you Rajni…

Rajni and Shaan dance romantically in their hotel.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Best episode rajni change shaan rajni is so cute….what about mathew shaan’s family in same hotel

  2. Kathy

    Wonderful story with wonderful actors n actresses … It’s stress buster for me.. This show never disappoint me… What a episode … Slowly shaan falls for ragini … I wish some miracle happen n that creep Mathew …..unable to come…

  3. Kathy

    Tnx hasan ji for the updates.,,


    I think shaan will be changed compeletely… but i wonder what will samiyra and methew will do???

    1. Kathy

      Yes next gonna b samaira’s entry… N soon rajini will realise that she is in love with shaan…

      1. Helo Kathy u mean rajni will realise dat samaira still loves shaan?

      2. Kathy

        No shazia … Soon after samaira’s entry.. Ragini realise that she loves shaan… I watched a video states that… Sorry … I coudnt remember where I watched it.. Therefore coudnt share the links to u guys …

      3. Kathy

        BTW.. U have a nice name…

      4. Shai

        No di rajni is a robot….she dont have any feelings…she only has logics

  5. Kathy

    I wonder y less comment on this show???

  6. super epi

  7. Make rajni feel like humans .. She is only gud for shaan

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