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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 20th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhyan and Gyan seeing glass of lassi. He says this is the secret of Bau ji’s manhood. Dev comes and says he wants to drink it. Dhyan says it is only for married men. Dev says he is also married and reminds that he is married to their sister. Gyan says it is only paper work marriage. Shaguta comes. Dev says lassi refused to get inside, and asking me not to waste my manhood behind you. Sharmila tells that she has selected babynames Partho or Debolina. Rajni asks them to make arrangements for Godh Bharayi rasam. Dhyan says I am embarrassed. Sharmila says you should be ashamed. Rajni says baby is a blessing of God and we should support mummy ji. Shaguta says I am very much pained, but Rajni is right. Dhyan says okay, we will do the decoration.

Amrish gives gift

to surili and asks her to check. Surili opens it and asks why did you bring oversize dress for me. Amrish says you will look beautiful when you get fat. Rajni and Sharmila bring saree for her. Rajni says I have kept function for you, which saas keeps for her bahu, but I have kept it as you are rarest of rare sasumom. Surili says I can’t understand anything. She takes it and thanks her for the gift. Rajni asks her to walk slowly and says allow me to show you. She walks slowly and asks Surili to walk like this. Surili says why I will walk like this. Sharmila says you will fall otherwise. Amrish asks her to walk slowly. Surili says my all family members are strange. She walks slowly. Rajni asks her to keep hand on her waist. Surili keeps hand and walks. She puts saree in the cupboard and comes back slowly. Rajni says okay….Amrish says wow your jalwa. Rajni says you are doing good….keep it up and asks her to wear same saree for the function. Amrish asks them to go and make arrangements for function. Rajni says 1 min and puts kajal mark on her face. She says our sasumom shouldn’t get affected by any evil eye.

Later in the evening. Surili comes and asks if anyone there. They switch on the light and surprise her. Surili asks what is the matter? Sharmila asks her to tell what is in her heart? Surili asks her to tell. Rajni says we have made this arrangements as there is a child in everyone’s heart. Surili says only you can do this…Rajni. Samaira think to talk to Shaan.

She comes to Shaan. Shaan acts to be sleeping. Samaira says oh…Samaira…I love you. I don’t need anything else. He acts to be sleeping. Samaira says Shaan. She sees Rajni coming there. Shaan says I want to hug you and spend my life with you. Samaira tells Rajni that he is talking in sleep. Rajni comes inside and hold Shaan’s hand. She gives him shock to wake him up. Shaan wakes up and asks what you have done? You have burnt my hand. Rajni says you said that you are feeling cold. Samaira says I will bring ice. Rajni says I will hold his hand and will make it lively again. She cools down his hand. Shaan smiles. Amrish boosts about his manhood and tells that he drank 10th lassi. Surili’s friend tells her that the woman can figure out keeping hand on her stomach. She keeps her hand and says something is swimming in your stomach.

Surili says she ate fish the other day. Other woman comes and congratulates her for her pregnancy. Neighbor says Rajni told us and praises her a lot.They wish to get bahu like her. Shaan asks Samaira what she wants to say. Samaira asks what was the need to keep a grand function until Surili confirms her pregnancy. Rajni says I called her friends and even media. Shaan thinks this is a good chance to get Samaira’s sympathy and says he has a hard time to deal with his wife. He keeps his head on Samaira’s shoulder and says Samaira. Samaira says Shaan. Surili comes to scold Rajni and see them standing close. Surili asks Shaan to wear specs. Shaan wears specs.

Surili asks Rajni, how could you do this with me. Shaan says even mom is troubled with her. Surili says you are oversmart, idiot and duffer, but I don’t think like this. She says I am touched by your gesture. Shaan says wrong dialogue. Surili says you are saying wrong. She says I love you Rajni. Rajni says I love you too mummy ji. Samaira asks are you really pregnant? Surili says yes, and asks can’t I get pregnant? She says whenever I go out with Shaan, people say that Shaan is going with his elder sister. Shaan says younger sister. Surili says Shaan didn’t congratulate me till now and Rajni has organized a big party. She asks Shaan to take Rajni only. Shaan leaves Samaira’s hand and takes Rajni with him. Surili asks Samaira if she is settling here. Samaira congratulates her and leaves. Surili thinks I have to do so much to make her jealous. She thinks I am first woman to act as pregnant. She asks herself to calm down and says don’t know what mad bahu might have done.

Rajni comes dressed as a little girl and calls mummy to Surili. She asks for something. Although Surili is irritated, but she acts to be calm.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I luv sajni together ………….but this stupid shaan is doing weird things in front of samaira….
    I know that rajni is not a human but she will be always perfect for shaan……
    I luv u rajni……???????

  2. Serial has become boring ..tired of it

  3. Nice episode. Luv u Rajni

  4. Renuverma

    Too much hilarious ?

  5. manabendradas

    Jisdinse samaira entry huwa us din she serial flop hogea

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