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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 20th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajni calling all the money lenders home. Magan Bhai greets Surili and asks how is she? Surili says she is fine and asks Rajni why did you call them here. Rajni says logically both parties should sit and end the matter. Surili says I will drink your blood…Rajni. Rajni says that is supple..and tells the original dialogue. Money lenders ask them to give money. Sharmila says we don’t have a suitcase also, we were running without it. Dhyan says we were going to make food arrangements. Gyan asks them to wait for 4-5 years. They are shocked. Surili says we asked you to wait for 4-5 months. Maggie starts crying…and says we don’t have money. Rajni asks her not to cry and says I have a solution. Surili asks what? Sharmila asks her to give money to them. Rajni says

you can give your valuables to them and get some time for them to pay the debt. She gives Surili’s valuables to money lenders. Money lender asks Surili why she acted to be poor. Surili tells that Maggie and Sharmila haven’t told me that they have kept these things in my bag. Money lenders thank Rajni and leave. Gyan asks what have you done Rajni. Rajni says I have done right, now you don’t have to run out of house. Surili says I won’t leave you. Rajni says I will give you a chance to catch me. Gyan asks Surili to do something.

Aishwarya is having vada pav. Surili says I can’t have green tea and you are having vada pav. Aishwarya says whatever I eat is with my money and asks her to get her brain tested by a doctor. Surili gets an idea and thinks to get Rajni tested by a psychiatrist, and while talking eats vada pav. She then realizes and tells Aishwarya that she don’t eat high calories vada pav. Aishwarya thinks Surili has gone mad.

Rajni cleans the mess and dirt in Shaan’s lab. Shaan talks to someone and says he will search for bills. He comes to his lab and sees it clean. He thinks his lab was cleaned like this 5 years back. He thinks I am proud of himself. He then thinks about Gyan, Sharmila and others blaming Rajni. He thinks it was my mistake to create Rajni. He throws something. Rajni comes and says she has cleaned lab like before. She asks if he is getting nostalgic about it. Shaan asks why did you clean it? Rajni says dust was on it. Shaan says I tried to kept my lab and passion covered by dust to hide my mistake. He asks her not to put garbage on his head. Rajni tries to clean his head. Shaan asks her to go and says you again took literal meaning of my words. RAM comes and calls him CPU. Shaan asks from where did you learn CPU word. RAM says he created it. Shaan says I am not your Papa. RAM says that’s why I called you uncle also, as I was unsure. RAM says my MOBO cleaned this lab, and you should thank her. My MOBO taught me this, and even Dadi must have taught you this. Shaan says your MOBO deserves just one thing…get out. Rajni looks on. RAM asks Rajni not to feel bad and says he will change Shaan’s feature and make him thankful and sweet towards her.

All Kant family are having breakfast. Gyan says this breakfast is tasty. Surili asks how did you make these samosas. Rajni tells that she boiled potatoes first. Surili says we were not having potatoes at home, that’s why I am asking. Rajni says she got it under Maggie’s bed. Surili asks Maggie. Maggie lies that she thought to make aloo parathas for them. Amrish asks them to have tasty food. Sharmila gets a call and snatches phone from Dhyan. RAM calls CPU to Shaan. Surili asks what is CPU? RAM tells Chidchide Papa Uncle. Everyone laughs. RAM asks Shaan to praise Rajni’s made food and thank her. Shaan says your MOBO doesn’t need my thanks or appraisal. Surili says it is okay. Maggie jokes that mummy ji praises herself. Rajni says it is okay. Shaan is getting uncomfortable, and he shouldn’t be forced. RAM says CPU will praise you by himself. Shaan says I will not do anything like such. RAM gets up and goes to Surili calling her Dadi. She gets hiccups.

RAM says you have experienced and you must have seen the world. Surili says almost and tells countries name. RAM asks did you see Robot? Surili says ofcourse and tells that she had gifted Robot Veer to Shaan in his childhood. She asks RAM to go and not to talk to her. RAM says I am not talking about toy Robot, but human Robots. Shaan thinks he has to agree to Ram’s sayings. RAM asks shall I tell…..He says I was saying even we have…..Shaan tells Rajni that food is tasty and tells that he has become her fan. RAM asks him to do something. Shaan kisses on her hand. Everyone is shocked. Amrish says truth is finally out. Surili says you have changed Shaan and says I was sure that you will betray me. Shaan says it is not like that. I can’t explain. RAM says CPU…you have passed. Rajni tells Shaan that he needs to go somewhere. Shaan says yes, and says I have to go, but I forgot. Rajni says but I don’t forget everything and remember everything. Surili says their behavior is normal and my heart is getting abnormal. Sharmila says psychiatrist might be coming to check Rajni. Surili says yes and signs that Rajni is gone. Rajni smiles.

Surili tells that Doctor is coming to check Rajni. Doctor comes and asks Rajni about Surili’s fair bahu who needs to be examined. Rajni tells him that Maggie is the fairest daughter in law of Surili. Maggie is dancing strangely. Doctor says case seems to be severe.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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