Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 20th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 20th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone seeing Rajni’s reflection in the glass and says 8 hands. Surili says unbelievable and goes inside. They see Amrish, Gyan and Dhyan helping Rajni. Amrish sings song and asks Surili to come. Surili gets angry and tells Rajni that she has done cheating and took their help. Rajni says I didn’t ask them for help, but they are helping me with their wish. They all say that they offered help with their wish. Rajni says everyone helped me and that’s why I am part of the family. Our family is united. Amrish gets happy and praises Rajni. He says we will help her in washing clothes also. Rajni asks the ladies to make laddoos too being part of family. Surili refuses. Rajni asks her to play antakshiri with them. They sit down and play antakshiri. Bubbles sings a song….Amrish

tells Surili that everyone is working together happily and asks if they are looking unhappy, or having any complaints. He says Rajni have brought them together and will unite all. He asks Rajni to go and rest. Rajni says I have to make laddoos. Amrish says you needs to be fresh when Shaan comes here. Rajni says command accepted and goes. Amrish is happy. Sharmila asks Dhyan when they will be shifting to new home. Dhyan hesitantly says 1 week. Sharmila gets happy.

Rajni calls Shaan and asks what did he eat? Shaan says pizza. Rajni says why you didn’t eat dal, chawal, roti and sabzi. Dev says why is she behaving like wife. Rajni asks why you didn’t have nutritious food. Shaan says I am coming home and talk to you later. Rajni disconnects the call.
Amrish asks Rajni to go and dresses up nicely. Surili asks Amrish why is he teaching Rajni as if she don’t know anything. Rajni comes wearing black dress, and with sindoor and mangalsutra. Amrish tells Surili if he spend 1 hour with her or 1 min. Rajni asks how is she looking? Surili says how can you get ready such fast. Rajni says she can do any work within a min. She asks why do married women wear mangalsutra and apply sindoor. Amrish says married women wears it. Rajni says if mummy ji, Sharmila and Maggie aren’t married. She says I am confused. Surili gets angry and asks Amrish to control her. Amrish says she said bitter, but it is truth. He asks Surili to remember when did she wear mangalsutra for last time. Surili says it is an outdated thing. She asks why husbands don’t wear mangalsutra? Amrish asks if our ancestral men wear mangalsutra etc. They argue. Surili says sindoor is not compulsary. Rajni says to be husband and wife, is a complicated program.

Mathew meets Shaguta and says your brother is amazing. He says he made robo…Shaguta asks what? Mathew makes an excuse. Shaguta says I brought clothes from sale. Mathew asks her to distribute clothes among the poor, and says he will bring good clothes for her. Shaguta gets happy and thinks Mathew loves her a lot. Shaan comes home. Rajni welcomes him with aarti and tilak. Everyone looks on surprisingly. Shaan asks what is all this? Rajni says welcoming husband. Dhyan gets impressed with her. Rajni presses his legs and says she will care for him. Shaan goes to his room. Amrish gets thinking and looks at Surili. Surili asks what are you looking at? Amrish says I am imagining you doing my aarti with mangalsutra and sindoor. Surili makes fun of him.

Mathew asks Shaan what is this? Shaan says it is because of his wife. Rajni says Shaan can’t show his neck to anyone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I knew that the other hands will be of amrish, gyaan, Dyaan 😛

  2. manabendra das

    Bad maha epishod


    Ha ha ha ha ha ha….. daily good laughter for good health???????

  4. ?????????????

  5. Wow joyee i thought it wud be rajni with her magical hands.

  6. Thank god it turned out the hands of the men. The scene where Shann’s tilak is done was just so much fun to watch

  7. i did nt understand the pre cap.
    wtever !
    rajni was looking very nice.luv u rajni.
    amd shaan plz be romantic and adarsh pati.and u too,rajni………..
    thanks h hasan for the was nice……….
    luv u rajnish……….

  8. There is no ritual where groom makes bride ? wear mangalsutra in Bengali shadi… Surili belongs to Bengali community right?

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