Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 1st September 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 1st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bubbles looking in the mirror and says how dare you bubbles? You don’t have right look good beautiful. Maggie comes and teases her. Bubbles asks shall I puncture you. Maggie says you keeps knife. Bubbles says she flirts with guys holding knife. Maggie says guys family are coming to see her. Bubbles gets happy and says she is getting nervous and anxious. Groom and his family come to see Bubbles and laugh uselessly. Surili says even our Bubbles is fun type girl. Maggie says yes, and she wrote a book jokingly. Sharmila says Bua made cow while joking. She thinks it is a big lie. Bubbles is going in a hurry and collides with Amartya. She asks who fell in my lap. Amartya apologizes to her and says I couldn’t see you. Bubbles says my energy tonic is hidden by someone.

Amartya asks her to take out his anger on someone. Bubbles says you are intelligent and seeks his opinion about the dress. Amartya asks her to try and check. Bubbles says she will call her designer and looks for her phone. Amartya runs hearing about phone.

Surili counts Bubbles qualities with difficulty. Bubbles searches for her wine and comes to hall. Surili asks why she is roaming like ghost. Maggie says we have hidden her drinks. Amrish, Sharmila and Maggie try to hide Bubbes and asks the guest to have snacks, etc. Bubbles come again. They go infront of the guest and irritate them. Groom’s mum praises her son. Surili says he will forget after marriage. Bubbles look for her tonic/wine. Sharmila, Maggie and Amrish climb on the table. Amrish offers them snacks. Sharmila and Maggie dance. Surili says all clear when Bubbles is gone. Guest asks why you are scared. Surili asks Sharmila to bring Bubbles.

Bubbles comes to Rajni and asks her to say something. She says she is very troubled and asks her to say something. Rajni is on shutdown mode. Bubbles gets irritated and pats on her forehead by mistake. Rajni gets activated and asks what can I do for you, and tells her number. Bubbles thinks if I am drunk. Amrish praises Bubbles and says she takes time to get ready. Surili says our bubbles takes much time. She asks Amrish to go and bring Bubbles. Amrish says I am missing Rajni and asks where are you? Rajni comes there and says mummy ji. Amrish says she is our bahu Rajni kant. Amrish asks from where you are coming? Rajni says she was with Bubbles. Surili says she might helped her get ready. Rajni says Bubbles Bua is searching for her wine. Guest is shocked. Amrish says she is talking about wine poetry. Surili says you must have heard this and tells a poetry. Groom’s mum says she has heard it. Groom’s guy says that their son hates drunkard people. Amrish asks Rajni to bring Bubbles.

Bubbles tells Rajni that she can’t go downstairs as she is getting anxiety attacks. She says I will have confidence once I drink my energy tonic. Rajni asks where did you kept the bottles lastly. Bubbles says there. Rajni scans the place and says Maggie and Sharmila have left their finger prints in your room and have hidden your bottle. She asks Bubbles to follow her. They go out. Rajni scans foot prints…and tells Bubbles that your wine bottle is in horse mouth. Bubbles smell it and gets drink. She thanks Rajni and asks where is the guy? Maggie and Sharmila return. Surili tells guest that she will increase AC volume, sees Amartya and hides remote. She introduces Amartya to the guest. Guests ask her about AC. Surili asks Sharmila and Maggie to rotate hand fan. Amartya goes. Surili asks them to bring remote. Maggie brings remote and gives to Surili.

She tells Surili that Bua came. They see Bubbles coming with Rajni and surround her. Guests think she is multi talented and might know games. Maggie says mummy ji will tell you. Surili says we don’t see girl’s face just like that, it is a ritual to show face after sometime. She says I will come be back and goes to them. Groom says I will marry multi talented girl and gets happy. Surili scolds Maggie and Sharmila for not hiding bottles. Rajni says they have hidden it, but I gave her. Guests ask them to show bubbles face. Amrish says we have no other way now, and have to show Bubbles. Rajni says we are presenting infront of you is Bubbles bua. Guests look on anxiously. Everyone move showing Bubbles sitting on floor. Bubbles greet them. Groom and his family are shocked.

Bubbles make tea tray falls on groom. Guests get angry and leaves. Amrish gets upset with Rajni for giving wine bottle to Bubbles and asks her to make Bubbles stop drinking wine. Rajni looks on hearing his command.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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