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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 1st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan repairing the light. Rajni tells him that she has made rangoli and asks how is it? Shaan says he is repairing the light, and says he couldn’t see because of darkness. Rajni smiles and gifts him specs. Shaan thanks her, and says he can’t wear this, and asks her to wear it. Rajni looks on. Shaan says okay, I will wear it for work. He looks at her and says I made you so beautiful. He feels proud of himself. Rajni acts to be shy. Shaan asks her to end her drama, and calls her drama queen. Rajni says there is another reason for making you wear this specs. She runs while he follows her. She takes him to the mirror, and says spectacles suit you. Shaan asks who is this young hunk…Rajni says I made you handsome too, and wishes him happy diwali. Shaan says happy

diwali Rajni.

All kant family celebrate Diwali. Rajni and Shaan do the aarti together. A man steps out of his car and looks at Kant house from outside the gate. He says happy last Diwali….Kant family. He lights the crackers from outside, while Kant family plays with crackers in the house. They see Happy Diwali Kant Family written in the sky with crackers. Everyone get happy. Shaan asks from where did she get it? Rajni says I made it. Surili asks what is it? Maggie tells something. Surili asks her to shut up. A man comes and keeps sofa and table etc there. Shaguta says this person might be my secret admirer. Surili asks Dhyan and Gyan to keep the stuff outside gate. Man comes inside and says this stuff can’t be taken out of this gate. They look at the man. Man steps inside. Rajni and others looks on.

Shaan looks at Rajni. Amrish asks who are you? Man sits on the sofa and shows attitude. His guards look on. Surili asks who are you? Man drinks something. Surili says you might have come on wrong address. Man says Amrish uncle…and says I know you people well. He calls everyone’s name. He says lets sit and have dinner. Shaan asks him to go. Man looks at Rajni. Gyan says lets celebrate Diwali. They burn crackers. Man asks him to stop it and says I hate it. Surili asks who are you to ask us to stop it. She asks Dhyan to make sound crackers burst. Man threatens to burn crackers. Amrish asks them to go. Man says I have planned dinner for you all at my house. Shaguta says we will call Police. Man says I will go and sits on sofa again. Surili says he has settled down again.

Rajni asks Shaan to give her command to make him leave. Shaguta asks him to go. Man says how can I go from my own house. Surili asks what do you mean? Man says this house is mine, and I have brought this for 3 crores Rs. Amrish says he has proved himself wrong and says how can you buy this bungalow for 3 crores. He asks who have sold this bungalow to you. Man says you are that guy. Amrish says why I would sell. Man shows papers and says you have sold this papers to me. He asks him to check sign. Amrish checks papers and says this signatures are mine, but I haven’t signed. Surili says I told you many times not to sign without reading. Amrish says I haven’t signed on these papers. Rajni says Bau ji is right. He says I will tell when did this happen. A fb is shown, Goon asks Rajni to get signatures of Amrish Kant. Rajni asks him to get Amrish’s signatures and get 30 lakh rupees. Rajni says okay. Fb ends. Amrish says I haven’t signed. Rajni says correct and says I have signed instead. Gyan says Rajni have forged Bauji’s signatures.

Shaguta says she is fraud. Shaan asks Rajni what she has done, and says it is impossible to understand you. Amrish asks what wrong did I do? Rajni says you haven’t done anything wrong and says it was for many people’s betterment. Rajni says Bau ji said that it was okay, when she asked him indirectly. She tells that she has done this for workers children and says they got happiness today. She says you will get blessings of those people. Amrish asks Shaan to make her understand. Shaan says I will make her understand. He shouts Rajni. Rajni says I have done right. Shaan says you have troubled our family for outsiders. He says if this is fair that this man is insulting us because of you. He says family is sad because of you. He asks did I make you understand this. Maggie asks did you sell our house? Don’t you have any mind. Man gets up and asks them not to tell anything against his wife. Everyone is shocked. Shaan looks confused.

Man asks everyone to leave. Shaan asks Rajni to come with him. Rajni says I am sorry…Shaan. I can’t come with you. Everyone is shocked. Man says I like it…your bungalow and wife are both mine.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Now it look like it is sgifting from comedy show to saas bahu, and villian show…
    And more over i read some where that in coming days show will take 5 yr leap where Shaan will dismental Rajini and Rajini will unite herself again… kind of robot film but do not know rajinj will be villian or heroian…

  2. Saasha123

    I hate today’s epi

  3. The show looses its charm

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