Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 1st June 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 1st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajni making Shaan sleep on bed. She thinks if I move then his sleep will be disturbed. Amrish comes and says I came to ask about Shaan. He asks why you are sitting like this? Rajni says if I move then Shaan’s sleep will get disturb. He asks since when you are sitting? Rajni says since the time I returned from my funeral. She says she will sit there until Shaan wakes up. Amrish blesses her and goes.

Dev looks at his injured hand and hears Mathew talking to Patel that he will get robot at any cost and will kill the person who betrays him. Dev gets shocked. Mathew goes somewhere. Guards says we haven’t sleep entire night…Dev thinks to elope from there. Shaan wakes up in the morning and sees Rajni sitting at his side. He asks how are you Rajni?

Rajni says my circuits are shaken, but I am alright. How are you Shaan? Shaan says me too same. He asks for his specs..Rajni gives him specs. Shaan says I would have saved you if not Kuhu. Rajni says how? Do you think to jumped in the pyre and saved me. Rajni says if you don’t love me then why did you save me. Shaan says you are my investment, and I protected you to save my creation. Rajni says I understood, if I would have burnt then it doesn’t matter to you, you would have made another robot like me with same features and beauty like me. She asks am I right? Dev comes there and says Shaan you left me there. Dev says Mathew is a big villian and more dangerous, it is good that we have saved Shaguta from him. He asks Shaan to think practically and says we have to give Rajni to Mathew. Shaan asks what? Dev says you can make another robot like Rajni, but if you are murdered, then from where second Shaan comes. Shaan says Rajni is different…I can make another robot, but.

Rajni blinks her eyes romantically. Shaan says this is a different matter. Rajni says you are confused and will confuse me also…these humans. Dev says Mathew is angry. Shaan asks Rajni to stay at home and not to die again. He goes with Dev. Mathew makes guards wake up and asks where is Dev? He says he has eloped. Guards say we will go and bring him, and go. Mathew says I will go to Shaan’s house and get my robot. Shaguta asks Surili to be careful from police. Sharmila says mummy ji will be blamed if we try to harm Rajni. Surili says I have to think something. Sharmila says she is hungry. Surili calls Aishwarya and asks her to make food. Rajni says Aishwarya will not make food and says shagu bhabhi have to make her first rasoi. Shaguta says bhabhi…Rajni says you are married to my brother Dev now, and takes her inside the kitchen. Sharmila asks Surili to do something. Surili says if I do something without thinking then I will go to jail….Rajni asks Shaguta to make her husband favorite food and says she will add salt in it. Surili says she is my daughter….Rajni says she is my bhabhi also. Shaguta says my foot, I will make poison for that devendra. Dev comes and Shaguta falls in his arms….Rajni says the two love birds fell in love. Dev says it is good to become jogi rather than loving her.

Amrish comes there. Surili says Rajni forcibly took Shaguta here. Amrish tells Rajni that they don’t want to do first rasoi. Sharmila asks him to question Rajni why she is doing this? Amrish says when Rajni said that Mathew is not right, we didn’t trust her. He says Mathew have insulted our family. Rajni has taken this step to protect our respect. Surili says Mathew have insulted us, but why Dev..Amrish says we will cancelling the marriage. Rajni says Shagu will not be my bhabhi then. Shaguta says she will not marry Dev, but will marry Mathew. She says he is the one for me. Amrish says he has insulted us so much. Shaguta says he got angry and reacted as his marriage was broken. She goes. Amrish tells Rajni not to worry and don’t feel bad about Shaguta’s words. Rajni says I don’t have that feature to feel bad. Amrish says I like it. He says Shaan brought you back home for his life. Rajni says Shaan told me that he doesn’t love me. Amrish says Shaan is a stupid scientist and doesn’t express his love. Rajni says Shaan is hungry, I will make food for him.

Dev thinks once the court gives date, my marriage with Shaguta will be cancelled. He calls her lizard…Shaan says what did you say? Shaan says she is a mouse and laughs…….Dev says Mathew is after us and we are laughing. Shaan says his mind is ruining and asks him to hide Rajni’s data files, softwards, data chips etc somewhere. Dev asks then what you will do. Dev collides with some oil and it falls in the lab, while electric switch is on. Dev takes Rajni’s stuff and hides somewhere. He comes to Shaan and says he can’t find the things. Shaan says what to do now? Dev says we shall take Police protection. Shaan says we have to tell Police then that Rajni is a robot….Rajni goes to Shaan’s lab to give him dinner. Mathew comes to Shaan….Rajni comes to Lab and says Shaan…your food is ready. Rajni sees the oil catching fire. Mathew warns Shaan and Dev that he will not leave them and hold their neck. He is shocked to see the lab on fire……

Amrish asks Shaan if Rajni came out. Shaan is shocked. Amrish says Rajni went inside to give you food.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Good episode rajni is in danger who save her methew ki jab se shaadi tuti ha dangerious ban gaya ha

  2. Rajini.. You are rocking as usual.. You are better than humans

  3. Yes this Matthew is too much

  4. I think emotions is master key for humans.If emotions will added to robot then it called be humorobot
    .then humans all programming will be failed like terminater and ex machina….This show was good

  5. Manabendra das

    Ami he deklam shan rajniko methew kacche chre dea aseche

  6. Hi Guys can I JOIN you AS a friend.I’m also watching this show.every day rajni rocks.rajni shubitha ku kitchen kich ke legayi NA that scene was awesome.

  7. Now, I guess Shaan will jump into the fire and save Rajni like a hero.

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