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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 1st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajni telling Samaira about weather info. Samaira asks her how do you know like weather reporters. Rajni says I have thermostat and weather info feature. She sees Rajni holding breakfast tray and newspaper and asks if she wake up early. Rajni says she didn’t sleep. Samaira thinks her features are malfunctioned because of her. She says as you don’t remember your name, I will give you a name and says your name is Khushi now. She says your style is different and asks do you remember anything. Rajni says she doesn’t know and says she could remember about two days incidents. Maggie comes and greets Surili. Surili asks if she is scaring her. Maggie says I got an idea to find Rajni. She shows bangles and says it is of Rajni. Shaguta says what is the idea? Maggie says

we will take this bangles outside and says whoever it is fit that means she is Rajni. Surili says she is having heart attack at her mind. Maggie is surprised.

Amrish says I have an idea and shows the missing pamphlets. He says we have to distribute this pamphlets and paste it everywhere. HE asks them to go to spa, mall, fish market etc, and says someone might take us to Rajni. Shaguta says we can hire someone to do this work. Amrish says she has done so much for this house and asks everyone to go and distribute the pamphlets. Samaira asks her to say about Mumbai. Rajni searches for Mumbai and tells about the city. Samaira says GK is good, and asks if there is any memory of yours related to city. Rajni says no. Samaira calls someone and asks him to cancel her flight. Rajni asks why did you cancel your flight. Samaira says she will search her family and also get her checked by doctor. Aishwarya asks Surili to act as ghost inorder to skip going to paste the posters. Surili says she is classy and ghost will never enter her. Aishwarya says ghost has no status and asks her to just act.

Samaira tells Rajni that she will ask address with someone and gets down. Rajni says you can ask me as I have GPS feature. She says I am made for helping humans, but they don’t take my help. A boy knocks on the door and asks Rajni to buy clothes from sale. He asks for water and drinks it. He says he is thirsty from morning and is stuck with distributing the pamphlets. Rajni says I can help you. Boy gets happy and asks her to talk to tapori language. Rajni feeds the tapori language and says look, how I will distribute the pamphlets. She gets down the car to distribute the sale pamphlets. Surili says this idea will not work. Aishwarya says whenever I was over loaded with extra work at my ex employer house, I would act as a ghost……she says I used to eat tasty items. Surili says do you think they will believe me. Aishwarya says they will, if you act Oscar’s acting. Surili says she would have become actress and says acting comes naturally. Aishwarya asks for 15000 Rs. Surili gives her as Aishwarya threatens to leave.

Samaira comes back to her car and thinks where is Khushi. She calls her name. Ballu is running on road and collides with Rajni. Rajni helps him get up and calls him cockroach. He says Rajni, you are here. Ballu says I am Ballu/Balwant and asks her to remember. Rajni slaps him. She says I don’t remember anything and says she is having memory loss. Ballu thinks she doesn’t remember Shaan and thinks to trap her. He goes after her and says I am your husband. Rajni says you??? Ballu says I got you. Rajni scans Ardhangini and says we are set fo 7 lives. Ballu asks her to come home. Rjni says lets go.

Ballu informs Rajni that his sister and brother in law came, and asks her not to meet them. Maggie and Gyan come inside. Ballu closes his eyes being scared.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sahasranjali

    Will somebody tell me plz, who is ballu.?
    Actually I have started watching this show a few days back and so don’t know many characters.

    1. Tvisha

      ballu is Maggie’s brother who liked rajni during shaan and rajni marriage I think I’m not sure but I think he is the one only!!

      1. Sahasranjali

        Oh. Thanks Tvisha. 🙂

      2. Yes tvisha dear u r correct ?

  2. he z Maggie bhabi’s brother

  3. Ballu is Maggie’s cousin brother

  4. Kalk keys hua rajni Billy sath baggai

  5. Ballu is de brother of maggie and he falled in love with rajni

  6. Manabendra das

    To kya shaan or rajnir kabhi mil nehi hoga

  7. manabendradas

    To kya shaan or rajnir kabhi mil nehi hogi

  8. Ballu ne rajni ka marrige day par kidnap kiya tha

  9. Maggie n surilis acts r hilarious ?

  10. Kash sunday aur satrdy ko bhi aata cant wait for next episode pata nhi rajni ka kya hoga

    1. Kathy

      Wish the same…

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