Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 1st December 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 1st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surili and others seeing Rajni holding the chandelier’s rope. Surili recalls her heart attack incident. Rajni looks on and makes the Chandelier go back to its place by pulling the rope. Shaguta says Rajni….Sharmila says you…Maggie says now you people believe me. Surili is shocked. Rajni says I wouldn’t have come infront of you and must have gone after doing my work. Aishwarya asks did you hear what Rajni had said, she came to take her Ram, means Shaan. Surili couldn’t speak because of shock. Shaguta says Shaan said that she went far from his life. Surili is in shock. Maggie says you have teeth and knife, means to tongue. Shaguta says mom is in shock. Sharmila asks why did she come back, and says she came to kill Surili and that’s why made the Chandelier

fall on you. Surili tries to speak and signs them not to tell Amrish or Shaan. Shaguta says then my marriage with Vikram will not happen. Sharmila says we will become poor if Shaan and Ria doesn’t marry. Surili signs something. Shaguta says we have to hide Rajni until Shaan and Ria marry.

RAM comes back home and thinks to apologize to his MOBO. He thinks Mahi was telling him that Shaan scolded his mum and threw her out of house. He wonders where is she? Surili sees Rajni and signs others. Shaguta sprays chloroform on the handkerchief and make Rajni smell, laughs. Rajni also laughs. Shaguta again makes her smell. Others also smell. Shaguta says you are gone. Rajni closes her eyes and then open. Aishwarya says she will fall now. Rajni says Oh oh…Aishwarya tells Shaguta that her hairs and handkerchief are all duplicate. Rajni gets off. Surili makes Aishwarya smell and she faints. Maggie thinks why there is no effect on Rajni. Shaguta says she is unconscious while standing.

Sharmila says we have to hide her. Surili signs yes. Shaguta says exactly and takes Rajni from there. Surili tries to speak while looking in the mirror. Amrish, Dhyan and Gyan give 19700 in change to the person who brought fake relatives. Man says he needs 300 Rs more. Amrish asks Gyan and Dhyan to dance infront of him so that he relieves them of Rs. 300. Gyan and Dhyan dances on the Naagin song. Amrish laughs. Man asks Amrish if he wants to fall in fire or boiling water, and says he wants. He runs away. Amrish gets happy. Gyan says I got item girl feeling. Dhyan says even me. Amrish says we shall go downstairs. They pick the fallen 25 paisa.

Shaguta, Sharmila and Maggie are taking Rajni, and see Amrish, Dhyan and Gyan standing. They hide Rajni behind them. Amrish and others ask them what happened? Sharmila says they are having fresh air. Shaguta says we have decided to support each other. Dhyan says if we have united again. Amrish says Rajni only united the house, and says don’t know where is she? Maggie says backside. Amrish and others turn back. Shaguta says what is the use of looking back. Amrish says he is happy seeing them together. They hear some noise. Sharmila, Shaguta and Maggie make strange sound. Amrish says they make bad sound and goes. Maggie, and others take Rajni from there. RAM thinks to call Dev and thinks he has feature to scold me, and thinks to wait there itself for MOBO. He says I can’t sleep without her and who will sing lori for me now. He recalls Rajni making him sleep and singing lori for him. A fb is shown, Rajni sings lori and makes him sleep. Fb ends.

They take Rajni to Shaan’s lab and says Shaan hadn’t come here since 5 years. Sharmila says strange things happen here. Shaguta says Shaan will not come here. Surili sprinkles water on Aishwarya. Aishwarya says she will take 10000 Rs. the chloroform test on her. Surili says something. Amrish and others come and asks what happened? Surili tries to speak, but couldn’t. Amrish says may be she is in shock and says we have to give her another shock. He asks his son to shock her and dance. Gyan and Dhyan dance infront of Surili like ladies. Surili looks on and cries asking them to stop this bad dance. She says my sons are doing bad dance and realizes she is speaking. She says my jaw is fine, and hugs Amrish. Amrish says their dance can solve big problems. Aishwarya faints seeing their dance. Shaguta and others tie Rajni on to the chair. Maggie says if she died? Sharmila says she has no feature of death, once she told me. They watch her for 5 mins and go. Screen freezes on Rajni and RAM.

RAM wakes up and asks MOBO, where are you? Why didn’t you come back? Rajni frees herself the moment alarm is played on her system. Shaan hears the sound coming from lab and thinks he locked it 5 years back.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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