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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 1st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amrish and Dhyan stopping the ladies of the house. Shaan comes and asks him to let them see where ever they want to, as it is their house and kitchen. Amrish says yes and asks her to make something for him and then her. Surili says you are saying easily yes, and says I will not check in the kitchen now. Shaan thinks Papa knows mum well. Amrish asks her to go now. Dhyan asks her to go. Surili says lets go girls. Amrish and Dhyan dances. Chakri comes out and asks them to give money. Surili looks at her and says money. Chakri says yes. Sharmila says you all were romancing with her and says disgusting. Other woman comes out and says cockroach. She hugs Gyan, Shaan and Amrish being scared of cockroach. Rajni tells that they are Chakri and Phuljaadi who came to have diwali

here. Surili asks did you know this? Rajni says yes. Surili asks why you didn’t do anything.

Rajni says as their bachelorhood is on…Amrish, Dhyan and Gyan say that they are innocent. Maggie says we shall teach them a lesson. Samaira comes there. Surili says Rajni said right, they are bachelors and shall live their life. We shall not interfere in each other’s life. She says I am so happy as you are so open minded and cool, not old fashion. Samaira thinks this family is mad. She thinks they don’t have any problem as their husbands were with them. She thinks to leave the house. Chakri asks them to give money. Surili asks what? Chakri says just 2 lakh rupees. Amrish says it is ready and gives money. Rajni says you can take money and asks Chakri and Phuljaadi to present their drama. Amrish says we don’t want to see. Surili says you paid 2 lakhs naa…lets see ad puts cap on their faces.

Chakri and Phuljaadi dances on the song hungama ho….Rajni dances with Shaan. Even Surili, Sharmila and Maggie dance and forbid their husbands to see the dance. Later Sharmila and Maggie cries. Surili scolds Rajni for acting cool and says she has to act cool also. Rajni asks her to chill and says we have to do something to make them end their bachelorhood. Maggie asks what? Rajni says we shall make them jealous. Surili says I was thinking same. Rajni asks her not to copy her idea. Surili says she has a good idea.

Amrish and Gyan talk about some film. Maggie feels disgusted. Dhyan says we have right to live our life. Surili says let us do what they want. Amrish gets happy and says this is called good wife. Gyan tells Surili that Amrish and dhyan are going to watch documentary film today, and says even he wants to see. He asks her to make him open eyes. Surili says yes, as I want you to see much. Gyan opens his eyes and gets happy. Door bell rings. Surili asks girls to follow her. Amrish asks why they got happy and went to open the door. Gyan says something is black in dal. They see a guy coming on his hands….Amrish asks who is this guy? Surili says he is our yoga instructor and calls him sir. Instructor asks her not to call him sir, rather call him ashiq. Surili says I am awara, awari and says Surili. He kisses on her hand shocking Amrish. He then kisses on Sharmila’s hand. Sharmila says you are very much good looking.

Maggie says you don’t have bear belly like my husband. Gyan checks his belly. Maggie says I am single now. He kisses on her hands too and says it will happen with yoga. Surili says sure…..Aashiq teaches Yoga to Surili, Sharmila and Maggie. Amrish asks them to stop. Surili falls in Aashiq’s embrace, and asks what is your problem. Amrish says even I want to learn. Aashiq says I am really impressed with this man. Amrish says I can easily do what you was doing. He holds Surili. Aashiq laughs and asks him to do what he will be doing. They see him jumping backwards, front, and all types of exercises. He asks Amrish to do it. Amrish says we are city people and says this is our ancestral’s work. He asks Dhyan to show that even they can do yoga. Gyan says he went for work. Surili asks him to go and do. Amrish says okay. Gyan stops him.

Shaan tells Samaira that he wants to say Rajni’s secret. He says Rajni is not my wife, but a super, just then Rajni comes and says model. Photographer is seen clicking her pics.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. very good episode as always kant mans fully jealous

  2. YARO ka tashan tottaly bakwaas show our bahu hamari rajnikant is best


      YARO ka tasion is running tooooo fast without any movitve; compared to promo its episode are just tortouring…


    Ha ha ha ha ha…… now robo will think of ideas of love, jealsay, etc….??????? and she will be in success as shaan will feel insecure…
    And plz make samira leave the secene; she is unwanted and uncessary addition and where is kuhu?????

  4. ya sharaddha where is kuhu last scene of kuhu when rajni dead by battery low and kuhu charge rajni

  5. I think smaira hv some hidden intention may be she help methew ,and get some information abut robot from shaan


      May be anu u r right, I too have that doubt as after seeing shaan with his wife or with someone else, how can she even think of staying and dating shaan.. may be her intension is to find truth.

  6. anu no samaira is good girl she have no bad intention like this

  7. No Dev and shogata scene again…… Rajni as a model… Killer…

  8. Hi friends have you seen yaro ka tashan its superb excellent best bakwas

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