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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 1st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaguta, Surili and Aishwarya talking. Aishwarya tells Surili that saas should be more cunning than bahu. Surili asks if you are giving me suggestion or insulting me. Shaguta says lets wait and watch, what happens next. Rajni is in her room with her eyes closed and tries to go out of room. Shaan comes and asks her to open her eyes. Rajni says she is an adarsh bahu and will not open her eyes as she will follow Surili’s orders. Shaan asks will you not accept my order. Rajni says no, as she wants to be adarsh bahu. Shaan says this bahu thing doesn’t apply to you, and asks her to activate her other senses. Rajni says she has switched off her senses as it would be cheating then. They come out and sees Amrish standing outside room. He praises Rajni and asks Shaan to wait

till bengalis kal ratri finishes. Shaguta comes and asks Shaan to go. Shaan agrees and leaves. Amrish asks Rajni to go to her room and take rest. Rajni goes to her room. Shaguta and Aishwarya follows her.

Shaguta asks Rajni if you will close your eyes like this. Rajni says yes till morning. Shaguta says mom is calling you and asks her to go. Rajni finally goes. Shaguta and Aishwarya see Shaan’s tool in Rajni’s make up box. Aishwarya says she might be brightening her face with these tools. Shaguta laughs. Rajni steps down the stairs and falls down as her eyes are closed. Shaguta and Aishwarya hear someone falling and comes downstairs. They see Rajni fell down. Shaguta checks her breath and says it has stopped. Aishwarya says now there will be police case. Shaguta says it was just an accident and asks her not to scare her. Shaguta says she will bring someone. Dev sees Rajni lying on floor and tries to lift her, but sees sparks coming from her hands. However he lifts her with much difficulty and takes her to room thinking about the materials which Shaan used to make her. Shaguta and Aishwarya bring Amrish there, but Rajni is not there. They think where did she vanish.

Dev and Shaan asks her to give her accurate data. Rajni tells them that everything is alright except her hand circuits. Dev says what have you done to my sister. He asks Rajni to open eyes. Rajni says she can’t till morning. Shaan plans to make Rajni wear shawl tomorrow. Dev says no, if any guest want to shake hands with her then……Shaan gets thinking. Aishwarya is in the kitchen and scared. Shaguta asks her not to double cross her. Dev comes there. Surili asks what are you doing here? Dev says Rajni was missing her mayka and that’s why I came to meet her. Shaan comes. Surili asks how did you sleep at night. Shaan says peaceful night. Surili says I couldn’t sleep. Shaan insists to meet Rajni as kal ratri is over. They come to Rajni’s room.

Surili sees her wearing shawl. Dev says she is feeling cold. Surili tells her that she have called her sophisticated guest. Dev says she can’t come, as she is unwell. Rajni says she will meet her guest as she wants to keep sasumaa happy. Surili asks her to call her mom. Shaan says mom is perfect and asks her to behave classy. Rajni asks her how to behave classy. Surili says ofcourse I forgot that you are Dev’s sister. She says I will show you how to make facial expressions. Rajni says I have to make face like duck. Surili says no. She asks her to hand shake with the guest and says hello. She asks her to hand shake. Rajni says sorry mom as my cir…….Shaan says she…..hugs her. Surili asks her to come down and behave classy. Rajni says ok mom. Shaan asks Dev to do his work. Dev asks what is the work? Shaan asks him to give his hand. Dev shouts no. Rajni says thakur is gone. Dev cries. Shaan hugs him.

Guest come for Muh dikhayi rasam. Dev is made to sit behind Rajni and forwards his hand. Everyone thinks Rajni is moving her hands.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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