Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 19th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 19th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anthony informing Kant family about Shaan’s wellness and says he is alive. He plays his voice recording, in which Shaan tells that he is safe, and is sending his friend for their safety. He says he loves them and will express his love with the feelings measurement equipment which he will make. Amrish is happy. Surili says she is thankful. She tells that Rajni is the one who had pushed him. Gyan asks him to tell where is he? Anthony says I will tell you everything slowly. He says I didn’t meet Shaan, as he sent his voice message to me. Sharmila says he didn’t tell us about you. Anthony says you don’t believe us even after hearing him. Amrish says you are God sender for us. Surili lets him stay in the house and asks Dhyan to take his stuff inside. Rajni scans

and catches his lie. She says alert alert, and says his body frequency is not matching, and says he is lying. He is not Anthony Golsalves. Surili asks her to shut up. Rajni says this man is lying. Surili says we shall celebrate now. Rajni says this man is fake. Amrish asks her to keep quiet and don’t end his feelings for her.

Rajni tells that this man is danger to family. Surili asks Maggie, Sharmila and Shaguta to take Rajni inside. They take her. Surili asks Maggie to make tea for him. Anthony says Shaan told that she is strange. He thinks what to do? Rajni says he is a liar and a threat to the family. You people are doing mistake. Shaguta says she is calling him liar as if Shaan comes, then he will kick her out. Maggie asks her to stay in room and locks her. Sharmila says we will celebrate without her. Rajni scans and says battery is just 5 percent. She thinks charger is not working and thinks she has to charge herself anyhow to safeguard the family. She charges herself, and says danger alert….Kant family is in danger. Surili asks Anthony to come. Anthony says all of you deserve to celebrate.

Surili asks how is Shaan? Why did he go suddenly. Anthony says how do I know? Surili and Maggie ask what? Anthony says Shaan will answer you once he comes here. Amrish says we will do masti and dhamaal being happy. Dhyan says we shall play some game. Amrish says lets play antakshiri. Surili begins the antakshiri taking Shaan’s name. Goons keep eye on the house and peep inside through the window. Surili asks Anthony to come and play antakshiri. Anthony asks them to play and says he don’t understand this antakshiri. Goon signs Anthony and calls him out. Anthony tells Amrish that he will call someone and come. Amrish says okay. Anthony comes out and asks what you are doing here? Goon asks why you are wasting time. Anthony says this is called clever planning and asks him to see what he will be doing now. He comes inside.

Rajni scans and thinks Anthony is dangerous. He is containing poison in his pocket. He comes to kitchen and asks Aishwarya to go and watch TV. Aishwarya goes. Anthony takes out poison from his pocket and thinks this is my plan…I will paralyzed Shaan’s family and then blackmail Shaan. Goon says you are dangerous. Anthony says this is just a trailer, asks him to see the picture. He mixes poison and comes out, tells that he made something for them. They get happy seeing kheer. Anthony says you will know about me soon. Amrish appreciates his effort. Surili is also glad and blesses him. Anthony asks her to eat kheer and tell him. Surili says Shaan loves it.

All of them are about to eat kheer. Anthony waits anxiously. Rajni takes bowls from everyone hand. Everyone is shocked. Surili asks why did you come here? Rajni says I need all kheer, as this is dangerous for you all. Surili says I will prove that this kheer is good. Surili says I will eat it alone. Rajni snatches it from her hand. They hold the kheer utensil. All Kant family are at one side and Rajni at the other. Rajni throws the utensil in air and kheer falls on Surili and the utensil gets stuck on Amrish’s head. Rajni gives her tissue paper. Surili shouts Rajni. Rajni asks her not to thank her and says she is happy that they are safe. Goon thinks that he have to kill them. She sees goon standing outside, and catches him. She says I will call Police. Surili tells Anthony that she can’t tolerate Rajni anymore and asks him to call Shaan. Everyone hear the gun bullet sound. Surili says may be Rajni has done something. Anthony thinks if that fool has done something to Rajni. Rajni collects the bullets in her hand and mouth, and surprises the goon.

Anthony tells boss that he came to know about Shaan and asks him to reach Kant house. He says he shall not be saved today. Anthony ties Rajni with iron chain. Rajni says power is low, she needs to recharge. Anthony asks what did you say?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. is anthony, new shaan? or another male lead? today I notice he concerned about rajni, and he may be mix that posion to decive that goon so believess him….

    1. Avishi

      maybe because in wikipedia it is written

  2. End the stupid drama.


    Stupid drama…

  4. Avishi

    hmm yaar im getting booor really end this track fast and get on new one but i like rajni dialougs when she catch that goon

  5. Avishi

    and i checked in wikipedia they have written! raqesh vashisth as anthony gonzalvous / shaan / shantanu kant
    so may be he is shaan

  6. Not there i chked in wiki…it’s given karan Grover as shaan n raquesh as anthony

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