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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 19th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amrish trying to speak in English. Rajni comes and asks what they need in breakfast? Amrish asks her to bring Paratha. Rajni says it is not available. Amrish asks her to make Dahi bade…Mathew tries to speak. Amrish says you love my daughter loves you…I love my daughter. Kuhu asks what is happening? Gyan says your Dadu is trying to speak in English…..Amrish says if you ever make my daughter cry then I will slap on your face…He asks Mathew, did you understand? Mathew nods yes. Amrish says today I talked, walked and drank English. Everyone laughs. Shaguta asks Amrish to stop now and says you have embarassed us with your English. Mathew says his mom and dad called him. Shaguta says we will talk some other day. Dhyan thinks Shaguta is insulting dad and

don’t want her inlaws to hear Amrish’s wrong english. Gyan says this is happening because of your english. Amrish gets sad. Rajni says why nobody laugh on Mathew’s hindi. Mathew says my hindi is weak. Shaguta says as he studied in US.

Rajni says my saheb is Punjab’s puttar and his punjabi and hindi are perfect. She says it is wrong to laugh on someone’s english. Shaguta asks why you are giving lecture. She says we shall decide on the marriage day. Mathew says 50th day of this month.

Shaguta says you mean 25th. Surili says she will make arrangement and says she will announce her marriage in a rain dance party. Shaguta says I love this idea. Mathew gets excited too. Rajni says it is a bad idea. Rajni makes arrangement for the party. She asks Dhyan not to do yoga here. Dhyan says I am already upset as nobody asked me before fixing my sister’s marriage. He says just as water falls on him, he starts dancing. Rajni says when water falls on him, her circuits bursted. Dhyan asks what do you mean? Rajni says Nani doesn’t taught me meaning of this. Gyan comes and says where is Shaan? He says Shaan knows about delivery and says there is a confusion. Dhyan says I will help you, and will not let Bau ji know. They leave. Rajni scans the place and says Shaan is in the lab.

Shaan is sleeping in the lab. Rajni asks fan to stop. Fan switches off with her command. Shaan asks Rajni to go and let him sleep. Rajni asks Shaan to get up and attend rain dance party. Shaan says it is so annoying, I will not come. Rajni says what is in sleep? Shaan asks Rajni to switch off the fan. Rajni asks him to do it himself. Kuhu compliments Rajni for the arrangements. Someone comes and gives sarees. Rajni asks Kuhu to give sarees to Surili. She gives water to the delivery man and says it is hot, drink water. He and his daughter drink water and thanks Rajni. The man says it seems there is some party here. Rajni says there is a grand rain dance party to announce Shaguta’s wedding. Girl asks what is rain dance party. Rajni says rain will come out through the shower. She says we have ordered 3 water tanks. Girl says we don’t have water at home. The man says they drink water from one pot only.

Rajni says it is sad, and I got to know this today. Man asks her to enjoy rain dance and says they wait for real rain. Rajni gives water bottles for the girls. They thank her and goes. Water tanker comes there. Rajni tells she will tell them where to connect the tanker. Shaguta says good job, Rajni have done good arrangements. Rajni says I will take extra for this extra work. Sharmila says we don’t have purses now. Rajni says I want it right now. Shaguta says I will pay you for the good work. She says I will give you 50 Lakhs. Everyone is shocked. Shaguta says I will give you 50 Lakhs lottery ticket. Rajni gets happy and takes it. Surili says good job and pats on Shaguta’s shoulder. Mathew comes to the rain dance party. Sharmila says lets start the rain dance and asks Rajni to start music. Sharmila checks the tap for the water and asks if water come.

Kuhu comes to Shaan and says about Rain dance. Shaan says Rajni will burst due to short circuit. Shaan comes running there and sees Rajni dancing under the shower, but no water flow. They wonder why water is not coming? Rajni says three tanks came, but I sent those tanks to basti. Shaguta and Sharmila asks basti. Surili says your workers’ basti. She says there is lack of water in the basti and they are yearning for water. Shaan gets happy and gives flying kiss. Shaguta says how dare you to ruin her party. Shaan asks her to shut up and says Rajni is thinking about people who don’t have water to drink and you need water for the party. Amrish gets happy with Rajni’s gesture. Mathew says you have done good. Shaguta gets irked. Amrish says he will send 3 water tanks to basti daily. Rajni nods. Amrish says I will tell everyone to save water. Gyan says you said right. Shaan says we will not drink now.

Mathew throws water bucket on Rajni as his mistaken her. Rajni shakes up as her circuits blast.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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