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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 19th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan thinking what to gift Samaira. He thinks girls like diamond, but I don’t have money. He thinks to write poetry for her, and writes scientifically. He thinks I am useless scientist. He asks Rajni to come to him immediately. Rajni asks why did you call me. Shaan says I have some work with you. Rajni asks him to say. Shaan asks her to scan poetry and tell her. Rajni asks him to write and tells the song Main Toh Raste Se Jaaraha tha. Shaan says I need a nice poetry. Rajni says Aa mere dil me basjaa. Shaan thinks I have to deactivate your hyderabadi accent first and deactivate hyderbadi now. Rajni starts speaking in Gujrati. Shaan changes the language. Rajni stats speaking in telugu. Shaan changes it again. Rajni hits him. Shaan thinks it is so frustrating. He says

I just hope your all languages get closed. Rajni activates hindi mode and says I am Rajni Kant, Shantanu Kant’s wife. Shaan hugs her happily. She asks do you need poetry now? Shaan says no, and asks her to remember to talk in hindi. Rajni says okay Shaan. Shaan asks her to go and charge herself.

Gyan calls Surili as he wakes up in the morning. Dhyan asks him to call mom in the morning. They see toys. Shaguta says Matty must have sent it. Rajni says it is a misunderstanding and says we brought it. Dhyan says your language is changed. Rajni says we brought it for new member of family. Dhyan asks who is pregnant? Rajni says mom is pregnant. Shaguta says can she get pregnant in this age. Sharmila confirms it. Rajni says it is secret and asks them to confirm with Amrish. Sharmila asks Dhyan to give good news. Dhyan gets embarrassed and goes. Gyan asks him to take him. Rajni says even I have to ask for right to become a mum. Shaan thinks to get romantic with Samaira. Rajni throws her dupatta on his face and acts as romantic. She asks how do I look to you? She talks romantically. Shaan says I can see microscopic lens, high fibre hairs etc. Rajni asks for a little Kant. Shaan says it can’t happen. Rajni asks him to make her mummy and says you have feature to become papa. Shaan says you don’t have this feature. Rajni asks him to install that feature, and gets romantic.

Samaira comes just then and says sorry. Shaan says we are just. Rajni says we are talking how to born babies. Shaan says she is joking. Rajni says I will show you…and makes two roses unite, saying kids are born like this. Shaan says she is joking. Samaira says she is leaving and came to say them good bye. Shaan insists her to say. Samaira says I can’t stay here for long. Shaan says I need you Samaira, and says everyone here need you. He tells Dev has married Shaguta mistakenly and says they need a lawyer, and she can help them. Rajni asks Samaira to stay back, and says today we have function at home. Shaan asks what function. Rajni says sasumom’s godh bharayi function. Shaan and Samaira are shocked. Amrish brings almond milk for Surili and calls her bengal tigress. He praises her a lot. Surili goes. Gyan and Dhyan come there. Dhyan says he wants to ask if our sibling are coming. Amrish says yes. Gyan asks him to give tips on manly things. Surili asks what do you want? Dhyan and Gyan says nothing. Gyan sees Surili and opens his eyes. Amrish asks Surili to tell him and is romantic. Surili says okay, I took 3 lakhs rupees from your account for diamond necklace. Amrish thinks it is not my loss.

Samaira asks how can she get pregnant at this age. Rajni says this is possible. Shaan says it is possible in rare case and asks her to apply shy feature. Rajni acts to shy. Shaan asks what is this nonsense. Rajni says I gave you good news. Shaan says I have to go to Samaira. Rajni asks him to buy stuff from market. Shaan says I made you for my work. He says Robot is for human’s use and convenience. He says he wants marriage, love and kids and that only Samaira can give, and says you are just tin box. Rajni asks him to buy those stuff. Shaan refuses to buy. Samaira comes back. Shaan says I will discuss the case. Rajni says you have head ache. Samaira tells that there is a misunderstanding. Rajni says she will organize the function being adarsh bahu. Shaan gets angry at Shaan for not letting him to go out with Samaira. Rajni messages his head. Shaan says I am alright. Rajni says task completed. Now second task…sasumom’s godh bharayi.

Surili asks Sharmila what is this. Neighbor congratulates Surili for her pregnancy. Surili is shocked and embarrassed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Renuverma

    Oh god finally surili comes to know about her fake pregnancy tomorrow.

    When rajni told samaira that we were discussing how babies r born ??
    When dhyan asks amrish is our sibling coming ??
    When rajni told shaan n samaira about surilis baby shower??
    When rajni was changing languages n shan wanted her to scan a romantic poem??
    When shaan wrote a scientific poem.

    I felt bad when shan yod rajni that u r just a tin box.

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