Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 19th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 19th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gyan holding Rajni’s hand while his eyes are closed. He asks Maggie why you are silent? Maggie sees him with someone else and says hey ram. Shaan comes and hides Rajni. Maggie comes to Gyan and asks where is that girl. Gyan says he doesn’t know.

Shaan gets a notice sent by Mathew asking him to return the money which he spent on his project. Shaan calls Mathew’s call. He tells him that he will repair Rajni soon. Mathew says he is having pain relieving tablets because of Rajni and asks him to return his money. Shaan thinks he doesn’t have money. Shaan calls rajni and talks to Dev. He says he has so many complications in his life. Dev says his family says that he is useless and of no work. Rajni takes him to the work shop and says useless things are

thrown here. Shaan recalls telling Rajni useless. Dev asks did you call her useless. Shaan apologizes to her and says he said that in sadness. He says you are not waste thing, but super hero. You are my strength and motivates me. He asks her not to say it anything. Dev says you made me emotional. I think I should made Rajni for me also. Shaan says she remembers everything.

Shaan tells him that he needs high specific mother board. Dev asks if Mathew refused to give money. Shaan says yes. Dev says you have to stop the project now. Shaan says I can’t let Rajni die. Dev says I have 15000 Rs. Shaan says he needs 25 lakhs. Dev says where there is a will, there is a way. Shaan gets an idea and says My Nana ji left money for me in his will. He thinks to get his Nana’s money. Amrish and Surili talk about Shaan’s marriage. Shaan comes to their room and asks about Nana’s will. He says he needs that money. Amrish asks why do you need it? Shaan says I can’t tell you. Surili emotionally blackmails him to marry a girl. Shaan says I am thinking to go on a moon and you are pushing me to basement. Surili asks him to sign on the will and take his share of money. Amrish asks him to sign. Shaan says I trust mum very much. Surili asks if she shall start searching bride for him. Shaan thinks to make Surili go slow mode.

Surili comes out in the garden area holding the thaali. She says where is Baba. Just then a crow comes. Surili says my baba came. She tells that she will begin searching a girl for Shaan and asks for its blessings. She goes. Amrish thinks crow is fraud. Shaan tells Amrish that he needs punjabi bride and thinks his marriage process will slow down because of punjabi and bengali virus. He tells Rajni that his marriage process will slow down now. Amrish tells Maggie that punjabi bride is good. Amrish selects a punjabi girl. Surili asks who is she? Amrish says she is Ruby. Shaan tells Punjabis and bengali team will lined up girls from their community and his marriage will be delayed. He tells Rajni that he has no interest in bengali or punjabi, but just like only my Rajni.

Precap: Surili tells about the test to become her bahu. Rajni comes wearing saree. Shaan’s heart start beating for her and a song plays………….

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Haha a scientist falls in love with a robot perfect love story lol but stil love this show and Shraddha I saw your comment in ZABHMG page I watch the zee show tht time at 7.30pm

  2. Shraddha Sharma

    Shaan is falling for rajni but i hope show film robot ki tarha na ho!!
    As i like its commedy only…

    And hasan ji some secnes are missing from the update.. plzz try to update full episode without any missing..

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