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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 19th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surili telling everyone that her time has come, and she will die now. She says my bahu’s mental state is bad, and I shall die rather than staying with her. Aishwarya, Sharmila, Shaguta and Maggie start crying. RAM sees poison which is actually sweets and run inside to have it. He eats it saying it is his favorite sweets. Everyone try to stop him. Rajni tells everyone that it is pista cake of Chandu Halwai. Sharmila says what? Surili says you made me eat cake instead of poison. Rajni says yes….mummy ji. I can tell you the ways to commit suicide, but I can’t let you die, this is not my work…my work is to save everyone. Maggie asks Surili, what a good overacting. Rajni tells her that committing suicide is not an option and asks her to think about life partner,

she says if there is a life then there is a world and asks her to talk to loved ones and lower her heart. She asks RAM to make Dadi Surili feel special. Surili asks what? RAM hugs her and asks her not to take tension as he is there. He asks her to have more sweets and be happy. Rajni tells Surili that she hopes she likes this demo. Amrish comes out from hiding holding camera and tells that he knows what they wants to prove, and have all the recording with him. Surili looks on shocked.

Shaan thinks if RAM knows that Rajni is a robot, if Dev and Rajni had told him. He comes to RAM. RAM asks him to come inside. Shaan asks do you know any robot? RAM says yes, and says it is a top secret. Shaan says it should be secret only.. RAM asks what is my advantage? Shaan says you will be at loss if family members come to know that your MOBO is a robot. RAM thinks to do acting to trouble Shaan and asks if my MOBO is a robot, I didn’t know this. He cries and shouts. Shaan closes the door and asks RAM not to tell this to anyone. He says I thought you know this. RAM says I will tell everyone, and can’t hide this. Shaan asks him not to cry. RAM asks him to bring toy and give him gift. Shaan gives his watch and asks him to keep his mouth shut. RAM thinks CPU will be in his control now.

Aishwarya tells Surili that she would have given her good idea. She tells her that court granted divorce to a couple where in a wife was proved a drunkard. Surili likes her idea and says but we don’t have wine at home. Aishwarya says she will bring her husband’s empty wine bottles, and tells that her neighbor is staying with his son now happily. Surili says it means Shaan will get RAM’s custody if we prove Rajni as a drunkard. Aishwarya says we will think some idea to send RAM with Rajni. Surili says that kid is not afraid of anyone. She says I have to make Shaan scold him. RAM is sitting with Rajni. Shaan brings remote car. RAM gets happy. He sees Shaan playing with it and scolds him. Shaan says he brought this remote car for him and tries to befriend him. RAM runs to Rajni and says he is thinking to take care, but will not befriend Shaan. Rajni says it is bad and asks him to be friend with Shaan.

RAM comes to Shaan and says just because MOBO said. Shaan says now we are friends and shakes hand with him. Amrish comes and admires them. He says we will take a photo and asks Rajni, Shaan and RAM to pose for pic. RAM recalls Shaan asking him that nobody shall know about Rajni. Amrish asks Shaan and Rajni to come closer. Shaan says it is okay. RAM is about to tell about Robot. Shaan stops him. Rajni says Shaan should lift RAM in his lap. RAM asks Shaan to take him. Amrish praises their family. RAM says MOBO and CPU should kiss me. Shaan says shut up RAM. RAM says I was saying… Shaan tells Rajni that they will kiss RAM. Rajni says okay Shaan. Shaan and Rajni kiss RAM. Amrish is about to click their photo, but his phone gets off. He asks them to stand in same pose till he brings other phone. Surili comes and sees Shaan and Rajni kissing RAM, and scolds Shaan saying she can’t stay here even for a minute. He goes after her. Rajni asks RAM what is happening. RAM asks her to wait and watch.

Surili tells that she can’t bear anymore and will leave now. Maggie asks her to make “will” before going. Sharmila says you shall give equal share. Surili says I am thinking to go out of Mumbai, so that I can think how to kick Rajni out. Rajni asks Surili what is Shaan’s share. Surili asks her to go outside the room. Rajni accepts her command and goes out. Gyan says how you will get money for the trip. Rajni says you all can use money after selling the gifts given by Vikram. They tell that they can’t sell off emergency fund (Vikram’s gifts) in anyways. Surili’s phone rings. She picks the call and tells that the number is out of coverage area. Dhyan and Gyan get a call, and they do the same thing. Rajni thinks they are lying and it seems they will not be right.

Surili says we shall sell the gifts and go out of city, else money lenders will not let us live here peacefully. They are about to go taking their valuable stuff. Rajni comes infront of them and asks where they are going> Maggie says we are going away because of money lenders. She says you don’t have to run as I found a solution for your problem. Dhyan asks what is the solution? Rajni says I called all money lenders here. Everyone is shocked to see all money lenders.

Rajni tells Surili that Doctor came and gave certificate to her, saying Surili Kant’s bahu needs psychiatric help. Dhyan says how can anyone talk so calmly after proving mental. Surili asks Rajni to enjoy the last moments in the house, and dances with her. Rajni says okay….mummy ji.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Ha ha ha ha ha RAM is blackmailing Shaan ???????? as he do not know his MOBO is the creature of Shaan… ??????
    Now atleast will have some fun in watching the show.. ???????

  2. Ram- Shaan’s part was superb

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