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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 19th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gyan saying baba has come. Dugdugi baba enters with his hypnotism prism. He thinks I have come to increase troubles as trouble other name is Dugdugi. He controls driver and signs him to go. Dhyan asks what is this dugdugi which we can’t see. Gyan says it is Dugdugi baba’s Kripa and says Jai ho. Everyone say Jai Ho. Dugdugi baba says troubles. I can feel that you people were in jail. Sharmila says we were in jail, but that sankat is gone. Dugdugi baba says sankat is not gone and says he is seeing death yog. Amrish asks whom? Dugdugi baba says let me check. He puts rotten banana in the plates and asks Gyan what is in those plates. Gyan says I have kept fruits with my hand. Dugdugi baba says if there is any sankat in the house, then one fruit will be rotten. Gyan

checks and says one banana is rotten. Dugdugi baba tells that a crow came to him and told about the troubles surrounding their house. He says that crow used to come in this house, but haven’t come from many days. Surili says he is my baba.

Dugdugi baba asks her not to worry and says he has to do three types of puja. He says I have a rule, where ever I do puja, I stay there. Amrish says he will eat free food. Surili asks him not to think anything. Gyan asks him to save them from troubles. Baba asks where is your kitchen? Surili says I will get it made. Baba says I make food for my bhakts with my hand. Everyone get happy. Maggie takes him to kitchen. Sharmila tells Dhyan that Surili must have send her to kitchen and says baba ki jai. Everyone waits for dinner and wonder what he is cooking in the kitchen. Sharmila says baba is vegetarian. Baba adds something in the food and thinks it is easy to fool people in this world with 100 percent satisfaction. He comes and serves them khichdi. He says you will feel light if you eat it. Gyan asks baba to eat as well. Baba says I don’t eat as my stomach gets filled by praying to God. He asks them to eat and goes. Surili says oh my god, there is so much peace as Rajni is not at home.

Shaan tells that Dev has no place to live and that’s why he stays here. Rajni says so this lab is my mayka. Dev says my life problems is because of Shaguta. Shaan says yes, you are born and made here so you will sleep there. Dev says I will sleep with Shaan. Shaan pushes him from sofa. Rajni says you can’t behave like this with your brother in law. Shaan asks Rajni to start fan mode as he is feeling hot and needs to sleep. Rajni says command accepted and blows air. Shaan asks her to stop and asks why internal mode is on. Rajni says you need to cool down Shaan. Shaan asks her to start normal table fan speed. Rajni says okay Shaan and start fan. Shaan says perfect. Dev turns her towards him and feels the air. Shaan throws pillow on him. Rajni says I have solution and gives rotating fans in Shaan and Dev’s hand. Shaan says okay Rajni, go to your console. Rajni says okay Shaan..command accepted.

Dugdugi baba thinks his khichdi might have worked on them, he says if precautions are not taken, then accidents do happen. He thinks to check. He peeps in everyone room and see them sleeping. He smiles. He thinks may be first puja will give me crores of Prasad. Rajni senses that someone is awake who is not a family member. She scans and says intruder alert, mail with a pendulum. She goes to check. Dugdugi baba comes to the locker room and eyes lockers. He says his lines. Just then he rings intruder alarm ringing and runs out of locker room. Amrish wakes up hearing the alarm. Surili also wakes up. Amrish asks did you hear anything. Dugdugi baba comes out. Rajni turns him. He twirls and falls down. Shaan and Dev also come there. Rajni says intruder. Amrish and Surili come out of room. Surili says she is shaking and asks what is the sound. Dev says it was my Tv remote, mic, speak etc.

Rajni says they were lying and says I made that noise. Shaan says it is like hide N Seek. Dugdugi baba says she has attacked me. Amrish says this is wrong puttar. Surili says you have attacked my Guru ji. She says I asked you to go to Mayka. Rajni says according to my logic, this is my mayka as you both have done my kanyadaan. She says this is my sasural and mayka too. Surili asks her to stop her calculations. Shaan and Dev get happy. Shaan tells Dugdugi baba that he has fault in his mind. He asks Rajni to apologize to baba. Surili asks her to apologize and touch his feet. Baba says I have forgiven her. Surili says she is Shaan’s wife and troubles for us. She asks Rajni to apologize to him. Rajni bends down. Baba runs being scared. Rajni says I got a command and will apologize. Baba runs. Amrish says she will take care of you. Baba says I need to do dhyan and goes. He thinks to plan something big to trap them and looks at his prism.

Baba hypnotizes all the family members and asks them to get relieve of all money, jewellery, etc. Rajni comes there and smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. It was as always another good episode….


    Good msg by this episode that never follow anyone blindly… and the best part rajni making baba sacred….

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