Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 19th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 19th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharmila talking to Dhyan on mobile and apologizes for kicking him out of room. She says I miss you. Dhyan says he got the money and paid for flat. Sharmila gets happy and disconnects the call seeing Maggie coming. Maggie shows her necklace. Sharmila says you have worn my necklace. Maggie says it happens in joint family. Sharmila thinks she will leave the house soon. Bubbles takes Surili and Shaguta to Sharmila’s room. She says everyone here have problems with Rajni, and says there is a problem in her. She says Rajni have magical powers and do unusual things. She says she is Chudail. Surili says we don’t believe on ghost and chudail thing and asks her how can you badmouth about a woman being a woman herself. She says Rajni is strange, but she don’t believe on

ghost thing. Bubbles says if we can prove that she is not normal woman, then we can kick her out of house. Surili asks them to go ahead with a plan. Bubbles asks Surili to help her. Surili asks her to take Maggie’s help. Sharmila says she will help also. Bubbles thinks to expose Rajni and says she have to leave house today. She asks her to come with her. Shaan calls at landline phone. Kuhu picks the call and says she will call Rajni soon. Maggie takes the call and says Rajni went out with Surili. Shaan says okay and disconnects the call. Kuhu asks why did you lie to Shaan? Maggie asks her to go and study.

Dev gets worried for Shaan. Shaan asks him to think some idea and says if Rajni shows her super powers then their truth will be revealed. He says we have to give her command to behave like normal woman. Dev asks him to think as there is no connectivity, phone or range. Shaan gets thinking.

Amrish praises Rajni’s tea and says it freshens him. Shaan says we have to talk someone. Dev asks him to call Papa. Shaan calls Amrish and hopes he is at home. Amrish picks the call. Shaan asks if you are at home. Amrish says yes. Shaan asks him to give call to Rajni. Amrish asks him to call on Rajni’s phone. Shaan says she don’t have phone. Amrish says I will buy phone for her and scolds him. Shaan asks him to give call to Rajni. Amrish says you can’t talk to her as this is your punishment. He says I will give your message to Rajni. Shaan says tell me that her Shaan is missing her and want to take her in my embrace. Amrish gets embarassed and gives call to Rajni. Shaan asks Rajni not to use her super powers until he returns. Rajni says okay.

Amrish takes call and asks what super powers. Shaan says he is mad about her charm, lips etc. Amrish asks him to talk to Rajni about all that and disconnects the call. He tells Rajni that he will be back and goes. Rajni thinks about Shaan’s words. She comes out of house and says there is no pigeon here, but crow can fly. She asks Crow to give her love letter to Shaan as she don’t have phone. Surili comes out, sees Rajni giving letter to her baba and asks what are you doing? She asks why are you making my baba eat paper? Rajni says I am giving letter for Shaan. Surili says do you think that my baba is your servant. Rajni says he is black crow, but can give my letter to Shaan being our dear ones. Surili apologizes to her baba on Rajni’s behalf and asks crow to go. Crow flies away. Surili says you will get punishment for this. She says I took Sankalp for Shaan’s marriage, and says all ladies would be making it, but now she has to make 1000 laddoos all alone within 2 hours as a punishment, else she will have to stay in her mayka away from Shaan. Rajni says command accepted. Sharmila says we are not joking. Rajni says okay and goes. Surili says she is strange, didn’t bother to apologized to me and fumes.

Rajni goes to kitchen and takes flour to kneed it. Surili and Sharmila see her speed and says she can’t make even 100 laddoos. Surili tells her that she is going out and reminds of her condition. Rajni says I remember and says okay. Surili says strange and goes. Rajni thinks she can’t make 1000 laddoos in 2 hours and thinks Shaan asked her not to use her super powers. Dhyan comes to her and thanks her for her help. He says I have paid the money for flat and asks her to come and buy saree from his side. Rajni says I can’t come as I have to make laddoos as a punishment by mom. Dhyan says okay and goes. Rajni thinks she has to use her super powers to make 1000 laddoos.
Shaan and Dev come to meet Mathew at a park.

Mathew comes there and asks them to wait for 2 mins and goes to attend call. Dev gets jealous seeing couple romancing with each other. Shaan gets a call and goes to attend it. Mathew thinks today is Dev’s test. Let me see if Dev reacts if I throw stone on Shaan. He is about to throw stone on Shaan, but just then Dev runs and saves Shaan and the coconut falls on his head. Mathew thinks Dev have saved Shaan. Surili, Bubbles and Sharmila come back from shopping. They see Rajni’s reflection with eight hands making laddoos. Surili says Rajni is not normal girl. Bubbles says she has eight hands. They are shocked.

Rajni asks Shaan, if he have food? Shaan says he have pizza. Rajni asks why you didn’t have dal chawal etc. Dev says why is she behaving like wife. Shaan says I am trapped badly. Surili tells about Maha Episode on Saturday.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow Maha episode m excited for that it’s so good to have bhrk on Saturday 🙂


      But this is not good mahaepisode as rajini will be arrested by police…..


    Ha ha ha…. rajini did right with crow and by using super powers…. and i liked shaan’s part best today of telling his feelings for rajini (though he is not aware even)….????????

  3. Wow I am excited for majak episode on Saturday

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