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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 18th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan talking to Parminder about the truck. He invites her home for a drink, and says you are a girl…I thought you are a guy. Amrish takes the call and apologizes for Shaan’s mistake. He fixes the deal. Amrish scolds Shaan. Rajni comes and brings tea….Amrish asks her to stop calling him Maha Saheb and call Bau ji instead. Rajni asks can you bear to see your bahu working as maid and says your name will be ruined if I call you bau ji. Shaan says I can’t do this truck work, and says I am a scientist. Rajni asks him to learn first and do. Amrish praises Dhyan and says he had learnt in two hours and acted like him. Gyan self praises himself. Amrish says Dhyan is all rounder and fixes deal in a go. He realizes that he is praising Dhyan and stops. Rajni asks him to

call Dhyan back home and work. He says Shaan will drown you one day. Shaan asks Amrish to consider as Rajni never lies. Amrish gets angry and goes. Rajni asks did I do right? Shaan asks her to leave acting like Aishwarya right now. Rajni says ok. Shaan. Shaan thinks he is so proud of himself.

Surili tells Amrish that Shaguta is not picking the calls and wonders what to do. Rajni asks them to get her married before she cuts their nose. Surili asks how dare you? She says don’t forget that you are maid of the house. Amrish says she said right, and says she is Shaguta’s bhabhi. He says Shaguta roams with Makarand/ Mathew. He says people might make stories and asks Rajni to call Mathew. He says we will talk to him about marriage. Surili says Shaguta will not like this, and stares Rajni. Amrish says this marriage will happen. Rajni dances happily.

Shaan talks to Gyan and is shocked to know that truck is messed up. He says we will handle and asks him not to involve Amrish. Rajni comes and talks like Aishwarya again. Shaan says you are lucky and asks her to talk like Rajni. Rajni says Amrish called Mathew for dinner to talk about Shaguta’s marriage. Shaan says I love Bau ji…he will delete both viruses at one go. He says chipkali is Shaguta and says she will leave the house. I am proud of Bua ji today. Rajni says very bad Shaan. She says Bhai gets emotional thinking about sister’s marriage and says you are butcher. Shaan says I am feeling pity on Mathew. Shaan asks where is Dev. Rajni says he said that he will not come until this separation gets resolved.

Shaguta talks to Amrish and asks you have planned my wedding, but when will you tell me? Amrish says just now. He says we will talk to his parents on video cam and decide on the marriage date. Shaguta says I am not yet ready. She asks Surili to say. Surili says Amrish is not listening to her. Amrish says Shaguta’s marriage is bothering me, everything is married here except her. Shaguta says unbelievable..I can’t take this. Surili says if you will talk to Mathew’s parents wearing these clothes. Amrish says yes.

Surili says you are looking like….Amrish says poor, LS, third class. Surili says thank you, I couldn’t tell you. She asks him to change the dress and says it is a matter of her status. Amrish says he will not change his clothes. Surili says you don’t want Shaguta to get married, as I love her very much. Amrish agrees to wear suit. Mathew comes home holding champagne bottle and bouquet. He greets Kuhu. Rajni greets Mathew. Mathew asks her to be in her limits being servant. Kuhu says she is Rajni Chachi…Mathew is shocked and surprised. He says today’s theme is servant clothes. Rajni says you came to wrong address. Mathew says where is Shaguta’s home then, and steps in Rajni’s home. Rajni acts to shoot bullet and goes. Mathew thinks he might have died almost. Dhyan comes and sees Mathew.

Kuhu says Mathew will be marrying Bua. Dhyan thinks Mathew is marrying Bubbles and asks if he has wine stock. Kuhu says not bubbles, but Shaguta Bua. Dhyan thinks they didn’t ask me before deciding. Shaguta comes and hugs mathew. Surili comes and greets him. Shaguta says sorry as they call him in a hurry. Mathew says he wants to give her something and gifts bouquet to Surili thanking her. Amrish comes and asks Mathew to look at him. Surili asks him to bring green tea for her, and calls waiter. Amrish asks Mathew to thank him also. Surili asks what did you wear? Amrish says three piece suit as you told me not to look poor, LS and third class infront of Mathew’s parents. Surili is surprised. Gyan asks why you are drinking alone? Amrish says to look like rich people and talk in english..Surili asks him to stop. Amrish asks her to shut her face. Surili angrily asks what? Amrish says you can’t talk now. I will talk to my firangi Jamai….He asks Mathew to sit.. go. Mathew tries to go. Shaguta stops him. Amrish says I asked him to sit and go. Surili says Shaguta will marry now.

Surili decides to announce Shaguta’s wedding in rain dance party. Rajni does the arrangements. Shaguta likes it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Too good although story is not great but a acting by all is superb.


    The show was interesting but now they are making bore

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