Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 18th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 18th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan seeing Rajni acting her hand and thinks she will slap Maa. He recalls his words and thinks what to do to stop Rajni. Rajni raises her hand to slap Surili. Surili gets shocked. Just then Dev comes in between them and gets slapped by Rajni. He rolls over and falls far. Surili tells Shaan that Rajni raised her hand to slap her. Rajni says you are absolutely…….Just then Shaan says it is absolutely not. He says it is actually a ritual in Rajni’s family and says sister slaps her brother when haldi is applied on her face. Dev gets tensed and says he will leave. Aishwarya asks him to be there. Rajni tells Shaan not to slap anyone. Rajni says Okay…Shaan. Neighbor says lets start haldi ceremony. Rajni sits down for the ritual. Shaan asks Sharmila to apply little

amount of turmeric on her face. Dev asks Shaan if he is his friend or enemy. Shaan says sorry. Dev says I am serious this time. Shaan promises that this will not happen and hugs. Aishwarya mistaken them. Maggie thinks in her heart that Balwant is made to leave the house because of her and was slapped too. She applies turmeric on Rajni’s face. Amrish, Gyan and Dhyan are happy. Amrish says now it is Shaan’s turn. Aishwarya tells that she will slap Dev. Amrish asks Shaan to shave off his beard today. They laugh.

Surili asks Sharmila and Maggie to take Rajni for bath. Shaan says she had already taken bath in the morning. Dev thinks if water falls on Rajni then her circuits will blast. Shaan sits for his haldi rasam. Dhyan applies tilak on Shaan’s forehead. Maggie and Sharmila bring her to bathroom. Rajni says I don’t take bath and this color can be removed by Shaan only. Maggie asks her not to hurry up as she is not married yet. They ask her to come. Amrish and his sons dance happily. Maggie and Sharmila try to take her, and asks her to accept their sayings. Rajni says okay. Shaan runs there and thinks where is my phone? Rajni looks at the taps. Sharmila tells her that she has switched on the gyser and she will not catch cold now and haldi color will remove.

Maggie asks her to bath with her clothes and asks her to take cold water bath. Sharmila asks her to have hot water bath. They start argue. Shaan thinks what to do. He throws cockroach on Rajni. Rajni picks the cockroach in her hand and throws on them. They shout and run away from there. Shaan enters the bathroom through the window and locks the door. Surili and Maggie think that Surili will get angry if she comes to know that they left Rajni alone in the bathroom, and knock on the door. Maggie says we shall break the door and falls down. Sharmila laughs. They see cockroach and run away. Surili tells Amrish that you have booked something for Shaan’s marriage function and asks him to think about his reputation. Amrish says we shall have a new thinking. Surili says it will be good if I get a bengali husband for me who will like my bengali food, and tagore. Amrish says he knows Tagore well, and says he likes Sharmila tagore’s bikini. Surili gets angry and says she was talking about Rabindranath Tagore. Amrish asks her not to worry and says they will invite him for Shaan’s wedding. Surili gets upset as Amrish doesn’t know anything about Tagore and goes. Amrish thinks what happened to her.

Shaan and Rajni come out of bathroom and tells Dev that Rajni is saved from water. Dev asks him to make Rajni water proof. Shaan says he needs much money for make her water proof, bullet proof, fire proof etc. Dev says ok, I will clean her. Shaan says Rajni can clean herself and asks Rajni to auto clean herself. Rajni cleans herself and spins. Bubbles sees her spinning and shouts ghost. Dev asks what did you see there? Bubbles faints. Dev thinks to make her drink more wine and thinks we will tell everyone that she is lying in an drunkard state. Rajni cleans herself and tells Shaan that auto clean is completed…100 percent. Shaan tells Dev that Rajni is cleaned now. Dev says she is cleaned now, but her turmeric have fallen on you. Shaan says it is a perfect shagun, you have applied haldi on me. Rajni says thanks Shaan. She smiles like a bride.

Maggie thinks to take revenge on Rajni. Surili calls Amrish as she drinks something meant for Ragini and planned by Maggie.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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