Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 18th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 18th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Samaira getting up and holds dummy robot.. She says you have made this cute robot in all these years and asks if it can do anything. Shaan says it tells future. Samaira says she wants to know her future. Samaira asks how to activate. Shaan says you are one of the most prettiest girls, I have ever met. Samaira asks if you have added all the features. Shaan says yes. Samaira says flirty robot and asks what is my future. Shaan says someone related to your past should be in your future too. He asks her to think and says he is falling in her love. Rajni comes and holds him. She calls him zulfi sayyed. Rajni says I came and save you at right time, else Samaira would have become churma. Samaira thanks her and goes. Shaan says I wanted to slip on her, and make romantic moment.

Rajni says your bones would have broken, and says girls like settled guys and not non working.

While having dinner, Shaan tells Amrish that Rajni is not pregnant. Amrish says he got happy then. Sharmila thinks Mummy ji haven’t told him. Rajni tells him that happiness can come out from any room. She sees Surili coming and asks her to walk slowly. Surili sees Samaira and starts acting. Rajni asks Sharmila to bring pillow for Surili. Sharmila brings it. Rajni asks her to sit. Surili says my bahus love me a lot. Amrish says can we eat food now. Surili says I am very hungry. Rajni stops Surili and says we have made special food for you. Surili says I can eat normal food. Sharmila brings food. Rajni says it is healthy food and asks her to eat fast. Surili tells Samaira that her bahus have crossed limits of care. She slaps Sharmila, and the slaps Rajni but hurts her fingers. Rajni asks her to eat.

Surili says I want to eat this delicious food in my room, and says I am feeling weak too. She asks everyone to continue. Rajni says we will drop you to room. Surili says my bahus love me so much, and gets irritated. Surili goes to room and asks what is going on? She says I was so embarrassed. Rajni says you said that we are caring. Surili says she is so irritated and asks her to stop talking in hyderabadi. Rajni says your food. Surili says she don’t want to eat. Sharmila says why she is shying. Everyone will know when her stomach pops out. Rajni says we shall make her confess, and says for that they have to keep surprise godh bharayi function. Sharmila says she will not agree. Rajni says we will not inform her and invites everyone.

Surili searches for something in the night. Amrish asks what you are searching. Surili says she is searching something important. Amrish asks if she is searching her heart and sings song. Surili says she is stressed as she praised Rajni a lot. She gets chalk and eats it. Amrish says you used to eat green tea naa when stressed. Surili says it is for less stress. Surili asks him about the chalk box. Amrish says he kept it in Kuhu’s room. Surili asks him to bring chalk powder for her and don’t let anyone know. Amrish asks her not to take stress and goes. Sharmila and Rajni peep in her room and see her eating chalk.

Rajni tells Sharmila that she has a craving for chalk. They see Amrish going to kitchen with chalk box, making powder of it…Amrish thinks why she is eating it and thinks it is her family habit. He turns and sees Rajni and Sharmila standing, and tries to hide the powder. Rajni and Sharmila don’t let him go and asks what he is taking. Rajni scans and says you have chalk powder in your hand. Amrish asks them not to make Surili know. Sharmila says mummy ji haven’t told him about the truth. Amrish asks what you both have done? Rajni says naughty abbujaan, and says you made mummy ji eating chalk. Sharmila asks him to think why is she eating chalk. Amrish says I don’t know. Sharmila says mummy ji is pregnant. Amrish laughs and asks them not to joke.

Sharmila asks did you take her to hospital. Amrish says yes. She asks did you hear what Doctor said. Amrish says no, and says he waited outside. Rajni says shall we need to teach you a for apple…She says you are going to be dad again….and congratulates them. Amrish is happy. He says why Surili haven’t told me. Rajni says Surili is shying, and asks him not to tell her. Amrish says yes. Sharmila says we have kept surprise godh bharayi rasam for her. She will get emotional and tell everyone. Amrish says good and feels shy. He says gabru jawan amrish pehelwan.

Precap: Samaira tells Shaan that she can’t stay longer. Shaan asks her to stop. Rajni says we have a function at home, sasumom’s godh bharayi. Shaan and Samaira are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Renuverma

    Omg i am dyeing to see surilis expressions when she would be told that a pre baby shower is organised for her. I am sure rather than laughing she would scold rajni n sharmila. Best is that amrish has accepted this fake news n is happy.???????????????????

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      IKR Renu dii hahahahha

  2. Awesome episode cant wait till 8 pm

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