Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 18th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 18th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan’s words echoing in Rajni’s ears and she says go whereever you want, command accepted. Shaan recalls about Mathew rejecting Rajni, and he throwing her out asking her to go. He thinks you was about to become my life’s biggest achievement, what you have done Rajni. Rajni sits under a tree and hears an abondoned baby’s cry. She scans the place and finds a baby. She lifts the baby. Few man come and asks who is this baby? Rajni says she is of human’s baby. She is a baby girl and tells about her age and weight. She asks why she is abondoned. A woman comes and says baby is left as she is of no use. Rajni says oh. She says okay, and that’s why Shaan left me as I was of no use for him. She says this baby is crying and I shall cry too. She acts to cry. Everyone

looks at her. Rajni says this is not the way to stop her from crying. Rajni makes her quiet. A man says how can someone leave this baby? A woman says as people think that a boy can take forward their name. Rajni says according to my data, only a woman can give birth to a baby, and woman can take care of her maternal home and of inlaws home. Woman says few people don’t understand this. Rajni says if mother teresa, Kalpana Chawla and Indira Gandha were left by the family, then they would not have become great. Everyone is proud of them. Everyone claps.

Inspector comes and asks what is happening here? He asks her to give baby in his hands. Rajni refuses to give baby and asks him to arrest the ones who left the baby. Inspector says you can’t keep others’ baby and asks her to give. He tries to get the baby. Rajni holds his hand and says I will give baby only to her mum. Woman comes forward and says she left her baby because of her sasural people. They have made her life miserable and that’s why I left her here. Rajni says according to my data, even an animal fights with other animal for its baby and says you have to fight for her. Woman says you have opened my eyes, and this baby will become great. She says you will become a good mum. Rajni says I can’t become a mum. Woman says God will do some miracle. She asks her to return home.

Rajni says Shaan asked me not to show face. Woman says he must be missing you and asks her to return home. Surili wakes up Shaan. Shaan hears the smell and asks from where it is coming? Surili tells that she kept onion 5 days back and he felt smell now. She asks if there is someone in his life.

Shaan thinks he can’t tell about Rajni to mum as she has electronic phobia. Surili says your girlfriend have betrayed you. She tells that she was saved by a girl today when she was caught in the fire in hotel Plaza. Shaan thinks Rajni followed his commands and is fine even now. Surili says that girl was of devi’s avatar and says she wants to thank her. Shaan comes back to his work shop place and looks for Rajni. He sees her nowhere. He says he is an idiot. Rajni sees an intruder getting inside somewhere. She gets alert and gets down the car. Amrish tells that they should fire Aishwarya. Sharmila hears that and the plate falls from her hand. Maggie says we have taken care of Aishwarya today when she came parlour today. We got her special treatment done, and she promised to come tomorrow.

Maggie tells Surili that Sharmila never want to work and calls her juru ka ghulam. Sharmila says Maggie drinks your cigarette. Surili asks them to stop and drinks water to recover. Rajni follows the intruder and beats him up with a rod. Shaan tries to locate Rajni’s location and says she is in my room. He sees Rajni beating the thief, and asks what she is doing? Man says I am not thief. Shaan hugs Rajni again and again, apologizes to her and says I shouldn’t have shouted on you. Rajni beats Shaan. Shaan asks her to kill his friend. Rajni tries to suffocate him. Shaan stops him and thinks how to stop her alarm. He pats on her head and stops the alarm. Shaan tells Dev that she is not following his commands properly as her circuits are burnt. He asks him to bring new circuits. He says Rajni is working on back up circuits. He says we will take her out when everyone is sleeping.

Sharmila and Maggie have an argument with each other. Maggie says everything you put blame on me and escape easily. Shaan hears them. Maggie asks her husband to say something. Sharmila asks her husband to say as well. They have an argument.

Amrish and Surili ask them to stop. Surili calls Shaan and asks him to take out ear phones. She asks him not to change his marriage plan and says she will get a good bahu for him. Shaan says when did I agree? Surili says you said that I have opened your eyes. Shaan says I am happy being alone and asks her to dismiss the idea. Sharmila and Maggie’s husband drink with each other. Shaan says their male bonding is still on. They tell that their wives are mad. Shaan asks how can you live double life. They say they have to behave according to wife infront of them. He asks what do wives need? Shaan says I don’t work on virus. Amrish asks them not to discourage Shaan from marriage. Both of the brothers leave from there. Amrish tells Shaan that marriage have its own charm. Shaan says it means it is good, but bad too. Amrish says even we have flaws too. We can’t run from ourselves. He explains to him. Shaan says you are emotionally blackmailing me.

Shaan says I don’t want my wife to stop me for everything and control my life. Amrish gets scared seeing Surili coming and hides the drink. Surili says you are spoiling Shaan as well. Rajni gets out of cupboard. Surili says whatever you told me. Shaan says I have decided. Surili’s elder son calls her. Surili says I will be back. Amrish asks him to go to his lab and says bar is closed. Surili’s elder son sees Surili and says I am going to sleep. Surili says God should give son like you to everyone. He closes his eyes and starts walking. While he is on the way, he holds Rajni’s hand thinking her to be Maggie. Gyan asks her to take him to room. Shaan sees Gyan and Rajni going and says damm it.

Surili tells that she is searching for bride for her son Shaan. Shaan tells Rajni that bengali and punjabi team are searching bride for him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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