Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 18th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 18th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gyan coming to Dugdugi baba and apologizes for coming late this time. He says this is ration for this month. Dugdugi baba’s shishya says that baba called you to give you something. He tells something. Shishya says Baba goes to his devotees home and gives darshan. He says baba wants to come to your home. Gyan says we are in trouble since many days. Shishya says baba will come to your home today itself. Gyan gets happy and goes. Surili is talking to someone and says she will sue her for publishing fake news. Amrish tries to calm her down. Surili says I will not leave Rajni as because of her, media called me evil mum in law. Rajni comes and says I brought omelette with smily. Surili says she has snatched my happiness and brought smiling omelette. She refuses to eat

it and says I like scrumbled egg. Rajni says okay command accepted, turns and makes egg scrumbled with her pointed finger. She turns and says scrumbled egg is ready. Surili says when did you make it. Rajni says very easily with my hand, and says mummy ji manawo andolan is on.

Gyan comes and calls Surili. Amrish asks Gyan to call Dugdugi baba later. Gyan says he chooses his devotees, and says he has chosen me. Surili comes and says it is good for PR. Amrish says nobody can love you more than me. Surili says I am not talking about Pyaar, but PR. She explains to him, and says we will get famous. Rajni is about to hold flowers with her hand. Gyan says she is touching puja stuff with her eggy hands. Surili asks her to get clean cloth and wipe her hands. Rajni scans for clean clothes and holds Surili’s saree to clean her hands. Amrish is shocked and holds her head. Surili asks why did you hold your head. Rajni says I have cleaned my hand with clean cloth. Surili asks Amrish to say, and says Rajni doesn’t feel any difference between towel and saree. Amrish goes. Surili asks Rajni to wash all clothes and her saree also as a punishment. Rajni accepts her command.

Dev is about to check the fruits. Surili beats him with stick and says these special fruits is for Dugdugi baba. She asks Shaan to wear nice kurta pyjama and asks Dev to look like human and wear good clothes. Dev looks at her clothes. Surili says this is happening because of your sister. Rajni brings her saree and says I washed and brought it. Surili asks why didn’t you starch my saree? Rajni says all clothes. Surili asks whose clothes? Maggie says ours…..Maggie and Sharmila comes there wearing heavily starch clothes. Gyan and Dhyan comes there and says ours too. Amrish comes wearing starch clothes. Surili asks how did you do this? Rajni says with ease. Amrish says well done Rajni. Surili says well done Amrish for praising Rajni, and asks can’t you do any work carefully. Amrish asks Surili to spit her anger and asks Rajni to carry on her mummy manawo andolan. Rajni says okay and says I will massage you. Surili says no, and asks Durga Maa to help her or take her up. Rajni asks Surili why she is disturbing Durga Maa and says I will lift you. She lifts Surili high in air.

Surili asks Rajni to leave her. She asks Amrish to help her. Shaan gives her command to leave Surili. Rajni says command accepted and drops her. Surili is shocked and says my tolerance is ending. I can’t bear Rajni anymore and need break from her. Sharmila and Maggie say that they want break from her also. Surili says I don’t want Rajni to do anything wrong infront of Dugdugi baba, and asks Shaan to take Rajni to her mayka. Shaan says where shall I take her? She is not having any mayka. Surili asks Rajni to go.

Dev says bas…..if my sister don’t have the feature to feel bad then I have. He says Dev and Rajni will leave this house and will not stay even for a min. Surili says Dugdugi baba ki jai. Shaan asks Dev, where he will take her. Amrish says brother’s heart is hurt. He says they will miss Rajni if she is far from them and says I will miss you. Rajni says I don’t have this feature. She asks him not to worry and says I will be back. Rajni sits in car with Dev and Shaan, and leave. Dugdugi baba comes in car. Driver asks him to give 1000 Rs. Dugdugi baba hypnotizes him and controls his mind. He doesn’t pay him money. Surili feels positive as Rajni is gone. She tells Maggie that she will tell him Guru ji, as she misses baba. Dugdugi baba hears her silently and hides. Driver brings his stuff. Gyan says Dugdugi baba ki jai. Dugdugi baba thinks he will increase their troubles.

Dugdugi baba eyes Kant’s locker to steal the money and valuables. Rajni senses that someone is awake and catches Dugdugi baba.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. mummy ji ko manao andolan chalu ha….rajni se break milna impossible ha…….dev the tiger the bangdu ke andar bura manne ka feature ha

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    arre yaar dudugi baba sankat ghataane nahi sankat badhane aya hai

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