Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 18th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 18th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Charlie and Rajni playing cards in the casino. Charlie shows his cards and wins. Dhyan says he has won, you said that we will won. Rajni says there is something wrong. This is not his cards. Charlie shows his cards again Dhyan says I think I shall go to himalayas when family members come to know about jewellery and money. Rajni says don’t worry, I am here. She calculates the money on the table, and bids on all money. Charlie says okay and gives her cards. Rajni scans his cards. She sees him moving his hands towards the cards kept beneath the table. She tells Dhyan that she knows what is wrong and takes the cards with her magnetic hands. She asks Charlie to show the cards. Charlie couldn’t get the cards and shows the cards in his hands. He loses. Dhyan gets happy

and takes all money. He asks Rajni to come. Charlie stops Dhyan and asks Rajni to come with him. Rajni says okay and goes with him. Charlie asks Dhyan to play dart game. He says if you target gets correct then your money will be doubled. Rajni says no, and says greed is not right. Dhyan gets excited and tries to convince Rajni. Charlie says your lady luck is with you and asks Dhyan to go ahead.

Rajni says lets go. Dhyan says our luck is in our favor and we should try and win. He says if we win, Sharmila will start talking to me. Charlie tells Dhyan that if you win then you will have double money. Dhyan takes the dart and gives to Rajni. Charlie says no lady luck, but you have to target the dart. Dhyan says I should have agreed to Rajni’s sayings. Rajni says yes. Charlie asks him to target on the centre. Dhyan tries to target on the center and his hands starts shaking. Rajni scans the direction and gives instructions to him. It hits center point. Dhyan laughs and says it is unbelievable. Charlie gets shocked and says your lady luck have targetted it. Charlie says if my dart falls anywhere on the board then I will win. Rajni scans the direction and changes his dart direction. The dart hits on someone’s bottom. The man writhles in pain. Dhyan gets happy and asks Charlie, can I take my money and Bhabhi’s jewellery. Charlie says okay. Dhyan thanks Rajni and asks her not to tell anyone in the house. He says I will pay the payment for flat and tempo, and asks Rajni to come. They go to take the jewellery and double money back.

Next morning, Rajni wakes up Bubbles, but she is sleeping still. Kuhu says she is kumkaran. Rajni says she will make her wake up and boils the tea on her hand. She dips Bubbles finger in tea. Bubbles wakes up shockingly and sees tea boiling on Rajni’s hand. Kuhu says it is normal tea. Rajni smiles and gives her tea. Bubbles thinks one day I will expose this girl and wonders where is Shaan?

Mathew tells Shaan about German and telepathic technology. Shaan says great. Mathew gets a call and looks at Dev, saying I like him, but needs to test. Dev gets angry. He asks Shaan, why did you take me here? Shaan says Mathew asked me. Dev says this man is not wrong. Shaan asks him to think as if they go then Mathew might get his Rajni back. Dev asks him to think about Rajni. Shaan says I will track her and thinks software is outdated. Bubbles thinks to expose Rajni knowing Shaan is not at home. She tastes tea and adds wine in it. Kuhu looks on surprisingly.

Surili tells Rajni about her sankalp/mannat for Shaan’s marriage. She asks Rajni to make 1000 laddoos in 2 hours, else she will have to stay far from Shaan for 3 months. Rajni accepts the command.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hahahha as usual Rajni robot nailed today’s episode, te dart wala scene was too funny especially when Charlie hit someone else with the dart hahaaha oops I wonder what bubbles will do now, and I’m sure rajni robot can make ladoos on time seems quite interesting what will happen next

  2. parvarish 2 update plz fast

  3. Love u Rajni. Always keep winning
    Wow!! 1000 laddoos in 2 hours

  4. Not so good. Need to get back on track before it get worse


    Nice episode….
    She is toooo smart to lose and caught by bubbles… and precap is awsome … rajni can even make more than 1000 laddoos in 2 hrs…..???????

  6. Wow nice episode!! Awsm precap luv u rajni

  7. nice serial n epi!! thnx for written update!!

  8. Keep winning rajniu cn mk mre dn u rajni

  9. Nive show. Loved the precap. But…In add, it’s coming that a police officer is arresting rajni and all the family members are looking on. It seems that this is Bubbles’ plan….

  10. Sorry, it’s not nice, it’s nice.

  11. niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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