Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 17th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 17th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amrish praying to God and asks him to send Shaan as soon as possible. He says I don’t know what Surili had seen, but I am sure that she can go to any length to prove Rajni guilty, although I don’t think that she can do anything. Goons keep eye on the house. Boss asks them to see where does that bahu go in night. Goons catch Aishwarya. Aishwarya beats them badly. Boss thinks he has hired stupid goons. Goons tell Boss that they were badly beaten. Boss asks them to just keep an eye. Aishwarya picks the stick and runs after them. Goons hide. Surili is reading a law book. Maggie and Sharmila make fun of her. Maggie tells Rajni made Surili keep quiet in court. Surili asks them not to disturb her, and let her concentrate on case. She says Rajni has proved today that

she is a good bahu in court. I need an incident which proves that she is not a good bahu.

Rajni comes holding tea cup and gives idea to Surili to prove that she is not an ideal bahu. She asks her to show the video in which she had hit kalash on her head. Surili smiles, and scolds Maggie. She says she is ready with the answer of this incident, and asks them to give her an idea. She says I will announce my favorite bahu then. They get happy and leaves. Surili tells Amrish that Rajni is strange. Amrish says she is strange, but she is human. Surili tells that nothing had happened to her when snake bite her. Amrish says she is bearing anything since she came here, and asks her to pray for Shaan. Maggie comes and tells Surili that she has seen many films. She says I came to know that real snake comes in her real form once in 24 hours. Surili says are you sure? Maggie says yes. Surili says I am impressed. Maggie asks if I am your favorite bahu? Surili says unfortunately yes. Maggie gets happy.

Sharmila gets upset. Surili thinks Rajni will come in her real avatar in 24 hours. Rajni acts to feel sleep and lie down on the bed, after covering herself with blanket. Surili peeps in her room and thinks she had slept. Later Rajni comes to hall, and thinks I am thirstly…I need to drink water. She again goes to sleep. Surili follows her while Rajni comes out of house. She tries to capture Rajni in the camera. Rajni thinks it is difficult to fool Surili, and thinks of an idea. Surili follows Rajni and thinks where did she go? Goons keep an eye on Rajni, and thinks why Surili is following her.

Rajni is hiding behind the car. Surili hears goon talking and hides. She thinks Rajni has sent goons behind her and runs back to house. Goons also leave being scared with Surili’s video cam. Rajni feels proud of herself. In the morning, Surili thinks how to prove Rajni bad in court. Sharmila comes and says I have good news for you. Surili calls Shaan. Surili says I have seen something. She shows a news in which it was written that Pandit was a scientist and died because of poison. Surili says you means to say that this Pandit died of Rajni’s poison. Sharmila says yes, and asks her to say that she is her favorite. Surili says yes. Sharmila gets happy.

In the court, Surili asks Judge to see the photo and news which will shock her. She explains that the photo is of Doctor Pandit, who was brought by Rajni to perform Bubbles and Amartya’s marriage, but then later she killed him with her poison. Judge is surprised and asks what? Surili says Rajni is a naagin actually and had hidden her powers in her baba’s asthi kalash. She says Shaan came to know about the mani, ran towards cliff to throw it out, but Rajni took the mani back and pushed him off from the cliff. Rajni nods no. Judge asks her to present the proves and do not make any false story. Surili calls snake charmer and asks him to play music. Snake Charmer plays music……Rajni comes out of witness box. Surili says she is getting affected. Rajni takes the flute from his hand and starts playing the music. Everyone is surprised. Surili is shocked. She says I have an eye witness. Judge asks her to call eye witness. Surili calls baba and asks Amrish to open the door. Crow comes inside. Judge is surprised and shocked. Surili asks him to make voice twice if he agrees with her. Crow makes sound. Everyone looks on.

Judge gives verdict of the case while everyone waits anxiously. Boss tells someone that he lost Shaan and also the crystal power. Later someone is shown.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Avishi

    New shaan in todays episode wating to see?
    Missing karan ?



  3. Serial has lost its charm…was a die hard fan of the concept and execution…but since samaira’s track, everything is messed up….. wish to see the cracking shajni chemistry soon?

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