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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 17th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajni asking Surili if they didn’t see Bai before and staring her. She asks them to tell about work fast. Sharmila says she is talking like Aishwarya. Rajni says I have done research….Bai talks like this. Surili makes plan with Sharmila and Maggie and says we will get her do what we wants. Surili asks her to call them madams, badi, choti and maha….Rajni asks what to do? Surili asks her to make breakfast. Maggie asks her to wash her clothes. Surili says kitchen is that side. They ask her to go. Rajni asks for advance…Surili is shocked. Rajni says she will not work without advance. Sharmila asks Rajni to stop, and asks Surili to give her money. Maggie also says the same. Surili agrees and gives her advance 500 Rs. Rajni asks her to give 5000 advance else she will

not work. Surili gives her 5000 advance. Surili asks don’t you trust me? Rajni says never. She goes inside the kitchen.

Surili says oh god, why Aishwarya is looking like God. Amrish waits for his breakfast and asks Aishwarya to come. Surili says there is a surprise for you. Rajni comes and asks what to make in breakfast. Amrish asks what is she doing here? Rajni says I am your new servant and says she is hired by Surili. Amrish asks what is this nonsense. Surili asks him not to interfere in her decision. She says Rajni needs a job and that’s why I gave her a job. Gyan says it is not good. She asks Rajni to go and bring breakfast. Rajni says what you would like to have? Surili asks her to make sandwich. Rajni says no. Maggie asks her to mak Poha. Rajni says Kuhu doesn’t eat it. Sharmila asks her to make omelette. Rajni says today is Tuesday, no nonveg. Surili asks her to make dosa or idli. Rajni says its flour is not wet.

Surili asks her to bring bread and butter. Rajni brings it…Surili asks what is it? Rajni says bread and butter. Surili asks why it is not together? Rajni says you asked me to bring it and haven’t asked me to add butter on bread. She asks them to do their work and says she has no extra time. Surili says previously you would make many things. Rajni says I was bahu before, and cooked food with love, but now I am servant. Surili asks her to make lunch. Rajni says lunch is ready. Sharmila gets happy. Rajni says yesterday’s food is there in the fridge. Surili says you can just go, I don’t need you. She says if you don’t want to work then you can go.

Rajni starts crying and acts like Aishwarya. She asks her not to kick her out of job. She says she has a husband and brother in law to take care of. Surili asks her to stop it. Gyan asks Maggie to do something. Surili says she can’t eat and goes. Gyan says he is hungry. Rajni goes to make something for him. Amrish thinks how can Shaan let her work as maid. Shaan sees Rajni and says she is not working at his side. He asks her to clean his side of house and calls her useless. Rajni turns to shock Shaan. She says if Surili has no problem, then I will come and clean your side of house. Shaan asks why you are wearing Aishwarya type clothes and talking like her. Rajni says Surili gave her maid’s job. Shaan is shocked and asks why are you working as maid. Rajni says when my husband doesn’t work and sit at home all the time, and says she is working for her livelihood. Shaan says I am a scientist and works 24 hours.

Rajni asks what is your salary. She says my salary is 10000 Rs. Shaan thinks why I am getting upset? I made her to let her do Aishwarya’s work, and asks her to do the work. Dhyan comes and asks why Rajni is at that side. Rajni says Surili has hired her on job. Dhyan calls Surili and asks what is this? Surili says she has complained to you about me. Dhyan says no. Surili says when Shaan has no objections then why you? Amrish taunts Shaan for eating her wife’s earnings. Shaan says I am very busy, and asks him not to worry. Amrish says if I was on your place, then I would have commit suicide. Shaan says I don’t care, I am happy that Rajni will do house work and will give you healthy food. Dhyan asks Rajni to leave job.

Surili says Rajni can’t leave the job, and tells about the agreement. She says if she leaves the job then she has to pay 50000 Rs to me. Rajni asks Shaan to give 50000 Rs. from her side. Shaan says I don’t have even 500 Rs. Dhyan says I will earn and give money. Amrish taunts him. Dhyan goes. Surili asks Rajni to make tea for her. Amrish taunts Shaan. Surili asks him to do as he thinks. Shaan says dad is right. Amrish asks him to work on Dhyan’s place. Shaan says do you want me to clean the truck and drive it. He says this work doesn’t suit me. Rajni says you have become scientist because of your dad. Shaan agrees to work and says I will be genuis truck wala….Rajni gets happy. Amrish asks him to come tomorrow at 9 pm and asks him to bring licence.

Amrish asks Rajni to call Mathew for Shaguta’s wedding. Shaan asks Rajni what is going on? Rajni says Amrish called Mathew for dinner to talk about marriage. Shaan gets happy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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