Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 17th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 17th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharmila telling Dhyan that they shall go to some other hotel. Dhyan says we will stay here only. Shaan tries to scare Sharmila that he saw there are ghosts in this resort. Sharmila gets scared. Rajni says there are no ghosts here. Dhyan asks then why you are staying here? Shaan says because I am a scientist, and my wife don’t have this feature to get scared. Dhyan says you want us to leave from here, and says now we will stay here only. He goes. Shaan tries to press her neck and asks why did you become Satyavadi. Rajni says she can’t become Satyavadi as he made her Rajni kant. Shaan says he is becoming PareShaan again. Rajni nods her head cutely. Dhyan calls Amrish and says we have reached here. He asks Amrish to come there and says documents need his signature.

Amrish says you should have check. Dhyan asks him to come there, sign the papers and go, and says even Shaan and Rajni are staying here. Amrish gets happy and says I will come there. Dhyan says see you soon….

Shaan and Rajni are in their room. They collide. Shaan gets pain. Rajni also acts. Shaan says why did Dhyan and Sharmila come here? Rajni says it is a good thing that they came to meet us. Shaan says now we have to behave like honeymoon couple. Rajni acts as a normal wife and acts to call Preeti about sales. Shaan hugs her and says I want to give you to Rajni now itself. He goes to washroom and takes out toiletries from there. He then calls room service and asks them to bring toiletries. Rajni says it is wrong to steal the things. Shaan says it is included in bill, we can take. Rajni says you are a big cheapo. Shaan says what a fragrance? Rajni says you are Kleptomaniac, ad says I won’t let you steal. Shaan says I know. Rajni says you can go to jail, I won’t let that happen and tries to snatch it. It falls on floor. Shaan keeps his foot on it and falls down. He asks Rajni to help him get up. Rajni gives her hand and falls down on him. They have an eye lock…Rajni romances with him. Shaan looks at her and touches her forehead. Rajni’s eyes gets flashy….Shaan asks how did you fall down? Rajni says you didn’t made me slip proof. Shaan asks her to clean the floor. Rajni says we will do together. Shaan asks her to activate clean mode.

Shaan lie down on floor and take rest. Rajni blows on soap water to make bubbles. Shaan gets happy seeing the bubbly room. He tries to hold it and plays with it. Rajni smiles.

Dev brings rice bag and keeps it on floor. Maggie asks what happened? You are behaving as if you brought it from village. Dev asks her to take it to kitchen. Maggie asks Dev why he is in pain? Dev says I brought it on my shoulder as there was no auto or taxi. Dev says I brought it from the shop and takes to kitchen. Maggie smiles. Dev brings rice bag to hall again and asks Maggie to take it to kitchen. He says he is very smart. Shaguta comes while sending voice message to Mathew and kicks the rice bag unknowingly. She falls in Dev’s arms. Maggie says Shaguta did the grah pravesh with Dev. Shaguta asks Dev to leave her. He drops her on floor. Shaguta says she didn’t mean that and says now she has to take bath. She tells Maggie that she will commit suicide before doing the grah pravesh.

Dhyan tells Sharmila that he has ordered a nice dish for him. Sharmila says she has ordered for him also. Waiter brings both dishes. Sharmila asks what is this? Dhyan says it is costly dish in the menu. Sharmila says I can’t eat and asks him to eat. Rajni asks Sharmila to eat food ordered by dhyan. Sharmila scolds her and asks why you are interfering between us. She says we are not stupid, and says she knows what Dhyan likes or not. She says we are most loving couple at home and asks what do you know about love? Rajni says everything. Sharmila asks her to tell. Rajni scans how to express love? Sharmila asks her to tell how to express love. Rajni says I will. Shaan comes just then. Rajni kisses him. Everyone get embarrassed. Sharmila asks what are you doing? It is cheapo. Rajni says it is just one way, and says other way is ….she tries to remove her other wear. Shaan says it is enough for life time and takes her from there.

Amrish comes to hotel and sees Shaan scolding Rajni angrily. He thinks they will make up for their fight. Dhyan and Sharmila come there. Amrish asks what happened? Dhyan says Shaan is angry. Amrish asks them to send Rajni to other restaurant. Dhyan asks him to call Shaan. Amrish says he has made face like Surili.

Amrish meets Rajni. Rajni asks how did you come here suddenly? Amrish says he came for Union work and thought to meet them. He asks did you have something? Shall I order something. Rajni says according to my logic, you want to tell something. She asks him to tell and says she has solutions for 99.9 percent problems. Amrish says I heard Shaan and your talk. Rajni says it is bad manners. Amrish says his tone was heavy so I heard. He says Shaan might be a big scientist, but he is a stupid fool. He asks Rajni not to feel bad about his words. Rajni says I don’t have that feature. Amrish says I know, and says God made you so perfect. He asks Rajni to make Shaan like hers. Rajni says I will make Shaan, a perfect human. Shaan is my responsibility bau ji..don’t worry.

Shaan tells Rajni that he don’t know how to make friends with girls and says Samaira left me and told that I am not of her type. He says you will also go, and then Mathew will reprogramme your data, you will forget me. Rajni looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Precap is heart touching… episode shaan and rajini… adorable pair… I feel like at the end of the show pls get rajini twin who is human… Make shaan fall in love with her… don’t get girlfriend stuff and make a confusing drama like other serials do..

  2. Shajni seans awesome robo romance so nice. I hope methew not come to hotel.shaguta nd dev fall in love in 6 months

  3. shraddha thripati

    I just hope rajini will not forget shaan and shann loves rajini

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