Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 17th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan telling Rajni that people will call him genuis after seeing his invention Ragini. He says my house is my inspiration to create you. I have risked my everything on you and my presentation’s 20 mins will decide my future. He says that water which went to your board can’t fail us. He asks her to give presentation which will shake everyone. Shaan comes with Rajni and tells Mathew that presentation is ready. He thanks him for investing a big amount for the invention. Mathew asks where is she? Shaan says here and sees Rajni not there. He goes out. Amrish praises Surili’s beauty, and asks if it is neccessary to be strict. Surili says she has to be strict to run the house properly. Amrish says at one point, I used to rule on this house, but things

changed after marriage. Surili tells him that she was caught in fire and thought that she will die, but then thought about Shaan. She says elder and young son are married, but not Shaan. She says she will select a good girl for Shaan. Shaan gives presentation to Mathew and says Rajni hears his command. He praises Rajni’s quality. He asks her to organize everything in the room. Amrish and Surili talk about the qualities which they need in shaan’s wife.

Shaan asks her to activate organization mode, and asks her to start and clean the room. Rajni messes the room. Mathew gets angry and asks Shaan to tell Rajni to stop. He deactivates her, and then again starts. Ishaan asks Rajni to do the clean up. Rajni scans the place and tells that Mathew’s suit is dirty and says she will clean up. Shaan gets tensed. Rajni beats Mathew badly. Shaan gets tensed and asks her to shut down. Surili tells that he wants her bahu to have her own thinking. Ragini says cleaning is done. Mathew tells Shaan that he is unhappy and tells that he wants his investment back. Shaan says he is working on project Ragini since many months. His girl friend left him as he couldn’t give her time. He says this is his passion project and promises to remove her flaws. He tells that water went into her circuit and that’s why she is behaving like this. Mathew says deal is off and books room in hotel room. Amrish jokes that it is difficult to find all the qualities in a woman, and says we will tell Shaan to make a robot.

Amrish’s sister comes and cries. Amrish asks what is the matter. Bubbles says her boyfriend left her and says she went on a blind date. She cries and says she will die. Surili tells her that they are deciding on Shaan’s marriage. Bubbles gets happy. Surili says Shaan shall get a good wife. Shaan comes to his room and sees Rajni dancing on hindi songs. Shaan is surprised. He asks what the hell you are doing? Rajni continues to dance. Shaan asks what is wrong with you? He says you don’t have feelings, but you have logic. He says I have wasted 2000 plus hours on you, and says this project is important for me and for you. I am going to change your chip and asks her to behave normally. He says I hope you will behave normally after this back up chip and hopes to give presentation to Mathew. He replaces her chip and thinks don’t know what she will do. Rajni starts dancing on a song. Shaan gets shocked. Her chip burns and she falls own. Shaan says you are just bhangaar without the chip and asks her to get lost. He throws her out. Rajni looks on.

Shaan comes back to the place and sees Rajni missing. He wonders where did she go? Inspector asks Rajni to give the baby. Rajni says she will give baby only to her mum and holds Inspector’s hand to stop him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Haha awesome show love it always watch it with my cousins we all love this show, rajni robot is too cute

  2. Shraddha Sharma

    Aaj ka show ka end ka secne dekh kr lgta hai k ab rijini bahu bann kr aayegi as sonakshi (hopefully)….

  3. what is the tellycast time of it?

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