Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 16th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 16th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amrish praising women power. Maggie asks Rajni to come and make food. A dangerous housefly is seen entering their house. They have food. Amrish tells that they have food peacefully after a long time. Surili asks them not to take Virat’s name else he will come. Amrish asks Aishwarya if the food is good. Aishwarya says yes, it is okay. Surili asks Aishwarya to make food for her sometime. Aishwarya says she will make food once she is back to work after her leave ends. Amrish and Surili ask Rajni to eat. Rajni says I will eat something which you people are not eating. She opens acchar bottle and eats it. Shaguta tells that may be there is a good news. Surili asks her if there is any good news. Rajni says yes, now Virat Batra can’t trouble us. Amrish asks Rajni to

eat whatever she wants to. Housefly is seen there. Rajni hits on Maggie’s hand seeing housefly/mosquito sitting on her hand. She tries to catch it and all the gravy and roti fall on Amrish. Surili laughs and says Rajni…have you gone mad. Rajni senses danger and tells alert…danger.

Surili says Virat left, but left Rajni. Rajni tries to catch it and says you are dengue mosquito. She says you can’t give dengue to anyone and asks it to stop. She runs after it. Shaguta comes to Surili and says her life is over. Surili says its okay, life is all about exams. She asks when did you appear in exams. Shaguta cries and tells that her 150 gms weight increased. Maggie says that’s it. Shaguta goes. Surili says I can understand her tension and goes.

Amrish is watching cricket. Gyan comes and sits beside him. Dhyan also comes and asks about the wicket down. Gyan asks him not to ask and says India will won. Shaguta exercises on treadmill. Gyan sneezes. Amrish asks him to sneeze again and again. Shaguta checks calories and thinks she needs to work out more. She sees Rajni trying to kill mosquito. Mosquito comes and sits on the machine. Shaguta asks her not to disturb her. Rajni says praan jaaye par shaan na jaaye…She hits on the machine and it runs fast. Shaguta asks Rajni what did you do?

Rajni goes after mosquito. Shaguta continues to run fast and tries to lower the machine speed. She faints and falls down. Amrish, Dhyan and Gyan see her unconscious and take her to room. Surili comes to her room and asks what happened? Amrish says she got unconscious because of exercise. Surili asks Sharmila to sprinkle water on Shaguta. Shaguta asks them to stop it. Surili says it is stopped. She says treadmill stopped and Shaguta is saved and so happy. Surili asks why did you stress yourself. She says your exercise and diet shall be stopped. Shaguta says no, problem is Rajni…stupid moron. She says Rajni came there and hit on treadmill, and its fast mode got on. She tells Rajni have done a mistake.

Gyan says Rajni is behaving strangely and weird. Shaguta tells she is very scared. Surili gets angry on Rajni. Rajni comes to the bar following mosquito and tries to kill it. She breaks the bottles. Gyan tells Amrish that Rajni wouldn’t have done this. Amrish says no problem. Lets go and have wine. Rajni tries to catch mosquito and enlarges her hands. She thinks her hands are jammed and maintenance is overdue. Amrish, Gyan and Dhyan come there, and see her enlarged hands. They can’t believe on their eyes.

Shaguta and Sharmila spy on Rajni. Rajni tells time has come to end you mummy ji. Sharmila says Rajni wants to murder Surili.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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