Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 16th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 16th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajni and Shaan dancing on the romantic song Gerua. Everyone like their dance. Shaan feels proud of himself. Surili asks the camerman if the work is done? He says yes. Surili tells that she will bring Rajni’s truth infront of everyone at 1 am. Shaan wakes up with the alarm and comes out of room. Surili calls everyone. They gather in th hall. Gyan opens his eyes seeing Surili and asks why did you call me. Surili says I thought to watch a film with you all. She asks where is Rajni and Balwant. She says I called them also, where they have went? Shaan asks what is the matter? Surili puts the recording on TV. She switches on the TV. Everyone is shocked to see Balwant reminding Rajni that they have to elope today. Surili says Rajni and Balwant have eloped and that’s

why they are not here. She says Rajni have eloped with Balwant, taking the jewellery with her. Amrish says Rajni gave your jewellery to you for safe keeping. Surili says yes. She puts the recording, where Rajni opens the locker and steals the ornaments. Shaan thinks she is looking like Rajni and thinks who gave her idea of theft. He tells Surili that there is a misunderstanding. Surili says Rajni was acting to love you, and loves your money only. Shaan says Rajni can’t do this.

Surili asks if she is not a human and says Rajni is not right for you and this family. She says Rajni have eloped with Balwant. Shaan tells that Rajni can’t do this as Rajni is a Rob…….Just then they see Rajni coming back home wearing sports clothes. Shaan asks where did you go? Rajni says I went for a walk with Balwant, but he got tired in 2 mins. Balwant comes and looks very much tired. Rajni tells them that they have planned to run far, but he got tired within 2 mins. Shaan says you mean to say jogging. He tells Surili that Rajni went for jogging and haven’t eloped. Sharmila asks what is the plan which we have seen? Rajni says I don’t know. Balwant asks her to say that she loves him and planned to elope with him. Rajni says sorry, I don’t love you and don’t have this feature feed in me. Balwant calls her liar. Gyan scolds Balwant for accusing Rajni. Balwant says she is lying. Maggie tells that her brother can’t lie. Surili asks Rajni to open her bag and says it is having jewellery. Balwant asks if Rajni went for jogging, then why she came with jewellery. Surili asks her to open bag?

Shaan tells Surili that Rajni is not wrong and asks her to stop doubting her. Surili asks her to open the bag. Rajni opens the bag and fruits and papers is seen. Shaan is relieved. Balwant asks where is the jewellery? Rajni says she kept it safely in the locker as according to her data, jewellery can’t be worn during jogging. Amrish favors Rajni and praises her. He says Rajni have accepted them as her family. Gyan and Dhyan check the locker and says jewellery is in your safe. Shaan scolds Balwant for trapping his Rajni. Balwant says he have done this on Maggie’s order. Maggie slaps him before he could speak and asks him to leave the house. Amrish asks him to leave as well. Balwant leaves.

Maggie hugs Rajni and apologizes to her. Amrish asks Surili if she needs any more proof. Amrish says Balwant is Rajni’s brother. Surili says Rajni have to proof herself else I won’t accept her. Rupali comes there and says I have woken up hearing your voice. She asks if everything is fine? Surili apologizes and asks her to go and sleep. Mrs. Rupali sees Rajni and recollects seeing her at the hotel.. She tells Surili that I have seen her before with you on the working women’s day. She tells Surili that Rajni is the one who have saved her from fire on the working women day. Surili asks are you sure? Rupali says yes. Gyan thanks Rajni. Amrish asks Surili to say something. He asks if the battery is getting low. Rajni says yes, and says just 1 percent.

Rajni tells Surili that her business and fish eating habit will be gone from this house and she will rule on the house. Surili looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thank you H Hasan for the fast update.
    Today’s episode was epic, especially Rajini’s. Love you Rajini.

  2. I love Rajni alot… Amazing performance by Ridhima pandit….

  3. Shraddha Sharma

    Ha ha ha ha….
    Rajni is so cute…. and Head off to her for playing such tough role…. ????
    Nice episode. ..finaly balwant is out of secene. …
    I think precap is surili’s dream….

  4. Rajini rajini she is really awesome her acting is awesome??

  5. Hahahha laughter riot show

  6. lol, rajni bani vamp…..khud ko hi fasaegi, khud ki hi dhusman, big lol….sayad galti se dev ne vamps ki video dikha di

  7. Rajni is superb..
    Ridhima is too good actor..
    Its seems like she is actually a real robot..
    Hats off to ridhima..

  8. Pleass upadte next episode
    very slowww

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