Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 16th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 16th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajni asking Surili to play the passing the parcel game and says game shall not stopped. Surili is scared and thinks of her life. Shaan comes and asks why everyone is shouting. He takes out snake from her neck and runs to throw it outside. Rajni says it seems game ended. Amrish hugs and comforts scared Surili. Later Surili asks why Gyan was wearing snake. Gyan says I was on phone and Rajni gave me this telling it as tie. Rajni says she has problem in her eye sensors. Shaguta says she brings new ideas to trouble us. Maggie says she made me Panda. Gyan says she gave me snake. Surili says she kept pineapple on my head. Amrish asks Shaan to go, and tells Rajni must not have done it intentionally. Surili says he always took her side. Amrish asks Rajni to apologize to

Surili. Rajni says I am sorry…mummy ji. I am apologizing to you. She holds her ears and sits down on Shaguta’s lap repeatedly while doing sit ups. She asks for forgiveness. Surili says she will never forgive her. Rajni asks apology from Shaguta. Shaguta asks her not to talk to her.

Rajni tells Amrish that Surili is still angry with her. Amrish asks her to think high level techniques to get forgiveness from Surili. Rajni scans and gets solution. She thinks to bring Surili’s favorite things, and thinks she needs pineapple. Shaan looks at the tie and thinks if Rajni’s logic board is having problem. RAM comes and asks Papa, did you call me? Shaan asks him not to call him Papa when alone. RAM calls aloud Papa. Shaan is irked. He asks RAM, if he did something wrong with Rajni. RAM says no. Shaan tells him that Rajni is behaving strangely and gave snake to Gyan instead of tie. RAM tells that she might be having vision problem again, and tells that once she slipped on floor. He says we have to fix her.

Amrish comes. They ask him about Rajni. Amrish says she went to bring pineapple for Surili. Shaan thinks if she will bring pineapple or its lookalike. Shaguta comes to Surili, and tells that Rajni made mince meat of her legs when she was sitting. Surili says my friend is coming with her bahu, and if Rajni misbehaves infront of them, then I will not forgive her. Rajni comes there and says you have to forgive me. Shaguta says not in this birth. Rajni says I have brought your favorite pineapple. She shows honey bees hive. Surili is shocked and tells Rajni that it is honey bee hive. Rajni says it seems pine apple is sweet and that’s why so many house flies are here. She puts it in Surili’s hand and cuts it. Surili and Shaguta are shocked. Surili asks Rajni to throw it from window. Rajni throws it. Surili and Shaguta come out of house running to save themselves from honey bees. Mrs. Mukherjee and her bahu come there. She asks Surili why she is running out of her house with her face hidden. Surili says she wanted to surprise her. Rajni comes and tells about the honey bee incident. Mrs. Mukherjee’s bahu says she is so funny. Mrs. Mukherjee says we should have understood how is Surili. Surili thinks if she praised me.

Shaan comes there and takes Rajni to lab. He says you brought hive instead of pineapple. RAM says we have to fix her glitch. RAM asks her to switch on the lamp. Rajni holds his nose and asks if the button is on. Shaan checks her lenses and says her vision is blurred. Rajni tells that Maggie’s vanity box hit on her eyes, and made her vision blurred. Shaan and RAM go to bring lenses for Rajni. Shaan asks Rajni not to bring anything for anyone and not to tell anyone know that she has a blurred vision. Mrs. Mukherjee’s bahus tease Surili and take selfie with her. She says everyone shall know that your bahus are so good. She tells that she has an idea. Surili says you brings idea everytime, but my plan is finalized every year. Mrs. Mukherjee tells that she needs to go to washroom first. Mrs. Mukherjee’s bahu asks someone to take her to washroom as she forgot her specs today. Surili taunts her and asks Maggie to take Mrs. Mukherjee to bathroom. Rajni takes her to upstairs, and goes following wrong directions. Mrs. Mukherjee says this is not bathroom. Rajni says this is the way to bathroom and asks her to come. Shaan and RAM comes back. RAM is upset as they couldn’t get the needed lens for Rajni. Mrs. Mukherjee is surprised as Rajni is taking her to balcony. Shaan and RAM are shocked to see Rajni holding Mrs. Mukherjee’s hand and walking near the wall.

Amrish asks how dare you to talk rubbish about my bahus. Mrs. Mukherjee tells that her bahus are more clever than his bahus. Amrish challenges her. Shaan tells Rajni that nothing can happen to her now. Rajni asks if she will be blind and asks how can I make Surili win competition.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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