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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 16th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan coming to his lab and thinks this place….He is stressed looking at Rajni’s charging and upgradation machine. He thinks to sleep in lab as nobody will disturb him here. RAM comes there holding hammer and screw driver. Shaan wakes up and sees RAM holding those things. He asks what you are doing here? RAM says I came to check if you are fine or not. Shaan says holding these things. RAM asks why you are sleeping here. Shaan says I am not normal. RAM says okay, and asks him to tell more about himself. Shaan says I will not tell you anything, I am drained out since morning and needs to recharge. RAM asks if you are a robot? Shaan says he will not explain to him and asks him to leave. He makes him go and closes the door. RAM thinks he talks like robot and behaves

like human. He thinks there is some problem with him, I need to find out. Shaan thinks why did RAM say that I am a Robot? He opens the door to talk to RAM, but he is already gone. Shaan thinks to sleep.

All Kant family are sitting on the dining table and staring at butter. Dhyan tries to divert their attention so that he can have butter. Surili tells Dhyan that she is seeing him and asks him to just see butter and have bread. Dhyan says ofcourse, I was just checking it. Sharmila says your intention is wrong. Dhyan tells that Sharmila mixes water in Surili’s water. Sharmila says I mix milk in water so that you get milk strength while drinking water. She says last time you used a soaked and colored tissue to make Gyan eat. Gyan says I have eaten tissue instead of butter.

Shaguta says we have to think about Shaan and Rajni, they are getting romantic. Surili says we have to prove Rajni as mentally ill. They talk about their ideas. Surili asks them to stop. She says you people are mad, I don’t think Rajni will go and it is better if I commit suicide. She asks them to give ideas to kill herself. Rajni comes and says I have many ideas. She asks her to drink poison and die, jump off from bridge, use rope and hang. Surili is shocked. Rajni says you don’t need to go out for committing suicide. She says if you want you can hold on your nose and die, and says people die with over acting. Surili says wow, you are giving me ideas. Shaguta asks how dare you give her ideas and says your mind is not working. Surili asks why you people are scolding her, and praises Rajni. She says bahu should be like Rajni, who is giving ideas to her saas. She thanks Rajni. Rajni says I will scan and tell you more ideas. Surili asks Rajni to demonstrate the ideas. Rajni says she will give demonstration soon. Shaguta asks why you are taking ideas. Surili says they will prove her mentally ill, and says we have to get ready.

Shaan is exercising outside house. RAM sees him and thinks he is exercising to smoothen his body parts. He thinks how to find out if he is human or Robot? He throws water on Shaan and says if he is Robot, then his sparks will come out from his body. Shaan gets drenched in water and scolds RAM asking him to come down. RAM says no sparks and says he won’t come down. Shaan gets a call and tells RAM that he will see him later. RAM thinks he is not Robot, but a human. He thinks he have to find out why a human married a robot?

Shaguta, Surili and others waiting for Rajni to come with her ideas. Rajni comes there and says being an adarsh bahu, I can give you more ideas to commit suicide. Surili says I am very lucky to get you. She shows the rope, poison etc and says it is all home made ideas. She shows the ticket and says it will take Mummy ji to Himalaya so that she can jump off from there. Surili asks her to demonstrate her ideas. Rajni shows the rope and demonstrate how one can die with it. Maggie records her demonstration. Rajni tells that if pillow is kept on mouth and nose, then one can die. She then shows poison and says you can die after eating it. You will become Swargya Surili Kant. Sharmila says Narakya. Surili thanks Rajni. Shaguta says we will call you if needed. Rajni says I will share more ideas after giving breakfast to RAM.

Surili asks Maggie to show the recording. Maggie shows the recording. They are surprised to see Maggie’s recording. Maggie says I am looking more fair than before. Shaguta says you have recorded yourself. Sharmila says you have to record Rajni’s ideas. Maggie says nobody told me. Surili says court will give me death punishment once I will murder Maggie. She holds her neck. Maggie apologizes. Shaguta asks Surili to stop and says we will again try to trap Rajni. Surili gets angry. (this scene is very much funny).

Rajni makes RAM have food. RAM says same food daily. Rajni says it is good for your heart. RAM says CPU is human. Rajni says your Chid chide Papa Uncle, and says he is human. RAM asks if he knows that you are robot and asks why did he marry you? Rajni tells that everybody was busy in the house and nobody have the time to do any work. RAM says so he married you to make you do house work and not for love. Rajni says human and Robot don’t love each other. RAM says I love you naa, I am a human too. Rajni says may be Shaan had not wanted typical wife and that’s why he commanded me to marry him. RAM asks what do you mean by typical? Demanding, Shopping, and troublesome wives. Rajni says no, and says this info is wrong and those types of men are irresponsible. She asks him to finish milk and goes. RAM thinks CPU is irresponsible and thinks to do something to control him.

Rajni comes to Surili and asks which idea she wants to try for suicide. She asks do you want to use rope. Surili says no, as marks will come on my neck. Rajni shows the ticket and asks if she will jump from Himalaya. Surili says no. Rajni asks her to use knife. Surili says no, as she is scared of knife. Rajni says last option is this poison. Aishwarya records everything in phone. Surili says she don’t want to be in this world as her bahu is giving her options to die. She says I am going to eat this poison. Everyone is shocked as Surili eats it. Rajni looks on. Surili looks on shocked.

Surili says Alvida people, I am going. Sharmila says you had to just act. Surili says she is dying as time has come. Everyone is shocked. Rajni looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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