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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 16th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajni is taking by the constable for the scan. Shaan gives the computer’s commands in html and java that Shaan is right. Rajni scans the code. Shaguta says what? Maggie says what is he saying? Inspector asks the same. Dev says may be he has gone mad. Shaan says I told her that I miss her a lot, and says she feeds these words in her heart. Inspector says I couldn’t understand. Surili says even we don’t understand. Amrish asks Rajni and give her test. Maggie asks her to pass with good marks. Sharmila says it is not the test. Rajni replies to Shaan and confirms reverse function of his command and says negative. Everyone is surprised. Surili says we couldn’t understand. Shaan says my wife is unique and saying that we shouldn’t be negative. He says her sense

of humor is on. Surili says sense of horror. Inspector asks Constable to take Rajni. Shaan thinks Rajni rejects his commands and said negative. He thinks now everyone will know her truth. Gyan says everyone shall take tension now. Amrish asks him to sit. Shaan asks Dev to go following Rajni and asks him to stop the tests anyhow. He says you are a tiger. Dev says you always call me dog, loser etc. Shaan says you are 1412 tiger and asks him to go. Dev goes. Shaan thinks tests should be stopped.

Dev reaches the hospital following Rajni. He comes to CT scan room and think what to do. He thinks to switch off hospital light. Nurse catches him near the switch box and takes him from there. In the police station, Gyan is sitting afraid. Shaan thinks he is scaring me, and asks Gyan to forget what he saw. Gyan says I had seen something big, don’t want to tell anyone and asks him to go. Shaan thinks he is going to blast.

At the scan room, nurse asks Rajni, if she has any metal with her. Rajni says I am made with pure metal from head to toe. Inspector says she is behaving strange and that’s why we want to get her checked. Nurse asks them to go out and asks Rajni to lie down on the machine. Surili asks murderer, how are you? Shaguta says my dress will ruined. Lakshmi comes there doing makeup and asks how are you people. Sharmila asks her to give make up. Surili takes her long name and says I have by heart your name. She says when I come out of jail, then I will press your neck. She presses Maggie and Sharmila’s necks. Lakshmi runs from there. Nurse asks Dev to clean the floor. Dev fools her and runs.

Murderer applauds for Surili and says well done. Shaguta says media is here and will question you. She says your face will become popular as a violent saas. She says when you come out of house, people will say that violent saas is walking. Surili says I have to do something and looks at Maggie and Sharmila. Dev comes to CT scan room. He asks how are you my sister. Nurse asks him go. Dev refuses. She goes to call Police. Dev tells Rajni that Shaan never thought anything wrong about her, and says if they see your metal and wires then Shaan will get in problem, and says your tests should be normal like humans. Police comes and takes Dev. Rajni says you gave me incomplete command.

Maggie tells Surili that whenever you smile looking at us, I get scared. Even Sharmila is scared. Surili says you want to become head of the family and have keys. Maggie says yes. Surili says I will give you and asks her to live her life. Maggie gets happy. Sharmila says we are bengali. Surili says I have realized that she is worthy. She says I am giving you history also. She says people will know you as Surili Kant from now. Maggie gets happy and dances with joy. She says I am Surili Kant. Sharmila says what you have done? She says you would have made me Surili Kant, I am your bengali bahu. Surili asks her to keep quiet and says you will thank me.

Media persons come to take Surili’s interview and ask who is Surili? Maggie says I am Surili Kant. Reporter says she has tortured her bahu for dowry. Maggie gets tensed. Reporter says we want to make you wear chappal mala. Maggie comes to Surili and asks her to help. Surili asks her to go. Sharmila thanks her for not making Surili Kant. Gyan says nobody can talk bad about my mum. He says I can’t hear anything wrong and asks everyone to be quiet. He says my mum is Durga Mata. Reporter says look at mother and son Jodi. He says son is looking elder than mum. Gyan says she is my wife and tells that Surili is behind her. Reporter says so this chappal mala is deserved by her. Surili says Maggie is Surili today. Rajni comes and stops media. Surili asks Rajni to tell how much she loves her. Rajni says my sasumom is good at heart, innocent girl, but have less mind. She asks Surili to bless her and says all the accusations was wrong and shows the body scan report. Shaan thinks everyone will know now. Inspector checks the report and says it is normal. Rajni says everything is intact, this means all family members haven’t harm me. Shaan says you are 1412 tiger and asks him how did the report change. Dev says I didn’t change report. Shaan wonders how did this happen?

Rajni tells everyone that she made their favorite dishes to cheer their mood. Amrish says he is very hungry. Surili asks how can you praise Rajni. Shaan says Rajni didn’t do any mistake and says even machine fail sometimes. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    I think rajini is getting tooo advance or becoming human or started thinking from heart + mind…..
    But yes enjoying the show…
    And precap is awsome…

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      yeah u r right i just cant hate this show its always entertaining and stressbuster even thiugh samaira track was boring it still managed to make me watch this show even then without hating it 😛 and yeah will miss karan v grover a lot i saw his other shows but here he is just extra ordinary as shaan


        But shaan is soon going to leave show and new shaan will come… i hope team do not do 2 things-
        1. End show due to shaan leaving
        2. Or may be new shaan will not be able to attract viewers…
        In both conditions show will ruin..

  2. love this show, Rajni, Shaan and Suruli… from the starting day of this show I enjoyed it every episode…..

  3. RANdomfANCreationz

    rajni u have nailed it as always

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