Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 15th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 15th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surili saying that only Rajni can do this kaand….She shouts Rajni…Rajni comes and says yes mummy ji. Surili says you are not a girl. Rajni asks did you know this? Sharmila says you are black spot on womanhood. Surili tells the ladies that Rajni is here, who have stolen their husbands. All the ladies come near Rajni and is about to hit her, but Shaan comes to her rescue and asks everyone to go back. Surili tells Shaan that you told that Rajni is sharing and caring nature type before marriage, and says these ladies are saying that Rajni have stolen their husbands. Shaan asks what is the matter? Rajni tells him that she has messaged all Poonam Manchurian and asks Shaan to identity Virat’s wife. Shaan looks at them. Rajni apologizes to them and says we did a mistake.

Shaan apologizes too and asks them to go back and not to beat their husband. Surili asks Amrish to take her back. Shaan asks Rajni not to do anything without asking him, and asks what was the need to message the woman. Rajni thinks Shaan is again upset with her.

Amrish is drinking and sees news on TV that Rajni called all Poonam Batra of the city at her house. He sees Surili beaten by the ladies, and thinks to close the channel before she comes. Surili comes, and tells that her friend called and came to know about Rajni’s remarriage plan. She sees TV and unmute it. Reporter says Surili Kant is very evil in Kant family. Surili says now I know how she came to know about this. Amrish switches off TV. Surili cries and says my name is ruined in the city……Amrish asks her not to say this and says our name is ruined in entire country. Surili asks if he is consoling her or sprinkling salt on her wounds. She drinks wine crying. Aishwarya comes there and asks Surili why did she ruined her name. Maggie and Shaguta come there. Shaguta says now I can’t go to US.

Maggie says she is receiving calls since morning. Shaguta says I can’t take anymore and tells that she has drank two bottles of anti depression. Surili asks her not to drink that and says I will take you far from here. Virat comes and asks what is the hurry. Surili drinks anti depression tonic seeing lawyer coming with Virat. Amrish asks Virat why he doesn’t go even after beaten by them. Virat says he is like a cigarette and asks them to vacate the house fast. He shows court notice and says he will call Police. Shaguta says she will call Police from USA. Aishwarya tells Surili that she will beat him. Virat asks her to stop the drama and asks where is my wife Poonam, return her. He calls Poonam. Real Poonam comes and says I am Poonam. Everyone looks at her. Woman says she is Poonam, Virat’s wife.

Virat goes near her and says Poonam. Maggie says but her face don’t resembles Rajni. Virat asks where did you go? I was searching you. Poonam slaps him hard…and looks angrily. Amrish asks when you have your own wife then why you was after our Rajni. Shaan comes and says I will tell you. He tells she is Poonam Sahey, his friend and then Poonam Batra after marriage. He reminds Surili that her NGO helped Poonam. Poonam says Shaan saved me and helped me separate from Virat. Virat troubled me a lot. Virat says he had separated me from my wife, and that’s why I have snatched his wife. Rajni says you had only tried. Aishwarya asks why did you leave such handsome man. Poonam says he is ugly at heart and dangerous too. Virat asks her to give him a chance and 2 mins. Poonam says okay and goes inside with him. Rajni says her scans say that Virat is lying and haven’t changed. We shall help her. Shaan says we can’t get Poonam trapped by him again. Surili asks her gang of girls to get ready.

Poonam tells Virat that she has 2 mins to give him. Virat says even noodles is not made in 2 mins. Surili comes and says she needs 20 mins atleast. Rajni asks Surili to give her 2 seconds. Surili says she will do, and asks girls what her NGO do with such men who ill treats their wives and slaps them. They say they beat such men and make him handicapped. Surili says our rules needs to be updated. Shaguta says we will outdate him like 1000 and 500 Rs note. Virat calls them 2 rs note and tells that he needs to go. Surili says your time is up.

Rajni stops him. Guards come and points gun at Rajni. Rajni snatches gun and throws it far. She shouts attack. Surili, Maggie, Shaguta, Aishwarya and Rajni beat him. Amrish gets the house papers and tears it. Inspector comes and asks where is Virat Batra. Dhyan says he is getting beaten by the women. Virat gets up and says this is my house. They have snatched my home and beaten me badly. He asks him to arrest them. Shaan tells Inspector that his wife Poonam wants to tell something. Poonam tells Inspector that this man Virat Batra tortured her a lot and even gave her electric shock. She says I want to file case against him. Inspector arrests Virat. Virat says I will see you Shaan. Shaan asks him to leave. Surili thanks God for ending Virat’s chapter.

Surili tells that there will be no problem in the house now and asks her bahus to make food. Maggie asks Rajni to make food. A big housefly is seen in their house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Such a bakwaaaas show !!


    It was so much fun to watch it… maaza aa gya… ????????
    Girl Gang power… ?????????
    Plz plz plz writers make this show as funny as it was…. and missing dev and shoguta nok jhok and bua and amrtya electronical drink love romance… ?????????

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