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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 15th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan looking at the sky and says OMG…He says you said right that we had to take left. Rajni says means I was right. She says we have reached Goa, but forgot to bring honey…She says oh. Shaan says I didn’t add this taunt feature in you. Rajni says whenever a woman gets married, this taunt feature comes by default. Shaan apologizes for not trusting her. Rajni says you always makes mistake, but never accepts it. Shaan asks her to scan the route. Rajni says we have to go back to 70 kms and then left and right….Shaan is shocked, and says perfect info. I am so proud of me. Rajni says there is another way, 7 kms away from here, and says it is beyond that mountain. She says I can’t take you and jeep together, as I am not having enough battery. She says

I can take you only.

Shaan says there is no need to jump and says they will ride the car. He sneezes. Rajni asks what happened? Shaan says he got some allergic as he is used to AC air. Rajni says I will scan hospital and doctor. Shaan says I will take rest in hotel. Rajni says it will take 4 hours to reach God, and says you can die also if haven’t taken rest. She suggests that they shall stay in a near by hotel and rest there and scans for hotel. She says I got it. Shaan asks what? Rajni says our hotel.

Shaguta cries and says how can I stay with that Dev Bangadu..Surili says she is in kabhi khushi kabhi gham mood. Amrish says we tried. Maggie asks Shaguta to accept her destiny as it is for seven births. Surili says Shaguta is crying for 6 months and you are saying about 7 births. Rajni brings shaan to hotel chillax and asks Shaan to wake up. Shaan says we need room for a night. Rajni says today we are having honeymoon. Manager says just one day. Rajni says then it is for how many days. Shaan says we were going to Goa, but forgot the way. They get inside.

Maggie asks Shaguta to pack her bags and go to Dev’s house. Shaguta refuses to stay in Dev’s home. Dev comes and says my home is not on street. Surili asks him to tell if he has a home. Dev says yes sasumaa, and tells that his house is in prime location. He says govt officers wake him up and tells about his struggles in an amusing way. He says your daughter will have luxury life in my home. Shaguta says no.

Rajni asks manager to hurry up. He asks for 5 mins. Other couples come there and talk to Rajni and Shaan. Rajni talks in their language. Shaan says she is having multilinguistic feature. The ladies get impressed. Manager asks them to sit in bar till he assigns them room. The ladies asks Rajni to come and sit with them at pool side. Shaan says he will have a drink with the men and asks Rajni to go and charge herself after 30 mins. Rajni asks him not to drink much in gujrati. She goes with the ladies. Shaguta cries. Dev says I can’t take her and take everyone’s peace. Amrish asks Surili what to do now. Dev says I will tell you. He brings his stuff and says he will stay in their home for 6 months. He asks Surili and Amrish to think with calm mind, and says if Registrar don’t see us together then I have to bear Shaguta all my life. Shaguta says he can’t stay here, and I will not go to his house.

The ladies ask Rajni about Shaan’s occupation. Rajni says he is a scientist. They ask if you have arranged or love marriage. Rajni says love marriage. The lady says same pinch and about to pinch her, but couldn’t. Rajni says it is iron…The ladies asks where did they meet and how did he propose her. Rajni says they met in lab and she followed Shaan’s command and marry him. The ladies tell about their love story and proposal. The lady asks Rajni to spice up her married life and asks her to propose Shaan today itself. Rajni says okay, I will propose Shaan today itself. The lady asks her to propose Shaan well. Rajni says, Shaan…be ready..I will propose you.

Amrish asks Dev, you want to stay here as ghar jamai. Surili says I agree with him for a change..She says I can’t send my daughter to his house. She asks Amrish to book ambulance for 6 months as she can get heart attack at any moment because of Rajni and Dev. Amrish goes following Surili. Maggie says I will bring aarti thaali for Jamai Raja, and says she was just joking. Dev calls biwi to Shagu and asks her to bring food. Shaguta asks him to be in limits, else she will break his teeth. Dev gets sad and emotional thinking about Rajni. He says Rajni…my sister…I am missing you and cries.

Rajni tells that Veena wrote love letter with blood, and then only her husband realized her love. She says I don’t have blood, and that’s why can’t write. She cuts her wrist and checks if blood comes. She thinks never mind, I will propose him today.

Shaan enters room. Rajni welcomes him. Shaan sees the Rajni’s body parts and asks what is all this? Rajni says Shaan..we have married each other, but haven’t propose each other yet. Shaan looks on surprised.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sriranjani

    wooohoww ………….. Shajini Nailed it

  2. Wow interesting. Looking forward for meeting with mathews. Bope rajni goes back with shan.

  3. Sorry its hope not bope.


    Ha ha ha ha ha…..
    Dev and Shaguta will definately fall in love with in 6 months… but i do not get sometime rajni behaves like human and sometime robot…. love letter… ha ha ha ha…..

  5. Am waiting to know how rajni propose shaan

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    Haha lol love this show never fails to impress me love u bhrk and love shajni haha they look so cute i m sure dev and shogu will be a pair haha because they everytime fight 😛 actually after shajni my fav pair of bhrk is dev-shogu hahahahah like their pair more than maggi-gyaan and sharmila-dhyaan lol 😛 haha love letter part was funny too i hear that shiny doshi last seen in sarojini is coming to bhrk as shaan’s gf now that will be interesting maybe rajni will get jealous lol

  7. yea shraddha u r ri8 even I felt in lv matr rajni bhv much lyk a human??????

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